Dealing with an Unresponsive HP Laptop Keyboard? Here’s How to Fix it

HP Laptop Keyboard

Dealing with an Unresponsive HP Laptop Keyboard? Here’s How to Fix it

HP laptops come with high-end keyboards for improving the user’s typing experience and accuracy. However, this laptop unit can stop responding due to outdated or corrupted drivers. Dust and dirt can accumulate inside the keyboard over time, preventing it from working. Thus, cleaning the laptop keyboard can restore its functionality. 

An HP laptop’s keyboard fails to work properly due to software issues. You can fix those technical glitches with DIY troubleshooting hacks. However, if the keys are repeating themselves, consider replacing the keyboard. Besides, the keycaps might start to wear off due to consistent usage. Contact a technician in such instances for an immediate HP laptop keyboard replacement. 

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix an Unresponsive HP Laptop Keyboard 

An HP laptop keyboard might refuse to work due to several reasons. If there is no physical damage to the keyboard, check if you have locked it. A locked keyboard will stop you from typing any word on the document. 

Moreover, you can experience issues with the keyboard due to misconfiguration. The HP laptop keyboard might not work due to fan failure. Besides, the external keyboard can conflict with the HP laptop’s keyboard. Remove the connected keyboard and check if that solves the software glitch.

Try out these solutions if the HP laptop keyboard is not responding or working:

  1. Reboot the Windows Laptop

Sometimes, restarting the HP laptop resolves the keyboard glitches. Thus, you must first try to implement this solution to check if the keyboard is responding. Windows 10/11 users must tap on the “Start” icon from the taskbar. 

Select “Power” when the pop-up menu appears and click “Restart”. Alternatively, you can press the “Windows and “F4” keys together. Then choose “Restart’ from the pop-up window. Open any document and press any key to see if the keyboard is working or not. 

  1. Unlock the Built-in Keyboard

You might have mistakenly locked the HP laptop keyboard. This is why you are experiencing issues typing any word using the internal keyboard. Thus, try to unlock the HP laptop keyboard to eliminate the problem. 

Turn on the device and press the right Shift key for 8 seconds to unlock the keyboard and turn it off after at least 10-15 seconds. Then reboot the Windows computer to continue using the keyboard without glitches.

  1. Disable the Windows Cortana

Despite being useful, Cortana can sometimes interfere with the Hp laptop’s keyboard. Thus, try disabling this feature to resolve the technical glitch. Press the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings app. Navigate to “Apps” and tap on “Apps and Features” afterwards.

Scroll down to the page and choose “Cortona” from the pop-up menu. Choose “Advanced” Options” and move the toggle from left to right. Restart the Windows computer and check if you can work on the keyboard. If the error persists, consider re-enabling Cortana on the HP laptop.

  1. Use the Windows Troubleshooter Tool

Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in tool which allows users to diagnose and repair software issues. Thus, you must access this program to overcome the keyboard error. Press the Windows and I keys together to open the HP laptop’s settings window. 

Alternatively, you can press the Windows and S keys together and write Settings in the search box. Double-tap on “Settings” and when the new window opens, navigate to “Update & Security”. Head towards “Troubleshoot” or click on “Find troubleshooter”. 

Select the issue you are experiencing on the HP laptop. Tap on “Run the troubleshooter” when the next window appears on the screen. This tool will then look for the problematic laptop part and repair it within 10-15 minutes. Restart the HP laptop after a few seconds and use the keyboard without hurdles.

  1. Update the Keyboard Driver

An out-of-date or incompatible driver can restrict you from using the keyboard. Thus, you must install the latest driver to restore the keyboard’s functionality. Press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Device Manager” from the built-in tool list. 

Additionally, you can press the Windows and R keys together and write “devmgmt.msc”. Press the Enter button or tap on “Ok” to access the Device Manager program. You will see a list of devices that are installed on the HP laptop. Navigate to “Keyboards” and double-tap on it afterwards. 

Right-click on the keyboard driver name and opt for “Update Driver”. Click “Search automatically for drivers” to check if any updates are available. If yes, choose “install now” to get the latest keyboard driver for the HP laptop. 

