How to Repair a Faulty Laptop Battery (Step by Step Guide)

Repair a Faulty Laptop Battery

How to Repair a Faulty Laptop Battery (Step by Step Guide)

Like other energy storage mediums, laptop batteries also lose their capacity to hold a charge. Repairing the battery will be the best solution in such instances. However, you must run the battery check program before initiating the repair work. This application will let you evaluate the battery condition. Moreover, it will help you to determine whether to replace the battery or not.

Did the battery check program display the “low capacity” message? Consider repairing the battery immediately and charge the device without issues. Besides, a laptop battery comes with only 2-4 years of longevity. After that, you might experience battery drainage or charging issues. Replace the swelled or damaged battery with a new one to overcome these laptop glitches.

Now, let’s get to know when and how to repair the laptop battery:

How to Check the Windows Laptop’s Battery Health?

Most Windows laptops contain lithium-ion batteries and can last for 3-5 years. However, overcharging can damage these durable batteries. Thus, if you are encountering charging problems, check the battery’s health immediately.

Press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Command Prompt” from the pop-up menu. Enter “powercfg/batteryreport” and hit the Enter button afterwards. This command line will generate the battery health report. You have to access the “C:/Users[xxxxx]” folder to check the laptop’s battery condition. Replace the battery if Windows shows a warning message in the report.

How to Know the Mac Laptop’s Battery Needs Replacement?

It is pretty easy to determine whether to replace the Mac laptop’s battery or not. Simply tap on the “Battery icon” from the taskbar and wait until the pop-up menu opens. Head towards “Condition” and check if it’s showing a “Replace now” or “Replace Soon” message. If yes, then it’s high time to repair the existing laptop battery with a new one.

Easy Steps to Repair the Damaged Laptop Battery

Replacing a laptop battery can be challenging without the required tools. Thus, you must assemble the repair tools like a screwdriver and plastic opening tool. Additionally, you will need wires, electric tape and a wire cutter.

Make sure to purchase a compatible battery for the Windows or Mac laptop. Check the laptop battery’s serial number before finding a new battery. Place the device on a flat surface. Clean the area where you want to perform the battery repair work. After that, follow the below-mentioned steps to replace the battery:

Disconnect the Laptop from the Power Source

Turn off the Windows or Mac laptop and unplug the power cords. Never try to repair the battery when the laptop is on as it can cause safety hazards. Moreover, if you have connected an external monitor to the laptop, remove that as well. Disconnect the USB cable and keyboard or mouse before removing the battery.

Remove the Laptop’s Back Panel

Most laptops require the removal of the back panel for battery replacement. There might be rubber feet on this laptop panel which you have to remove to access the battery. Use a plastic opening tool to remove the rubber from the laptop frame. After that, unmount the screws that hold the panel to the laptop body.

Additionally, you must remove the screws on the back panel with a screwdriver. Open the device’s back cover gently and dislodge the edges using the plastic tool. Don’t exert excess pressure while removing the back panel. Otherwise, it can damage the laptop’s other internal components.

Remove the Existing Laptop Battery

Unmount all the screws that are holding the battery with the device’s body. After that, disconnect the cable that connects the battery to the system. Be careful when doing this because these cables are prone to damage. The laptop might fail to turn on if these cables become faulty.

Remove the battery from the box and take out the 6 cells. You might find 4 or 9 cells in advanced Windows laptops. Don’t break the parallel connection when removing these battery cells. Cut the series connection with a wire cutter and place the cells in a safe location.

Check the Existing Battery’s Voltage

Do you have a digital multimeter? Then, check the existing laptop’s battery voltage before repairing it. If the battery has 3.6 volts or above, it is in a good condition. However, laptop batteries with 3 or lower volts are considered to be faulty or damaged. Thus, if the battery volt score is lower than 3.6, you must replace it immediately.

Connect the Battery Cells in Series Connection

Use a wire to connect the battery cells in a series connection. Place the cells on a flat table or paper parallelly. Ensure the gap difference between the cells is the same. Otherwise, the laptop won’t work even after installing a new battery. Check the overall voltage of the new battery from the pack. It should be 12 volts or higher than that.

Take Out the New Battery from the Box

Open the new laptop battery box and remove the battery. You might find a circuit and cells inside the box. Keep the circuit and check whether there are any protective strips attached to this unit. If yes, remove these packing materials before installing the new battery.

Connect the Circuit to the Battery Pack

There will be 4 wires attached to the circuit in which the longest one is “negative”. Besides, the battery pack also has 4 wires, where 1 is negative and the other 3 are “positive”.

Now, it’s time to connect the battery pack to the circuit using the required number of wires. The laptop will display a black screen if these wires are loose. Thus, you must ensure these wires are connected properly to avoid further issues.

Install the New Battery

Place the battery into the laptop’s slot and check if it’s lined up properly. After that, connect the battery circuit to the laptop carefully. Plugin the cables on the device and mount the screws back into the laptop’s body. Put the battery pack and circuit inside the battery box. Use some adhesive or tape to attach the battery box.

Reconnect the Laptop’s Back Panel

Replace the back cover of the laptop using a flat-headed screwdriver. Don’t mount the screws tightly or too loose to avoid further damage. Put on the rubber footings on the laptop’s bottom and press the “power” button. Connect the power adapter when the device turns on and check if the battery is charging.

Signs that Indicate You Need a New Laptop Battery

Certain signs indicate the laptop battery is damaged and requires immediate replacement. The device will turn on and off unexpectedly when the battery becomes faulty. Besides, you might frequently need to charge the laptop for a damaged battery. Here are more battery failure signs that you must look out for:

Drainage Issues

A laptop’s battery drains rapidly when playing power-intensive games. Moreover, the battery level might drop while using video editing apps. However, the laptop might generate battery drainage issues when performing low-bandwidth activities. Usually, it occurs for a swelled or damaged laptop battery. Replace it as early as possible to fix this complex issue.

Slow Charging

Is the laptop showing a warning message when connecting the charger? Is it taking an ample amount of time to charge the device? Then replace the battery immediately to improve the laptop’s performance.

Slow charging can also be caused by a faulty power cable. Thus, you must ensure there is no sign of damage in the charging cable before installing a new battery. Connect the laptop’s power cable to a different wall outlet and check if the charging issue is resolved.


Windows or Mac laptops can generate excess heat when the battery becomes damaged. Besides, you might hear a loud clicking sound when using the device. It occurs because the fan tries to control the temperature when the battery stops working. Unplug the laptop when you experience overheating issues to avoid further damage.


No laptop is designed to last for more than 8-9 years. If you are experiencing power issues on the device, it may be due to its age. Most laptop batteries usually become problematic after 2-3 years or 300-400 charge cycles. Thus, if you’re using the laptop for more than 2 years, opt for replacing the existing battery.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Damaged Laptop Battery?

A laptop battery replacement cost ranges from $10 to $250 (AED 150 to AED 499). Several factors determine the overall price for repairing the battery. The brand and the model of the laptop influence the replacement cost. For instance, the battery replacement of a Macbook will be higher than other brands like HP or Dell.

The battery type and its capacity play a huge role in determining the service cost. Besides, different service providers charge different battery replacement costs. Thus, you must ask for a price estimation before repairing the battery. So, look for a leading laptop repair company and fix the faulty battery within minutes.

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