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Every one of us has encountered the problem of being unable to connect the phone or computer to a Wi-Fi network. We can relate to the frustrating situation even when you have a perfectly working gadget and a strong wireless network. Your device should have connected to the Wi-Fi network easily but not everything is destined to work out flawlessly. On the other hand, not every...

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Do you own a small or medium sized business which has a dedicated website for customers? Are you using SSL certificate to secure website with https enabled URL for your business website? If not, be prepared to get a notice from Google about marking your website as a “Not secure” one. Google has taken the step of announcing unencrypted sites as unsafe or not secure...

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Business continuity is related to maintaining the business operation. It is necessary for recapitulate the data and other crucial resources at the time of interruption like fire, flood or malicious attack, etc. A business continuity plan outlines methods and directions an enterprise must follow in the of disasters. It also covers companies processes, funds, human resources, partners and many more. If you own a small...

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