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#1 Trusted Computer Repair Dubai Services

Computer parts are subjected to wear and tear for consistent usage or mishandling. However, you can fix them with our professional help. We are a leading computer repair Dubai company who aim to provide on-time assistance to our customers.

What would you do if the computer suddenly stopped working? Buying another PC isn’t an option when you can get it repaired from Urban Clap. From hard drives to screens to motherboards – we can repair every computer unit efficiently.

Moreover, we have teamed up with the best computer repair in Dubai technicians – they can precisely fix your device. Thus, schedule an appointment with us and resolve the complicated PC issues in minutes. 

Our professional technicians will diagnose the problem you’re experiencing on the computer. The service team will immediately provide an effective repair solution to eliminate the problem. So, book our emergency services and resolve the computer glitches from a top-rated service centre in Dubai.

Risk of Repairing a Faulty Computer:

Application crashing, outdated OS or random pop-ups can generate problems when using your computer. Most of these issues can be fixed with a reboot. However, you can solve critical software and hardware issues without an expert’s help.

Detecting the cause of issues like BSOD or slow internet can be challenging. This is where our computer repair Dubai experts come to your service. Our professionals know the potential causes and solutions for all PC issues.

Here are the other reasons why you shouldn’t fix the computer by yourself:

  • Technical problems can be more complicated than you think
  • Unavailability of repair kits/tools
  • Misdiagnosis of the PC issue
  • Unavailability of the right repair parts
  • Data loss
  • Costly repair expenses

One-Stop Shop to Resolve All Your Computer Issues – Urban Clap

There are many reasons why a computer displays a black screen even when it is on. Faulty Windows updates and corrupted system files are the major causes behind such an occurrence. 

An outdated driver and third-party apps can also lead to a black screen error. So, if you’re experiencing this issue, contact our computer repair Dubai team for the ultimate assistance. We will inspect your PC thoroughly and resolve the issue within minutes. 

Here are the computer repair issues that you can trust us with:

Unresponsive Computer

Is your computer not turning on after the unexpected shutdown? Don’t worry – Urban Clap got you covered. However, you must check the PC’s power cables before booking our services. This issue is mostly associated with your computer’s power supply.

So, you must disconnect and reconnect the device’s power cables. If the PC is still off, look for a computer repair shop near me and hire our experts. They will check your PC’s power cables and the internal wiring. 

Our professional technicians will replace these units if they detect any sign of damage. A damaged motherboard and power button can also prevent the PC from booting. Thus, our experts will check these units and fix them if required.

We will check the following to fix your unresponsive computer:

  • The power outlet the PC is connected to
  • Screen
  • BIOS Or UEFI settings
  • Data cables

Freezing Computer Screen

This problem is mainly associated with old computers. A Windows or Mac computer frequently freezes when there is insufficient disk space. 

Did you connect a faulty external peripheral to the PC? It can be another reason behind this issue. Besides, a virus-infected file can generate a freezing screen issue on your device. 

Our experts also found that incorrect BIOS settings and software issues can trigger this problem. Don’t try to resolve this complicated screen glitch without our guidance. Join hands with our experts in computer laptop repair in JLT for an instant fix.

We perform the following troubleshooting steps to solve the freezing screen error:

  • Check and repair the computer ports
  • Reconfigure or reset the BIOS settings
  • Upgrade the RAM 
  • Install a new hard drive
  • Restore the missing system files

Blue Screen of Death

At Urban Clap, we successfully fixed the BSOD error from 30+ PCs. Our computer repairing shop near me experts know the possible causes of this issue. This problem can occur in both a Windows and Mac computer.

Do you want to know why your PC is showing a blue screen? A faulty or incompatible hard drive can cause this issue. Corrupted driver updates might also lead to BSOD. Buggy software and outdated GPU can trigger this issue on your PC.

So, book our services and fix the BSOD error from the best computer repair in Dubai. Our experts ensure the PC is running smoothly without any BSOD errors. 

What do our computer repair technicians do to solve BSOD? They update the graphics card and other drivers essential for your PC’s functionality. Moreover, we check for hardware problems and solve them at the earliest possible.

Horizontal Lines on PC’s Screen

Don’t panic if you notice multi-coloured horizontal lines on the PC screen. Contact our computer repair Dubai specialists for immediate assistance. Our professional technicians have immense expertise in this domain.

Besides, they implement effective troubleshooting tips to remove lines from the computer screen. This screen glitch is related to software and hardware problems. The conflict between the screen and refresh rate can cause this issue.

Check if there is physical damage to the monitor or connected cables. If yes, connect with our computer repairing shop near me experts in replacing them. Lines might appear on the screen for out-of-date drivers. So, our prime responsibility goes in updating the device drivers.

Exclusive Computer Repair Dubai Services –  We Offer

Urban Clap is a reputed computer repair service provider in Dubai. Our experts have been dealing with damaged PC parts for years. Over 1000+ customers rely on us to fix their computers from our certified experts. 

We ensure all the worn-out computer units are fixed on time. Our professionals complete the PC repair works within 2-3 days. We also provide preventive maintenance and in-house repair services to our customers. 

