How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Faulty Laptop?

Repair a Faulty Laptop

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Faulty Laptop?

Fixing a laptop is undoubtedly more cost-effective than replacing it. However, the repair cost might vary from one laptop model to another. The device’s brand also influences the overall service charge. For instance, you will need to spend AED 180-AED 200 to repair a MacBook. Whereas, an HP laptop can be fixed within AED 100 to AED 120.

Besides, the laptop repair cost might differ depending on the part you want to fix. It will take more to replace a motherboard than a fan. Moreover, different service providers charge different laptop repair costs. Thus, you must contact the technician to get a clear price estimation.

Does the laptop you use have developed critical software or hardware issues? Don’t try to fix the problem with D-I-Y troubleshooting hacks. Instead, connect with a reputed laptop repair company for instant recovery.

What are the Two Major Laptop Faults that You Can Experience?

Most users encounter battery or power issues within 1-2 years of buying the device. Usually, it occurs by overcharging the battery or due to malfunctioning defects. Without replacing the battery, this issue can’t be solved.

Besides, a slow laptop is another issue that you can experience in the long run. Temporary files or browser cache can be the reason behind this sluggish performance. Sometimes, removing these unwanted system files can fix the issue. Take an expert’s help immediately if that doesn’t boost the laptop’s speed.

What will be the Cost of Repairing a Laptop with a Diminishing Battery Life?

A laptop’s battery comes with approximately 1-2 years of battery life. After that, it can generate charging or drainage issues. More than 22% of owners experience battery issues within a year of purchasing the laptop.

Almost 71% of users continue working on the laptop without repairing the faulty battery. However, you should never do that, leading to further damage. Consider replacing the battery when you detect any signs of wear.

Overheating or slow charging is a clear indicator of a damaged battery. However, you must still check the laptop’s battery health before replacing it. Access the Command Prompt tool if you are a Windows user.

Write “ powercfg /batteryreport” and hit the Enter button to check the battery condition. If you receive a warning message, replace the existing laptop battery with a new one.

Are you experiencing battery issues on the Mac device? Tap on the “Battery” icon and navigate to “Battery Condition”. If the device displays a “Replace Now” or “Replace Soon” message, install a new battery. It may take AED 140 to AED 380 to repair the laptop’s faulty battery with professional assistance.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Slow Laptop?

Working on a slow laptop might be challenging. Thus, you might take immediate action to resolve this technical problem. However, it might be difficult to identify the reason behind a slow laptop. Contact an expert in such instances to diagnose and fix the device. The technicians might charge AED 200 to AED 250 to repair a slow laptop.

Which Major Laptop Faults Can be Expensive to Fix?

Some laptop parts like hard drives or screens can be expensive to repair. This is why most users avoid fixing it from professional technicians. However, you can damage the high-end device by implementing incorrect solutions. Besides, most online troubleshooting videos can be deceptive. So, it will be better to leave the laptop repair work to the experts.

Here is the average cost of repairing the major laptop parts:

Hard Drive Replacement

Most advanced laptops have either an HDD or an SSD. However, you might find both an HDD and SSD in high-end laptops. Though SSDs are less vulnerable to damage, they can generate issues due to a power surge. If you are getting frequent BSOD errors, it’s time to replace the hard drive.

Is the laptop generating a loud sound while running? Are you experiencing random system crash issues? There is a high chance that the hard drive is about to fail. Replace the faulty hard drive with a new one to use the laptop without glitches.

It may take AED 300 to AED 450 to repair a damaged hard drive. However, you might need to spend more if you want to install an HDD and SSD. The hard drive replacement cost also varies depending on its storage capacity. Furthermore, the HDD or SSD brand is also a factor that influences the repair cost.

Motherboard Replacement

The motherboard tends to be the most expensive unit of a laptop. It can range from AED 350 to AED 599 for repairing a faulty motherboard. Windows laptops or desktops tend to have AED 350-AED 400 motherboards. Whereas, Macs and other high-end laptop motherboards cost AED 450 to AED 560 to repair.

Is the Windows or Mac laptop taking time to turn on? It indicates the device has a damaged motherboard. Besides, you can experience BSOD and freezing issues when this unit stops working.

Overheating and a slow laptop is a clear indications of a faulty motherboard. Besides, the laptop might fail to detect the hardware when this unit stops responding. Power issues can be caused due to motherboard failure. If left untreated, it could develop more technical issues. So, repair this laptop unit by connecting with a leading service provider.

Internal Fan Repair/Replacement

Laptop fans get clogged with dirt or dust particles over time. These contaminants prevent the cooling fan from working. The device might overheat from a dirty internal fan and damage the other units. Thus, you must clean the laptop fan and check if that solves the issue. However, consider replacing or repairing the cooling fan if the error persists.

It takes only AED 174 to AED 200 to repair a faulty laptop fan. However, the fan replacement cost might vary depending on the laptop you use. It may take AED 120 to AED 150 to fix a fan from a Lenovo laptop. However, you might have to spend AED 180 to AED 200 to repair an HP laptop’s fan.

When Should You Repair or Replace the Laptop Fan?

Certain signs indicate the laptop needs a new cooling fan. If you hear a clicking or grinding noise while working on the laptop, check the internal fan. There is a high chance that the laptop fan has stopped working and generating this issue.

Besides, overheating can be caused by a faulty laptop fan. Are you experiencing random system crashes or freezing issues? This might occur due to a damaged cooling fan. The device might turn on and off automatically when this laptop unit stops working. Thus, repair the internal fan if you notice any sign of damage.

Screen Repair/Replacement Services

It takes AED 370 to AED 450 to repair a cracked or shattered laptop screen. However, the repair cost might vary depending on the extent of the damage. Besides, the screen size and the laptop’s brand influence the service charge. For instance, it costs AED 900 to AED 950 to repair a MacBook Screen. However, you can fix an HP laptop screen by spending AED 400 to AED 480.

Do you want to repair the faulty screen of the Lenovo laptop? The average repair cost will be AED 145 to AED 375. Moreover, a professional expert charges AED 300 to AED 400 to fix a Dell laptop screen. However, you might need to invest more in repair expenses if the device has an OLED screen. Check the screen type and size to acknowledge what will be the screen repair cost.

When Should You Repair the Laptop Screen?

The screen is the most fragile component of a Windows or Mac laptop. This unit can stop working or responding after an accidental drop. If you don’t replace the screen on time, it could cause further damage to the laptop. Thus, if you notice any cracks on the display, consider repairing it without further delay.

Did you notice dead or stuck pixels on the screen? It could be for a faulty or incompatible screen. Moreover, you might sometimes notice vertical or horizontal lines on the display. Usually, it occurs due to physical damage to the LCD screen. Repairing the screen will eliminate this laptop glitch.

Keyboard Repair/Replacement

A laptop’s keyboard can stop working due to consistent usage. Besides, dust and debris can accumulate inside this unit and prevent it from working. Physical damage and liquid spills are some more reasons behind keyboard failure.

Sometimes, you might notice that some of the keys aren’t responding. Moreover, the laptop keys can get stuck or jammed due to the logged dust particles. If the keyboard is generating any issues, repair it with an expert’s help. It may take AED 215 to AED 350 to repair a faulty keyboard in Dubai. However, you may need to spend AED 400 to 550 to fix a Macbook keyboard.

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