How to Repair an Acer Laptop: Common Issues & D-I-Y Solutions

How to Repair an Acer Laptop

How to Repair an Acer Laptop: Common Issues & D-I-Y Solutions

Acer offers high-end and durable laptops to worldwide users at a reasonable price. These devices can handle intensive workloads without slowing down performance. However, you may experience system crash issues while switching from one app to another.

Like other laptop brands, Acer laptops might generate technical issues due to overuse. Misconfiguration can be another reason behind most of the technical glitches. Besides, many users reported that their laptops run slow when accessing power-intensive apps. Try to restart the device and check if that solves this problem.

Now, let’s find out the major Acer laptop glitches and how can you repair them:

The Acer Laptop Won’t Turn on

Is the Windows laptop not turning on even after pressing the “Power” button? Well, there could be multiple reasons behind such an occurrence. A faulty battery could prevent the device from powering on. Besides, you can experience this issue due to a hardware failure.

The Acer laptop will become unresponsive if there’s an issue with the boot sequence. A damaged screen could also restrict the device from displaying an image. You can encounter this issue for an out-of-date graphics driver. Whatever the reason is, you can fix it with D-I-Y hacks easily.

How to Resolve this Power Issue from the Acer Laptop?

Disconnect all the external storage devices from the laptop. Because the Acer laptop attempts to boot from an external device when it’s connected. Thus, removing these storage mediums can help you to eliminate the problem. 

Additionally, you must remove all the monitors, docks and other attached peripherals. Ensure the Acer laptop is not connected to a faulty power adapter. Don’t use any third-party hub (USB or Thunderbolt), it could generate power issues. 

Besides, the users must verify the laptop is receiving adequate power. Most Acer laptops have LED lights which turn green when charging the device. If this status light is off, then replace the existing power adapter with a new one. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Many users failed to connect their laptops to the Wi-Fi after installing the latest OS update. Besides, you may encounter connectivity issues due to incorrect network settings. Router malfunctions can also trigger internet issues on Acer laptops. 

Did you place the Acer laptop far from the wireless router? It could be another reason behind the Wi-Fi connection failure. Change the router and laptop’s position to avoid further network interruption.

Moreover, you must check whether the network adapter driver is updated. If not, consider updating the Wi-Fi driver to restore the internet connection. If the WLAN Auto Configuration stopped running, it could also cause connectivity issues. 

How to Resolve the Wi-Fi Connectivity issues from an Acer Laptop?

Fixing the Acer laptop’s Wi-Fi connectivity error is pretty easy. Start with disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the Wi-Fi. Press the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings app. 

Head towards “Network & Internet”, select “Wi-Fi” and toggle off this option. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and toggle on the Wi-Fi option. Restart the Acer laptop and access the internet without further glitches. 

If you are experiencing internet loss issues on the laptop, press the Windows and R keys together. Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the pop-up box and press the “Enter” button. Locate “Network adapters” and choose the correct Wi-Fi driver name. 

Head towards “Properties” and opt for “Power Management”. Uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box and click “OK”. Restart the Acer laptop, connect the device to Wi-Fi and check if you can access any website.

Display Failures

Acer laptop users often complain about their screens turning black or white. This issue is mostly noticed in the Aspire series laptops. Usually, it occurs due to a faulty or cracked display. However, it can also be associated with other hardware or software glitches.

An out-of-date or corrupted driver can prevent the laptop from displaying any picture. As a result, you will see a black or blank screen on the Acer laptop. A corrupted system file can also restrict the OS from loading. This issue can occur due to connection failure between the laptop and the monitor 

A white screen might appear on the Acer laptop due to multiple reasons. A faulty graphics card is the primary cause behind this issue. Did you replace the broken screen on the Acer laptop? There is a high chance that you have installed an incompatible display. Besides, a virus-infected file generates this screen glitch on the device.

How to Fix the Acer Laptop’s Black or White Screen Issue?

