How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password

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How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password

Confused about how to change the password of your Etisalat wifi? Get to know about two simple ways of fixing this issue

How to change Etisalat Wifi Password: Information technology has made us grow faster without losing efficiency.  With its gifts like gadgets and internet, it has brought the whole world on our fingertips. Now by sitting in our house, we can roam around anywhere.   However, to enjoy the power of the internet, you need some devices like a router. If you surf the market, then you will find many options, but in  Dubai, Etisalat is one of leading telecom groups which offers class apart network services along with supporting gadgets. It was established four decades ago and was country’s first telecommunications service provider. However, sometimes small issues creep up and spoil the experience of smooth internet usage and one of them is password problems.
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To keep the network safe from others, users generally put a security passcode, but sometimes they forget it and then find themselves in a helpless state. However, you can retrieve it quickly with the help of two methods. Following in the blog, I have explained the step by step process which can fix this issue whenever you face it. However, it is mandatory to follow all steps in the same manner as they have been stated.

Method 1 for: How to change Etisalat wifi password

  •  Open your phone and dial 101
  •  The Etisalat assistant will ask you to follow some instructions, listen to them carefully
  • Apply the changes in your router and complete the process

Method 2 for : How to change Etisalat wifi password

  • Step 1: Open the internet browser which you use
  • Step2: Type in the address bar your browser and click enter
  • Step 3: When you will press enter, a new window of Etisalat website will open. Here it will ask you to fill username and password. Enter the userID as admin and write down the password which was given to you by Etisalat at the time of purchase. If you have forgotten the passcode, then you can find it on the router box.
  • Step4: Once you log in, a page will open which will ask you to select your type of router settings
  • Step 5: There will be three options which are auto, basic and advance. Click on the advance option and proceed further.
  • Step 6: Now a window with the name “access point status” will open in which on the top left-hand corner, you will see an option “wireless.” Click on it.
  • Step 7: After clicking on wireless, three more options will open which are band mode, Wlan1(5Ghz), Wlan2(2.4Ghz). Click on the third option which Wlan2(2.4GHZ)
  • Step 8: Under Wlan2(2.4GHZ) you will find 8 categories. Select security option which will come third from above in the list.
  • Step 9: A new window will open with the name ” wireless security setup Wlan-2.” Here you will see a pre-shared key option. At this point, you get the chance of changing your password. Choose a passcode which is long and includes capital and lower case letters as well as numbers.
  • Step 10: After deciding the password write it down in the provided space and click on “Apply changes” option.
  • Step 11: Now switch off your wifi device and turn it on again
  • Step12: Write down the newly set password on a paper and keep it safe for future reference

Successful completion of the process will ensure a change of password. In case if you fail to achieve the desired result, then you can contact an expert who can guide you in fixing the issue. Only a professional who has relevant knowledge will be able to assist you.

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