Wireless technology


Having access to wireless broadband is an absolute necessity for every office and small businesses nowadays. There are a lot of routers which offer good features. Regardless of the quality of the routers, they still come with flaws which make the network connectivity quite problematic such as limited security or confounding steps. Sometimes, when the router crashes, it fails to maintain a constant connection with...

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Resolve WIFi Reachability issue

To connect to the outer world, it has become essential to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity at your home. Wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi has gained its importance in our daily lives. With rapid technological advancements, wireless connections introduced a newer and better level of communication. They have made internet surfing and accessing information from any system and any place of your choice like drawing room and...

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With WiFi connections we are no longer tied to using a network cable to surf the Internet or connect to the local network. Thanks to WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets but also TV and consoles have been able to integrate more advanced features, benefiting from the advantages of the Internet without being slaves of a bulky cable. The absence of the wire, however, has opened an...

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