Chat programs for PC on LAN and Messenger for the office (free)

Chat programs for PC on LAN and Messenger for the office (free)

This is an article dedicated especially to life in offices, for those who need a private and secure chat tool that works only within a LAN.

Otherwise, compared to traditional chats that work via internet connection, LAN Messenger programs only connect people who use a computer connected to the same LAN network, to the same router, in wifi or via cable.

Although the use of chat like Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook have made these private and local chat programs less popular , they are still business tools that work independently of the internet connection (the important thing is the internal network, even if it does not come out on the internet) and do not require access to social networks that can disturb the job. The job to cary-based dust and mop and arrange your place.
These are programs that operate on a Peer to Peer network, without a central server and with direct connection between the various users, even if the network is limited , as often happens in the offices of larger companies.

Below we find out which are the best “LAN Messenger” programs of local chat via LAN for offices (or even for home if you have computers in different rooms), which are also free to use .

Contrary to what I thought to find free programs of this type was more difficult than expected and even if it is not popular applications, the best LAN Messenger or Chat for local offices are paid programs (which we also mention).

1) Squiggle is a solid and popular free and open source P2P chat program for chatting on the local network (LAN).

No installation or configuration is required in Squiggle, which is ready to receive messages as soon as it is started.

In addition to standard chat, Squiggle also supports broadcast and private chats, chat groups to chat with multiple users together, and the bridge feature to connect two LANs to each other.

The Windows PC program also allows you to transfer multiple files, send emoticons, audio alerts and even make voice calls.

The only problem with this program is that it has not been updated for 3 years.

2) BeeBEEP is perhaps the best free program on this list (if we talk about those for free), for its simplicity and immediacy of use.

This Messenger for Windows PC, Mac and Linux does not even need to be installed to work (although it is recommended to do so) and just start it to get in touch with other users who have started on their PC.

The only requirement is to be connected to the same LAN network to chat.

It is designed on a decentralized architecture, which means that no server is required for operation.

BeeBEEP encrypts messages using the AES encryption standard, ensuring that they are accessible only to intended recipients.

You can start instant chats with individual users or converse with multiple users via the group chat feature.

You can transfer files, there is a message history and there are options to customize.

Chats can be password protected.

3) LAN Messenger is an open source application for Windows PC, Mac and Linuxwhich allows you to activate a P2P chat on the local network, so you can communicate in private with other people (each one from your computer) inside the office or at home.

LAN Messenger does not require a central server for its operation, it uses the AES encryption standard (with exchange of RSA keys) for the security of messages and also supports broadcast messages (single sending to more people). Those messages can best send to recruit professional cleaners, who are fallowing top industry-leading processes and practices. LAN Messenger includes many other features such as file transfer, message logging and contact organization. With this program the free solutions of modern programs for LAN Chat are exhausted. If you need more feature-rich applications, maybe even support applications for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets as well as Windows and Mac PCs, we can report commercial programs .

Output Messenger is a commercial chat solution (with server) that can be used for free if only 3 people use it.

It is a program full of features and controls that in addition to instant messaging and file transfers, offers a chat room function that allows multiple employees to join and share their comments on any event.

Remote desktop sharing, video calls, the ability to set a reminder for deadlines and appointments, and the ability to prepare automated replies are also available.

Output Messenger is a chat that requires the server part to be installed on one of the computers.

WinPopup Lan Messenger used in large corporate organizations with two modes of operation, one with the server and the other without a server.

RealPopup , simple and well organized, which also has an app for Android.

LanTalk , a simple and functional messenger intranet, only for Windows, good for small offices and large organizations.

CDMessenger, for companies, which supports Windows and Android.

Softros Messenger , one of the most popular private and corporate chat programs, also for Android as well as for Windows PC.

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