Learn About Common SSL Connection Errors & There Solutions

Learn About Common SSL Connection Errors & There Solutions

SSL Connection ErrorsFor providing a safer as well as faster online experience, SSL certificates are enabled by millions of websites. It provides privacy protection and confidentiality for online transactions. Some browsers like Google Chrome has got this feature inbuilt in it. But sometimes, the default settings of the browser mismatches with SSL certificates and it ultimately results in SSL connection error. If you are looking for the best SSL installation service in Dubai, then you can trust our services at Tech Support Dubai.

Probable Reasons for the Occurrence of SSL Errors:

If there occurs any issue with your SSL setup or while you try to enable SSL support, if any issue occurs, it will restrict you from installing the certificate properly. Some of the causes which lead to SSL connection errors are listed below.

  • Due to outdated SSL certificate, as the certificate is no longer valid
  • If your browser is outdated and does not support SSL technologies like SNI
  • Due to invalid SSL certificates on your web server
  • Due to mixed content
  • The browser caches and cookies are creating issues pertaining to the site’s SSL certificate.

If you come across any of the above-mentioned issues, you can opt for SSL installation service in UAE.

Take a Look at Some Common SSL Connection Errors:

Sometimes, your internet browser displays SSL connection error, and the error message that is displayed depends on the source. If you encounter SSL connection errors, then your browser will display warning messages such as:

  • The SSL certificate for this website is not trusted- It can probably occur due to two reasons: either the site uses a self-signed certificate or intermediate certificate(s) which are not installed.
  • Certificate name mismatch error
  • Mixed content error

Are You Facing the Following Issues While Installing SSL?

In order to install SSL correctly, you will require an SSL certificate. Although this can be done with a couple of manual steps, users are still encountering issues. For that, you can take help from a trustworthy SSL installation service in Dubai and avail the right assistance so that you do not face any issue while installing it. By doing so, you will get the most suitable solution based on your queries. Check if you are witnessing the following issues:

Problem in choosing the right approval method

  1. The private key is missing
  2. If there is a problem with SAN compatibility
  3. The CSR is invalid
  4. The order state has already been changed
  5. Certificate not trusted in the web browser

Getting “SSL Certificate for This Website Is Not Trusted” Error?

Usually, popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are embedded with trusted root certificates. These trusted certificates are used for verifying the legitimacy of all the website certificates which the browser possesses. While browsing the internet, if the browser comes to know that the certificate is not signed by any of these roots, then it will be termed as untrusted. Thus, the visitors to the site will encounter this error message. Though most of the trusted root certificates of the browser are owned by an accredited Certificate Authority, there are some CA’s which do not sign website certificates directly from the root. They use an “intermediate certificate” to create a trust for the root. If you are receiving this error, you can get in touch with experts for SSL installation.

This Error Occurs Because of the Two Reasons:

  •  If the site uses a self-signed certificate- A self-signed certificate is actually the one which the website owners have generated and signed for their purposes. These certificates are not associated with any trusted root and thus, your browser displays an untrusted error.
  •    Intermediate certificates are not installed- Another major cause which leads to the Untrusted error is that all intermediate certificates on their web server are incorrectly installed by the web administrator. Even the users get this error when the web server admin fails to install all intermediates.

Thus, for a proper set of SSL and intermediaries installation instructions, you can opt for an affordable SSL installation service in Dubai.

Receiving Certificate Name “Mismatch” error?

In general, this error occurs when the domain which is listed on the SSL certificate fails to match the domain which the browser is connected to. If you want to start any HTTPS session, then it’s important to note that the domain on the certificate should exactly match with the domain in the browser address bar. Some other reasons why the SSL Mismatch error occurs are listed below along with probable solutions for SSL installation error fix.

  • If the website is accessed through an IP address or an internal hostname, but the certificate contains only the Fully Qualified Domain Name, then there occurs a mismatch error.
  • When the certificate is issued to domain.com, but “www.domain.com” is typed into the address bar of the browser, then this mismatch error occurs. If you want to prevent this problem, you can use a wildcard certificate as it will cover all domains of domain.com automatically.
  • When multiple websites are hosted on the same IP address, the mismatch error occurs because then, the certificate might be provided for the wrong domain. In order to fix this issue, you can use a multi-domain certificate. These certificates allow the website owners to add hostnames and websites to the SAN field of the certificate.

In order to solve this error, you can choose a reliable SSL installation service in Dubai.

Know More About Mixed Content Error

In order to establish a secure HTTPS connection, it is important that every item on the page is secured from a legal and trustworthy source, whether it’s a video, flash movies, embedded images, iframes, Java scripts etc. It is necessary that all of them are sourced from a secure location. If there remains any item which is not from a secured location, then you will get a pop-up error message with “Yes” or “No” option.

In case the visitor chooses the “Yes” option, then the connection will revert to insecure HTTP in spite of the fact that all the items will be displayed. On the other hand, if the visitor chooses the “No” option, then you will be able to view only the secured items.

Undoubtedly, this error is one of the most widespread of all SSL errors but at the same time, it is one of the easiest to fix. You have to just follow these steps in the given order:

  •    You have to change all references and links from HTTP to HTTPS
  •    Instead of absolute links, try to use relative links on your website
  •    Deploy SSL across your entire site to ensure better security for your visitors

If you can’t fix this error with the provided steps, you can opt for SSL installation service in Dubai.

By following the above solutions, hope that you will be able to fix the SSL installation error. But in case you fail to do so, contact the professionals for SSL installation service in Dubai.

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