Fixes for Windows 10 Printer Issues 2020 is Now Available

Fixes for Windows 10 Printer Issues 2020 is Now Available



Microsoft Windows released security patches last June in 2020. Reportedly, after installing the security patches, printers stopped working. Users started to complain against the security patches on different social media platforms and on the official webpage of Microsoft. Most of the universal printers became unable to print any document. Microsoft started off the investigation for the inconvenience and later came up with a solution. However, you can avail printer repair Dubai services if you are experiencing printer difficulties. 

Apart from general issues of printers, if you are facing problems after installing recent patches then Microsoft has promised a definite fix to the problem. Let’s get to the details about the Windows 10 patch and printing dilemmas.

Which Printers Got Affected?

Almost every printer brand is on the list. Whether it is Canon, Ricoh, Panasonic or Brother, printers started behaving weird after installing that controversial patch from Microsoft forum. However, some users even added HP and Toshiba printers as well. Avail services from HP printer service center if you are still undergoing the same circumstances.

After proper investigation, Microsoft clarified that the issues arose for most of the USB-connected printers. They suggested that users should restart the entire system after turning off the Windows devices and then the printer. It worked for several printers that were struggling with connection errors. Hire printer repair Dubai services from Tech Support dubai for optimum results, instantly. 

On the other hand, countless users complained of applications crashing, audio disruption, blue screen of death, etc. However, Microsoft admitted that the issues reported at their customer support. The authority has declared that printer spooler might be out of coordination with the updates installed. In addition to this, the issues have appeared on Windows 10 Server 2004, 1909 and 1903.

What’s the Cause?

As we have recalled from the update history of Windows 10, two patches are mainly responsible for the issue- these are KB4560960 and KB4557957 and they were released on June 9. Tech experts assumed that Microsoft would replace the generic PCL5 printer driver with PCL6 to mitigate the issues. However, you can consider Tech Support Dubai for printer repair Dubai service to fix any printer issue.

Solution Proposed by Microsoft

Microsoft launched a patch labelled as KB4567523 to eliminate all the printer issues related to Windows 10 OS. Another important aspect to note down is that this update is not automatically fetchable. If you are dealing with the printing issues or other issues then you have to download the patch. The patch is available for different configurations of Windows 10 systems. Just go to the Microsoft Update Catalog and install the update as per your system’s requirements.

You need to double-click on the update. Your PC might take a reboot and we guess now you can print with your usual printer. The patch is available for all the compatible Windows 10 devices and servers from July 2020. Furthermore, avail top-notch services from HP printer service center if your HP printer still faces the same issue.


If the issues still persist check if the printer is working with outdated drivers, damaged print heads and so on. Examine the print spooler and quit all the printing tasks to give it a fresh start. For more information and laptop repair Dubai service, contact Tech Support Dubai.