Goals of a Website: 3 Different Roads

Goals of a Website: 3 Different Roads

Goals of a WebsiteTo succeed in the world of the Web, first of all, you need to have clear ideas .

It’s good to make a site (indeed, it’s essential), but why are you doing it

What is the main goal your site aims at?

If you understand it first, avoid making mistakes and you can create perfect pages for your purpose. To get concrete results, you need a minimum of strategy.

Take a moment to think and think if you want to make a website for

  • Occur
  • Collect contacts
  • To sell

These are the 3 ways you can go online. However, the order is not random: you can hardly reach the third goal without going through the first two.

Here is a brief summary of these different website categories .

The Site to be there

This is the solution for those who, first of all, want to communicate information to the public .

Many times I hear myself say:

Ah, but I work by word of mouth


Ah, but I make bolts and go to the fair, my clients do not look for me on ogle

Everything is fine and it’s all true!

But when you meet people or distribute flyers on your booth at the fair, don’t you think the potential customer might want to read up a little more completely?

There is not a single meeting or a single flyer that can contain all the information on each of your product or service, all the articles or case studies, all the images and testimonials.

That’s why, even if you don’t sell on the Internet, you still need to have a site . If you build a site “to be there”, you can communicate everything and don’t lose customers on the street!

The Site to make Leads

If you decide to take an extra step and create your site to collect contacts .

By contact I mean a traceable goal , such as:

  • The compilation of a request (or quote) for products or services, through the common contact forms
  • Subscription to the newsletter
  • Downloading a file

In this case, your pages will be built to push the user towards the chosen goal.

The Site to sell

The last way you can go online is to sell products or services to your customers directly on your website. In this case, you have another fork in front of you. You can choose between 2 types of site “to sell” :

ECommerce website

The classic online store . Here the customer browses through a catalog, chooses something, pays and waits to receive the product or service purchased. One of the most famous examples is Amazon, but there are also many small businesses that have made their fortune by choosing an eCommerce site!

Site to collect orders

It is a perfect solution for those who do not have the structure, the budget or the organization to manage a real eCommerce.

Sometimes, it’s convenient (especially if you have a local business) to ask users to book or order something on the site . At a later time, they will be able to pay the price or receive instructions to complete the purchase.

The main difference is that you do not receive any payment on these pages .

If you have a training school, for example, you can collect registrations, or you can ask your customers to book a product in the upcoming release. Also for Website Development services contact to Tech Support Dubai Team

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