Computer-themed games for Android and iOS

Computer-themed games for Android and iOS

Information technology is a passion for many users, who have made it a lifestyle and in many cases also their own path of study and work.

But if we wanted to play some funny and fun computer-related video game on the smartphone, which games should we turn to?

In this guide you will find the best computer-themed games that we were able to find in the stores for Android devices and for iPhone or iPad.

All games require some knowledge of the computer world (except one!), Even if they are simplified to the maximum in order to be accessible to as many users as possible; even if we are not real nerds, we can try these games out of curiosity or to have fun when we are at the bus stop or during a long journey.

In the game we will cover the different technologies for the transmission of information (from the telegraph to the optical fiber and satellite transmission) with the aim of getting information from the point of origin to the point of arrival in the least possible number of moves.

The first levels might seem simple, but going forward we will immediately notice the complexity of the game, which will keep busy whatever the level of preparation.

Also in this case the game play is very simple (just tap and hold on one of the nodes to create connections between them) and variegated (some types of transmission can be activated even with a single move, just use the domino effect between the various technologies) but collecting all the stars for each level will require large doses of logic and strategy; many levels have technologies that you need to fully understand if you want to correctly transfer the information as required by the game.

One of the most beautiful games ever made in the last few years!

3) Circuit Scramble (Android): With this game we enter the world of electronics, another very important topic to understand how IT works.

In the game we will deal with circuits and logical operators; if we have studied computer science or computer engineering we will surely know what we are talking about!

The objective is to illuminate the writing at the top by passing the current from the lower keys inside the circuit, respecting the requests of the logical operators (such as receiving two pulses to generate one, or vice versa receiving two pulses to turn off the pulse of exit etc.).

There are also switches (useful for changing the pulse path) and signal inverters, which add considerable difficulty to the game.

In order to receive the highest grade we will have to get the right path in the least possible number of moves, always visible at the top of the window.

Two modes available in the game: Challenge (with a number of levels of increasing difficulty) and Endless mode (random generation of levels to infinity), the fun is assured even after finishing the main levels of the game with a game without casual end .

4) Circuitry (iPhone): In this game we will have to respect the Boolean algebra to build circuits that work similar to Ciruit Scramble for Android.

We will have several pieces of circuit available and we will have to use them correctly to let the current pass and thus be able to finish the level.

A game definitely within the reach of computer engineers or students of electronics that will allow you to have fun with logic and learn.

5) Logic Simulator Pro (Android): In this game we will have to build circuits using logic gates and other electronic components.

We will find both Boolean components (as we have already seen in the other similar games in the guide) and multiplexers and demultiplexers, which will delight the students of engineering or those who have embarked on a course of study based on electronics.

Easy to use interface, but you need to be a bit ‘on the subject to be able to successfully use all the components.

6) Powerhouse – Circuit Scramble (iPhone): Of all the computer-themed games this is definitely the easiest to complete, since a minimum knowledge of the components is required. The aim of the game is to correctly complete the circuit path to make it work, in a way similar to any puzzle game.

At the end of the path the next one will be unlocked, with increasing difficulty.

You do not need to be a computer science or engineering student to play this game!

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