A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

Hitachi hard drives are designed specifically to offer high compatibility, faster data access with a great data storing capacity to save information. This hard drive is widely famous throughout the world due to its superb performance as compared to other brands. 

However, there are also a few technical glitches. After a certain period of time, the performance of this device becomes dull and sometimes it may become dead. As a result, you may face several difficulties while trying to access files from the device. 

So, at this time, you will need to know how to recover data from a dead Hitachi HDD. Don’t worry, you can get back all the data of your hard disk by using the Hitachi File Recovery Software. 

Probable Reasons Behind a Dead Hitachi Hard Disk

After purchasing a new Hitachi hard drive, obviously you will get faster performance. But, after using the device for a few years, you may come across several problems. 

As the device gets old, the performance of the device may reduce drastically. If you lose all the data of your HDD, then it will take a huge time to recover the hard drive data from the device

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

But, if you don’t recover the data in a short time, then the device might go dead. Then, you will become unable to retrieve anything from that. 

Problems with the Computer 

When the device is connected to the computer, there is a chance of data loss, in case, the computer shut down suddenly due to an unexpected power outage. While accessing the files from the HDD, if there are frequent fluctuations in the power supply, then it may also lead to a severe threat to the hard disk. 

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

Sometimes, the computer keeps on restarting again and again due to a malfunction. And, if the hard disk is connected to your computer, then you may lose all the data. 

Re-Partitioning Errors 

File system corruption can also trigger this problem. Due to improper usage of the HDD, all the files of the hard disk get damaged. In this situation, the file system of the HDD may turn RAW. 

If you don’t repair it immediately, then the HDD may become dead. If you come across any error while re-partitioning the HDD as well as if the partition table gets damaged, then in these scenarios it might result in dead HDD. 

However, in these situations, you can use the Hitachi Partition Recovery Tool to get rid of these issues. 

Virus or Malware Attack 

Apart from these, malware and viruses might also be the reason behind the data loss of Hitachi HDD. If your device is attacked by severe malware or virus, then data retrieval from such a device becomes slower. 

In that case, it is necessary to solve this problem by running an updated as well as a reliable antivirus program. If you don’t solve this problem at its earlier stage, then it can spread over the HDD and corrupts the entire data stored in it. It can also lead to a dead HDD. 

Solutions to Retrieve Data from the Dead Hitachi HDD

It is recommended to keep a backup of all the essential files and folders on a computer or on some other storage device. But, if you have failed to keep a backup of the files and folders and get into a dead Hitachi HDD scenario, then don’t worry. You can recover all the files and folders in just a few clicks with the help of the Hitachi File Recovery Software. 

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

This software is specifically designed with the help of advanced scanning engines. It can help you to retrieve files and folders from your dead HDD within a short time. The trial version of this software is free, you can download it to give it a try. You can also check the ability and performance of this program by using the trial version. 

First, this software will scan the HDD and then recover all the lost files. It allows you to store all the files and folders to a separate data recovery session. So, after downloading the original version, you can open the stored data recovery session and restore all the retrieved data in your preferred location. 

A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD

The special features of this software are that it allows the users to retrieve all the data from Hitachi Deskstar, Hitachi Travelstar 7K1000, Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000 HDD, etc easily. 

More about this Program 

This software has the ability to retrieve more than 300 files including songs, photos, documents, videos, PDF files, excel sheets, ppt files, and so many others. Furthermore, this program has enough compatibility to recover data from Hitachi external HDD on Windows as well as Mac devices. 

This software provides the facility of data recovery from a dead Hitachi HDD formatted with FAT32, NTFS, HFS, FAT16, HFS+ file systems. Moreover, it supports data recovery from various types of HDD devices like SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA. The user-friendly interface of this tool can be utilised to recover data from Hitachi external HDD, corrupted Hitachi HDD, formatted HDD, and some other scenarios of data loss. 

3 Easy Steps to Recover Data from a Dead Hitachi HDD

You can perform the below steps in order to recover data from a dead Hitachi HDD: 

Step 1 

First of all, you will have to download the trial version of this software. Then, click twice on its installer file to run the installation process. Complete the installation process by performing the on-screen instructions. 

After completing the installation process, click twice on the shortcut icon in order to open the program. Then, click on the ‘Recover Drives’ option located on the main screen of the program. 

Step 2 

Now, choose either the ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ or ‘Partition Recovery’ option depending on the scenario. Afterwards, a list of drives will be displayed on the next screen. Choose the ‘Hitachi Hard Drive’ option from the list and then tap on the Next button to continue. 

Step 3 

Once you complete the recovery process, you will be able to see the recovered data either in the ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’ section. 

Get in Touch with a Hard Drive Recovery Service Provider

After trying the aforementioned recovery steps, if you are still unable to recover the data from your dead Hitachi HDD, then it’s better to get help from a recovery agency. So, you can search for a data recovery agency on the Internet. 

Choose the best one by following the customer reviews. Before going to avail their service, don’t forget to check whether the agency is authorized or not. After selecting a recovery service provider contact them without wasting too much time. Grab their faster assistance to recover the lost data from your dead Hitachi HDD straight away. 

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A Complete Guidelines to Restore Files from Dead Hitachi HDD