It may take at least 20-25 minutes to complete the driver installation process. Don’t turn off the HP laptop until then or unplug the power adapter. Restart the Windows device when the driver installation is complete. The HP laptop keyboard will now respond and all the keys will also work properly. 

  1. Disable the Unwanted Input Methods

The “ CtfMon.exe” is designed to add multiple input methods on the device. HP laptop users can include a keyboard, touch and even a stylus by enabling this feature. However, it can sometimes interfere with the keyboard’s functionality. Thus, disabling the CtfMon.exe feature will help you to fix the problem. 

Press the Windows and R keys together to access the Run program. Alternatively, you can press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Run” from the pop-up menu. 

Write “msconfig” and hit the “Enter” button or tap on “Ok”. Go to “Startup” when the System Configuration window appears. Check all the startup items that are currently running. Search for “ctfMon.exe” and uncheck this option. 

Click “Apply” and then select “Ok” when the confirmation message appears. Restart the HP laptop after disabling “Collaborative Translation Framework”. Tap on “Ok” when the warning message pops up on the screen. Now, try to write something using the HP laptop keyboard and check if that works. 

  1. Check the HP Laptop keyboard Language Settings

Incorrect language settings can cause hindrances while using the HP laptop keyboard. Thus, you must reconfigure the keyboard’s language settings to fix the issue. Tap on the “Start” icon from the Windows device’s taskbar. 

Go to the search box and write “Settings” afterwards. Double-tap on the “Settings” app, scroll down to the page and select “Time & Language”. 

Head towards “Region & language” and ensure “English” is selected. If “English” is not set as the keyboard’s language, tap on “Options” and choose “US”. Restart the HP laptop and use the keyboard without further software glitches.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

An incompatible keyboard driver could trigger this problem in the HP laptop. Thus, you must uninstall this driver to resolve the issue. However, laptop users need to reinstall the keyboard driver in the device. Otherwise, the HP laptop keyboard won’t work.

Press the Windows and S keys together and write “Control” in the search box. Double-tap on “Control Panel” and choose “Hardware and Sound” when the next window opens. Select “Device and Printers” and opt for “Device Manager”.

Right-click on “Keyboard” from the pre-installed device list. Head towards “Standard PS/2 Keyboard” and select “Uninstall device” afterwards. 

Restart the HP laptop after uninstalling the built-in keyboard. The keyboard driver will be reinstalled automatically when the device turns on. Access the Device Manager window and check if you can see the keyboard driver. If yes, try to write something on the document and check if the keyboard error is solved.

  1. Clean the HP laptop Keyboard

Remove the dirt or dust particles from the keyboard, so that it can work properly. Turn off the Windows laptop and disconnect the power resources. Place a paper towel underneath the keyboard and turn the device upside-down. Tap on the keyboard to dislodge all the dust.

Clear or clean the spaces between the HP laptop keys using a can of compressed air. Ensure to use a straw while implementing this keyboard cleaning solution. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and then wipe down the keys with a damp microfiber cloth. 

Don’t put a wet cloth to clean the HP laptop keyboard. Otherwise, it could damage the other internal parts of this Windows device. Thus, let the microfibre cloth get dried up before using it on the keyboard. Turn on the HP laptop and you will be able to use the keyboard without experiencing any issues.

When Should You Repair the HP Laptop Keyboard?

If the above solutions did not help you to fix the keyboard, the problem is caused by hardware glitches. You must repair the HP laptop keyboard to eliminate the issue. 

However, you must check a few things before replacing the existing keyboard. 

Open any word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word and press all the keys one by one. If all the keys are registered well, the HP laptop keyboard is fully functional and doesn’t need to be repaired. However, if some of the keys take time to respond to, consider repairing them with an expert’s help.

Contact Tech Support Dubai if the HP Laptop isn’t Working!

Repairing or replacing a Windows laptop keyboard can be daunting. This is where Tech Support Dubai comes to your service. They are a leading laptop repair company that can fix every keyboard glitch. So, connect with their professional technicians and repair the faulty keyboard within minutes.

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