We became the best computer company in Dubai by offering these services:

Computer Screen Repair/Replacement

Your PC’s screen-related issues should be treated as fast as possible. Otherwise, it can develop other unpreventable issues, making the device inaccessible. Thus, look for a computer repairing shop near me and book our professional immediately.

Is your computer screen flickering repeatedly? There is a high chance that it has a malfunctioned screen. Repairing or replacing the faulty screen without technical knowledge can be risky. So, book our technicians, and they replace the computer screen without downtime. 

Here are the issues that indicate your computer needs a screen replacement:

  • Stretched, dim or blank screen
  • Dead pixels on the display
  • Vertical lines
  • Unexpected PC shutdowns
  • Visible hairline cracks on the screen
  • Loud buzzing noise from the monitor

Computer Motherboard Repair/Replacement

Identifying motherboard faults is easy, but sometimes you might overlook them. Do you get a burning odour after turning on the PC? It might be because of the damaged motherboard. A faulty motherboard can also cause random blue screen of death errors.

Besides, the BIOS menu might appear at Startup when this unit stops working.  App freezing or lagging issues are clear signs of motherboard failure. Does your computer take an ample amount of time to reboot? Check the motherboard and contact our computer laptop repair JLT experts if you notice structural damages.

We also look out for these motherboard failure signs before the replacement:

  • PC can’t detect the flash drivers or monitor
  • Unresponsive external peripherals
  • Random locks
  • The motherboard fails to do “Power-On-Self-Test”

Computer Hard Drive Repair/Replacement

Your computer’s hard drive can stop working after an electrical surge. It will remove all the stored data if you don’t take action immediately. Are you receiving frequent error messages when saving files on your PC? It is a sign of a hard drive failure.

Moreover, the operating system won’t load properly when the HDD stops working. Missing files are another sign that indicates the hard drive is on the verge of being damaged. Thus, contact our computer repair Dubai experts and opt for an immediate hard drive replacement.

Book our services once you detect these hard drive failure signs:

  • Overheating
  • Blue screen of death errors
  • Stuck spindle motor
  • Clicking noise from the drive
  • The system crashed, and disk errors
  • Unknown files and folders

Computer CPU Repair/Replacement

If your Windows computer is not turning on, the problem lies in its CPU. You can’t use the device without replacing the built-in processor. Thus, connect with our best computer repair in Dubai team for hassle-free CPU replacement.

Our professionals will check the PC’s processor and look for signs of wear and tear. They will replace the CPU immediately if it is faulty or dead. Our technicians can repair every processor regardless of its type or brand. So, join us and fix all CPU-related issues with our reliable experts. 

Replace the CPU with our professional assistance if you experience these issues:

  • Browser keeps freezing
  • Fans are spinning even when the PC is off
  • Slow computer
  • System freezing or crashing issues
  • The appearance of blue screens
  • Unusual noises from the device
  • Sluggish PC performance

List of Computer Brands – We Cover

We repair every computer regardless of its type, brand and operating system. Our computer repair Dubai experts are available round the clock to assist you. 

They repair faulty computers from these brands:

  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Razer
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung and other popular brands

When Should You Repair the Computer from Our Service Experts?

Sometimes, your PC will display error messages if something goes wrong. Restarting the device can fix the issue in some cases. However, if the error persists, you will need our computer repairing shop near me experts’ help.

Here are the other signs that indicate your PC needs to be repaired:

  • Apps or programs won’t open
  • White spots on the PC screen
  • The computer is rebooting itself
  • Physical damage on the PC units
  • PC stuck on a green screen

How to Book Our Computer Repair Dubai Services?

We have designed a website with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easier to book our services. 

Follow 3 quick steps to repair the computer from the best service company in Dubai:

Share What You Need

We offer a wide range of computer & laptop repair services all across Dubai. Pick the one that suits your needs, or contact our experts to share the problem you’re experiencing. 

Book Our Experts

Licensed and vetted technicians back us. Schedule an appointment with our technicians; they will tell you the service cost after the diagnosis.

Get What You Have Asked for

Our professionals opt for preliminary analysis to find the problematic PC part. They will repair or replace the broken or unresponsive unit within a stipulated time.

Why Should You Rely On Our Computer Repair Dubai Services?

Urban Clap is widely known for offering guaranteed and best-quality assistance. We never compromise on professionalism and the quality of the computer parts. 

Connect with us and avail the following benefits from an eminent service platform:

  • We provide 100% authentic and compatible spare parts for your computers.
  • Highly-trained and veteran technicians handle the PC repair works.
  • We offer discounts on service charges for our first-time customers.
  • Our professionals offer long-term solutions for your computer’s hardware and software glitches.
  • We provide fast and efficient computer part replacement services at a reasonable price.
  • Critical computer repair jobs are performed in a clean lab under expert supervision.
  • We provide the utmost importance to all your computer repair requirements.
  • Our experts use advanced tools and techniques to fix faulty PC units.
  • Our experienced customer support team is always ready to clarify your doubts.

Best Computer Repair Dubai Technicians is a Call Away!

Do you need to know more about computer repair services? Do you need help booking our professional technicians? Contact our customer support executives and get a prompt response to all your queries.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a free service quote today and repair your damaged computer parts quickly. 

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