Learn About The Best Data Recovery Tools For Recovering The Lost Data

Learn About The Best Data Recovery Tools For Recovering The Lost Data

The importance of data cannot be underestimated in this digital age. Every business, whether large or small, nowadays revolves around data. It is needless to say that data is quite a vital asset both for you as well as for your business. 

Since the world is entirely driven by data, it is important to protect it. Loss of data in any form can be disastrous on both personal and professional levels. Therefore, it is highly essential to be prepared to recover back the data.

Recovering lost data is as crucial as protecting your data. You may take several steps to protect your data. You might perform regular backups, use high-quality anti-virus and anti-malware. But you might still end up losing it. 

In such a situation, you have to know how to retrieve it back. It is here that the data recovery tools play an important part.

data recovery toolsWhat Causes Loss of Data?

Loss of data can happen suddenly. There are various factors that lead to the loss of your precious personal data. These are as follows:

  • Human error mostly triggers the loss of data. This is one of the most common factors behind loss of data. It might happen that either you or one of the employees might accidentally delete some important files. Wrong formatting or setup of the hard drive can also be a potential factor initiated by human error.
  • You can lose your precious data due to a sudden attack by malware or a cyber-criminal. This has become a frequent incident these days.
  • Thirdly, occasional power outages or natural disasters can also be accounted for the loss of your data.

Recovering your Data

It is practically impossible to totally safeguard your data from being lost. Once you become a victim of data loss, it becomes necessary to retrieve it as soon as possible. There are two ways by which you can restore and bring back your data.

  1. You can avail of the advanced data recovery tools. These data recovery tools are designed smoothly to restore your data back to your system.
  2. There are many data recovery services in the world dedicated to recovering your data. You can always hire professional services.

However, employing data recovery services can be costly. Hence, you can use free data recovery software for the same purpose.

Best Data Recovery Tools for You:

In this article, we bring to you some of the best and widely popular data recovery tools. These tools are cost-effective and it will surely help in recovering data loss.


This data recovery tool bags the first position on our list. Testdisk is an opensource data recovery software which offers you some of the most amazing and wide-ranging options to bring back your lost data. 

It allows you to execute some of the common and basic data recovery functions. On top of that, it also comes with a bunch of additional features. This data recovery tool enables you to quickly retrieve files from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 systems.

Testdisk also offers these additional data recovery features:

  1. It helps to recover as well as rebuild the boot sector.
  2. You can easily locate the lost partitions among a dozen formats. This would greatly help you to bring back your deleted data.
  3. Testdisk enables you to resolve the FAT tables as well as the MFT.


Another prominent data recovery tool that you can make use of is Recuva. It is Windows-based recovery software. Recuva has two modes by which you can perform the task of data restoration. These are manual mode and the file-recovery wizard mode.

You should use the first mode when you are sure where the deleted data has gone to. If you aren’t sure where the deleted data has gone or how to restore it, then use the wizard mode. This data recovery tool comes with an interesting system of red, green and yellow light. These lights show the probability or the chance of getting your files recovered. 

Recuva is known to be a very user-friendly data recovery tool. However, you do not need to have any professional level knowledge to operate this software.


The third best data recovery tool on our list in Photorec. This is another very powerful and user-friendly recovery tool available in the market. Just like Testdisk, this tool also lacks a GUI. Photorec works extensively on any and every device. It can be a digital camera, desktop, smartphone or laptop or even a hard disk.

Photorec comes with some interesting features that have made it quite popular. This tool successfully retrieves a wide range of file formats. Photorec has the ability to go into your disks and carefully bring back the deleted files. 

You can use Photorec to smoothly copy the deleted files into another disk.

Undelete Plus

There is another Windows-based recovery software on our list of the best data recovery tools. Undelete Plus functions on all versions of the Windows Operating System. This tool comes with a feature that allows you to know what chance deleted files have to be recovered back.

You can use the Undelete Plus tool to effectively restore all deleted files of the NTFS, FAT and other file systems. You’ll also be able to use this to scan and restore deleted files on any device that you want. 


It is probably the most lightweight data recovery tool that you can find. Restoration works on all versions of the Windows operating system. It can effectively restore all files from NTFS and FAT drives. You can also sort out the files based on their names, sizes, and types.

Restoration is also equipped with a search option. This enables you to locate and identify one particular deleted file from a list of many. However, Restoration doesn’t let you recover an entire folder of deleted files. All you can do is restore them singly.

In conclusion, these data recovery tools will efficiently help you to restore your data swiftly. However, if the data loss is massive and severe, then you might need the help of professional data recovery services. You can consider choosing data recovery Dubai services to restore your lost data back.

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