How to do Monitoring of Virtual Private Network?

How to do Monitoring of Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network is a technology which builds a secure and encrypted connection over a less secure network, like the internet. VPN allows remote users to access the official internal resources of the company from an external location like home, garden, coffee shop, etc. The performance of the virtual private network is affected by a variety of factors such as the speed of the internet, the type of protocol, type of encryption, etc.

LAN to LAN is another type of VPN connection, in this, two endpoints builts a VPN tunnel to permit different users at each place to access resources on the other side of the tunnel.The VPN routers are located in two geographically separate corporate facilities.

What is NetBeez?

Here is a process for the virtual private network monitoring with the help of Netbeez. It is very simple and can be executed free. But first of all, you should know about Netbeez. It is a distributed network monitoring solution that observes the network from the user perspective. Other VPN monitoring tools usually fails to understand what a user is observing or experiencing, especially in remote or branch locations. NetBeez monitoring agent fills this gap. The approach of the NetBeez is to install a hardware agent.This agent assumes end-user action simply by continuously testing network services and then reports back to a central server. This provides end-to-end attestation of reachability and performance from the viewpoint of the user. It also verifies that the network as a system can successfully forward traffic, which in turn checks the delivery of application from the data center to the remote office location. The agent performs such tasks on a 24×7 basis to test the availability for the end users.

To make use of NetBeez, it is necessary to have the following resources for the virtual private network monitoring services.

  • A VPN account to monitor the VPN services.
  • A computer system either Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X with the help of which you can load the NetBeez, monitoring agent. If in case you are using Windows or Mac OS X, you need to install vBox manager.
  • You also need to have a NetBeez instance.

Once you have all the three above mentioned resources, you will be able to test whether the VPN concentrator is working and accepting VPN connections or not. You can also measure network performance as well as the uptime across the tunnel.


  • First of all, you need to install the VPN client software for establishing the secure tunnel.
  • Now moving further on the path of procedure, you need to install the NetBeez monitoring agent on the system. If you have a Mac OS X or Windows, you need to install vBox manager and then import the virtual agent of NetBeez.
  • In the next step, you need to configure the monitoring agent. There is no need for further action if you have installed a software agent. You need to ensure that you have internet connectivity for NetBeez. Configure the network settings of virtual appliance in NAT mode.
  • When you find the agent reporting to the dashboard of your NetBeez, you can now configure it.
  • You need to perform one test to an internal corporate resource which will be routed across the tunnel of VPN and includes the monitoring of availability and performance.
  • You also need to perform another test for public interface of the VPN  concentrator. Find more about love addiction retreat at, USA. With the help an agent on your internal network, you can create an Iperf test to estimate the bandwidth available across the tunnel.

By performing the steps as mentioned above, you can easily do the virtual private network monitoring. But in case you are unable to do it, you can take help from our experts. Our team in UAE has a vast experience in this field and will resolve your issue in minimal time. We offer remote, pick up and door to door services in all parts of UAE.

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