Perform a soft reset on the Acer laptop to fix the display failure problems. Connect an external monitor to the device. If the secondary monitor isn’t turning black, the problem lies with the firmware. Update the Acer laptop’s OS to resolve this complicated screen problem.

The easiest way to fix the Acer laptop’s black screen of death includes the use of function keys. Press the “F2” key to access the BIOS configuration page. Hold the F10 keys for at least 2-3 seconds to optimise the booting process. 

Press the ALT and F10 keys together to troubleshoot the Acer laptop screen problem. After that, hold the Windows, Ctrl, Shift and B keys together. It will wake up the Windows system if it’s in “Sleep Mode” or hibernation. Reinstall the graphics card driver if the Acer laptop’s black or white screen error persists.

Overheating Issues

This is another major problem that you can experience with the Acer laptop in the long run. Usually, the device generates excess heat while playing online multiplayer games. The laptop might also overheat when using editing applications. Users mostly encounter this problem in Acer Aspire 553 and Acer Nitro 5 series.

Moreover, dust, dirt or grime can accumulate inside the Acer laptop’s fan. These contaminants can prevent the cooling fan from working. As a result, you will get random overheating issues while working on the laptop. Turn off the laptop for a few minutes to cool down the device’s temperature.

How to Eliminate the Overheating Problem from the Acer Laptop?

Open the Acer laptop cover and remove the dirt or dust particles from the fan using a brush. Check if there is any wear and tear in the charging cable or adapter. If you detect any sign of damage, replace the faulty laptop units immediately. 

Don’t use a third-party cable or charger if you want to avoid overheating issues. Besides, some applications can run in the background, causing the system to overheat. Thus, try to find the problematic apps and close them from the “Task Manager”. 

Acer laptop users must invest in a cooling pad to control the excess heat. Moreover, you must update the device’s BIOS settings to reduce the laptop’s temperature. The laptop might overheat due to faulty software. Running the Windows built-in troubleshooter can be useful in such instances. Besides, you just change the Acer laptop’s power plan to resolve this glitch. 

Battery Drainage Issues

Acer laptops can last for 8-10 hours on a single charge. However, Windows laptops can drain out the battery within 4-5 hours. Usually, it occurs due to a swelled or damaged battery. Did you connect more than 2 external devices to the laptop? That can also generate battery drainage issues in the device. 

The Acer laptop’s battery might drain quickly due to a change in the system configuration. For instance, if you increase the screen brightness, it could affect the battery level. Lowering the brightness level can help you to conserve the laptop battery. 

The Acer laptop battery might deplete quickly when downloading large 2GB files. Do you use any third-party applications on the device? That could also cause battery drainage issues in the Acer laptop. So remove unwanted programs or files from the device to overcome this software glitch.

How to Fix the Battery Drainage Issues from the Acer Laptop?

The latest Acer laptops have the option to optimise the power requirements. Disconnect the device from the power sources and access the laptop settings. Set a power plan and enable the “Battery Saver” mode afterwards. 

You must limit the number of external devices that can be connected to the laptop. Don’t connect the USB drives and a monitor simultaneously, resulting in battery drainage issues. Instead, plug in one external peripheral at a time to extend the battery life. 

Disconnect the Bluetooth devices when the laptop starts to drain the battery quickly. Besides, you must try to turn off the Acer device’s keyboard backlight. 

Close the unwanted programs or tasks that are running in the background. Replace the battery if any of these D-I-Y troubleshooting tips didn’t work. However, don’t try to install the new Acer laptop battery by watching online video tutorials. Contact a technician for an instant laptop battery replacement.

Contact Tech Support Dubai to Resolve the Acer Laptop Issue!

If you are dealing with Acer laptop issues, reach out to TechSupport Dubai experts. They will provide a one-stop solution to the technical issues. Their professionals will first diagnose the cause of the laptop glitch and then offer you the best troubleshooting tip to fix the problem. So hire their technicians and solve your Acer laptop issue immediately.

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