How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost?

laptop screen repair cost

How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost?

Laptop screen repair is a broad term that may include various types of repairs. Also, the cost of repairing your laptop’s screen would not be the same every time. You must consider various aspects of the device’s screen and its problems to estimate the repair costs. Apart from that, you can simply ask various repair services about their laptop screen repair charges to get an idea.

You should also know when you should go for a laptop screen repair or getting a replacement is a better option. A good quality laptop screen repair can range between 400 and 500 AED. The information given below might give you a clearer idea of ‘how much does a laptop screen repair cost?’.

What Are the Deciding Factors of Laptop Screen Repair Costs?

Various things about your laptop can make significant differences in its repair costs. So you must take them into consideration while estimating the cost of a screen repair. Here are some of the important factors that decide the laptop screen repair costs:–

  • Brand and Model

The screen repair cost would depend a lot on your laptop’s brand and model. After all, not every laptop model has the same type of screen. The repair costs are significantly more for some laptops than clothes as you might know. However, many repair services can offer you reasonably-priced screen repairs for all laptops regardless of the model.

So, you must consider the brand and model of your laptop first while calculating the repair cost. It might be better to search for a specific model’s screen repair prices than make a general query. That would help you to get a more accurate idea of the repair cost after all. 

  • Screen Type and Size

How much does a laptop screen repair cost? The size and other features of your laptop’s screen is yet another factor that determines the screen repair cost. Here are some of the aspects of your laptop’s screen that would influence the repair charges:


The screen repair cost would also depend on whether your laptop has an LED or LCD display. Since LED displays are of improved quality, repairing them would probably cost more. However, you can get professional repairs for both LED and LCD laptop screens at fair prices. So, you need not worry about the price being high regardless of the display type.

Size and Number of Pixels

The size of your laptop’s screen can also play an important role in deciding the repair cost. So, bigger screens would cost more to repair than smaller ones. You must also take the number of pixels in your laptop’s screen for estimating the repair cost. The more pixels it has, the higher the repair would usually cost.

Touch Screen Functionality

Does your laptop’s screen have touchscreen functionality? If yes, then fixing it would probably cost more than those screens which do not have touchscreen features. Also, you might find a significant gap between the repair costs based on touch functionality. 

  • Type of Screen Problem

The problem with your laptop’s screen is also a very important factor to determine the repair cost. Complicated screen issues would cost more to fix effectively. The problems with your laptop’s screen might become worse with time if you ignore them. Hence, you might want to get a professional screen repair without any unnecessary delay. That can help you minimise the repair costs as much as possible in most cases.

You must keep in mind that not all display issues necessarily require a screen repair for a solution. So, you must consider the problem you are facing and find out whether you need to get your laptop’s screen repaired. You might need other hardware or software solutions in some cases for various display problems.

6 Problems You Fix With Laptop Screen Repair Services

Professional screen repairs can offer you long-lasting solutions to various display problems on your laptop. Here are some common issues for which you might need a laptop screen repair service:–

  • Black Screen

Your laptop might not necessarily have a startup problem if its screen remains blank. So, you might need to fix the screen instead of other components to fix this issue. The same applies when your laptop’s screen goes black randomly due to unexplained reasons. You must always get the device inspected before getting a repair to know the solution it needs. A swift professional repair can fix the black screen issue quite effectively in many cases. 

  • Dim Display

Make sure you have set a suitable brightness on your laptop for your requirements. Additionally, you might want to disable automatic brightness to prevent the display from becoming dim. If the screen remains dim after you take these steps, you must contact a professional laptop technician for help. A reliable screen repair service should provide you with a long-term solution to this issue. 

  • Coloured Vertical Lines on Screen

This problem might often indicate damage to your laptop’s screen and you must find help. Restarting the device can fix this issue immediately in some cases. If that does not work, you must get your laptop inspected as soon as possible. Does the problem persist even when you connect the device to another monitor? If yes, then the display panel might be defective. 

  • Dead or Stuck Pixels

Do you find a lot of dead pixels on your laptop’s screen? In that case, you need to approach a professional to ensure an effective solution. The same applies in case your screen has many stuck pixels. You need not necessarily replace the screen to fix this issue. A professional laptop screen repair can avoid this problem further for quite a long time. 

  • Distorted Colours

This problem might have something to do with the display drivers on your device. So, you must take the necessary steps to fix this issue by yourself first if you prefer that. If nothing else works, you must book a professional laptop repair service right away. Most reputable laptop repair providers can fix this issue within a short time. 

  • Flickering Screen

You might face this issue with your laptop due to a hardware problem. Getting a repair would be the best solution if disabling automatic brightness does not stop the flickering. Professional technicians will ensure the most appropriate solution to this problem based on the type of flickering.

Will a Screen Replacement Be Better For Your Laptop?

A lot of people might consider replacing their laptop’s screen instead of repairing it. That can be a better solution to your laptop screen problems in several cases, after all. However, you would want to avoid needlessly spending on a new screen. Replacing the screen is the best option in case of physical damage, be it minor or significant.

Do you have a touchscreen laptop that is at least 7 years old? Then it might be better to invest in a new device than a screen. Make sure to get an original screen that comes with a warranty if you decide to get a replacement.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Screen Repair Service?

Nowadays, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to professional laptop repair. Needless to say, not all of them would equally satisfy your requirements. So you must consider the following aspects to find the best repair service for your laptop:–


The service provider you choose must be certified to repair all types of laptop issues. Not only that, but all of their technicians should also hold the necessary certification. You must always check this aspect before hiring a professional technician from any laptop repair company.


All reputable laptop repair companies have an experience over a certain level. Therefore, you must choose someone who has been providing laptop repairs for quite some time. That should contribute to ensuring a reliable solution for your laptop screen problems.


You must make sure that the repair service you choose is available in your area. Also, you might want to hire someone who can offer you a doorstep laptop inspection and repair. That can help you get a quick and efficient solution to your laptop issues while following a busy schedule.

The service you choose should also be available around the clock at your assistance. Thus, you can book an urgent laptop repair whenever you need one.


How much does a laptop screen repair cost? You must compare the charges that various laptop repair services ask for to know whether they are reasonable. While laptop screen repairs can often be costly, you need not pay an unusually high price. Finding a repair service that charges a reasonable amount for the quality of repair they provide is easier now than ever.

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