How to Repair Black Screen Laptop? 8 Easy Solutions

Repair Black Screen Laptop

How to Repair Black Screen Laptop? 8 Easy Solutions

The black screen issue is quite common on both Windows and Mac laptops. It does not always necessarily have something to do with software issues. So you might also need to address various hardware issues to fix this problem effectively. The most appropriate solution in your case depends on what has caused the black screen on your laptop. 

How to repair black screen laptop? You might not always need professional help to fix the black screen, especially if it is a software issue. All you need to do is to try out the simple fixes given below, in such situations. Here we shall see the solutions for black screens on both Windows and Mac laptops. You must approach a professional technician immediately if all of these methods fail. 

8 Ways to Fix a Black Laptop Screen

Most methods to deal with a black screen are quite similar on Windows and Mac laptops. After all, the range of causes behind the problem is almost the same for both of them. So, you can try most of the solutions given here on both Windows and Mac laptops. 

How to repair black laptop screen? Usually, most laptop users succeed in fixing the black screen with one of the following simple methods:–

  1. Restart the Laptop

A simple restart is often all that it takes to fix a complex issue on your laptop. You must try it out whenever you face an unexpected issue on your device. This applies to both Windows and Mac laptops as you probably know. Make sure to give this solution a try before moving on to the others listed here. 

The procedure for performing a restart depends on the platform and system version you are using. You should prioritise a restart on your device instead of shutting it down. Wait for your laptop to turn back on and check whether the screen remains black. 

  1. Perform a Hard Shutdown (on macOS)

How to repair black laptop screens, especially for Mac devices? Many Mac laptop users would suggest you perform a hard shutdown to fix the black screen. However, Apple has not said anything about a hard shutdown for fixing the black screen issue. Hence, you might want to give this a try apart from a simple restart. 

All you need to do is press the Power button before pressing the S key and then holding down the Power button. Then, wait for at least 30 seconds before you turn the device back on to check for a black screen. 

  1. Disconnect the Peripheral Devices

Have you connected any peripheral devices to your laptop? If yes, then you must try disconnecting them for a solution to the black screen. Peripheral devices are among the common causes of the issue you are facing after all. Simply, unplug all the connected devices from your laptop’s port and continue using your computer. 

The visuals might not come back right after you disconnect the peripheral devices. You must try restarting the device to make a difference in such instances. That might bring the visuals back on the screen, indeed. There are some more effective solutions left to try if this one did not work. 

  1. Start Your Laptop in Safe Mode (Windows and macOS)

The Safe mode is available on both Windows and macOS systems and is quite useful for fixing various issues. You can start your laptop in this mode to apply an effective solution for the black screen. The device will boot in Safe mode unless its visual component is damaged. So, you must contact a technician if your laptop has a black screen even in Safe mode. 

The Safe mode will disable all unnecessary apps and programs to prevent them from causing any issues. Doing this should fix the issue if it had occurred due to software conflict. 

Boot Windows Laptop in Safe Mode

Perform a restart repeatedly on your Windows laptop to launch the Windows Startup Automatic Repair. Then, click on Startup Settings or opt for viewing more recovery options. Look for the options to enable Safe mode on your PC and select one before clicking on Restart. 

You can choose either the ‘Enable Safe Mode’, ‘Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt’, or ‘Enable Safe Mode with Networking’ options on PC. Therefore, select a suitable one depending on your requirements before dealing with the apps and programs causing trouble. 

Boot Mac Laptop in Safe Mode

The Safe mode works the same way on macOS as it does on Windows. So you can use it to disable various apps and programs causing trouble in this case. On a Mac laptop, you simply need to turn the device off for 30 seconds and hold down Shift while starting it. Release the Shift key when you see the login window and provide your credentials to enter Safe mode. 

Uninstall Conflicting Software and Disable Startup Programs

Did you start getting the black screen error only after downloading a specific application? In that case, you must delete the app in question for an effective solution using Safe Mode. Apart from that, you should also consider disabling some unnecessary startup processes (on Windows) to fix the issue. 

Update or Roll Back Drivers (Windows)

Your PC might need a driver update if it keeps showing a black screen. If your laptop permits access to the screen in Safe Mode, you must make sure that you have the latest drivers for your device. Open the Device Manager and expand the components for which you want to update the drivers. Alternatively, you can also download an updated software for automatic driver functionality. 

However, many laptop users might start seeing a black screen due to a driver update. If that applies to your case, you must roll back the driver instead of updating it. Restart the device in normal mode and check on the issue once you are done. 

Install a New Windows Driver (Windows)

If updating the driver does not work, you might need to use a different driver. In that case, you must search on the web for the driver that is most suitable for your PC. Then you should download and install the one you have chosen from its official website. This might offer you an effective and long-lasting solution to the black screen issue. 

  1. Start the Windows Explorer (If the Desktop Does Not Appear)

Many Windows laptop users have reported seeing a black screen only where the desktop icons should appear. You should be able to access other parts of your device’s system in such cases. So, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously and opt for running a new task. Then enter “explorer.exe” in the field and click on OK to confirm your decision. This will run the Windows Explorer program that should make the desktop appear on your screen. 

  1. Reset NVRAM/PRAM (macOS)

On Mac laptops, the black screen often has something to do with NVRAM or PRAM issues. After all, these two memory partitions contain the display resolution among other important settings. The NVRAM and PRAM might have a misconfiguration under various circumstances and you must reset them in such situations. You need to turn off your laptop first to proceed with this solution. 

Use the Power button to boot up your Mac device again and hold down the Option, Command, P and R keys simultaneously. Release the keys once you hear the startup chime and check on the black screen problem. You might need to customise some of your device settings again after taking this step. 

  1. Reset the SMC Settings (On macOS)

The System Management Controller (SMC) also contains some display settings as the PRAM and NVRAM do. Hence, you must consider a misconfiguration in this component as the cause of the black screen. You can reset the SMC settings with a key combination as you reset the NVRAM and PRAM. 

Turn off your Mac laptop and wait for at least 20 seconds before turning it on again. Then press and hold down the Shift, Control, and Option buttons along with the Power button to start the device. This method has fixed the black screen issue effectively for many people. 

  1. Reinstall the System or Restore a Previous System Image

How to repair black laptop screen if it still persists? Reinstalling the system can fix the black screen in many cases if it has occurred due to software issues. However, you must proceed with this solution only once you have tried all the others. Restoring an older system image if you have saved one can also be a great alternative to reinstallation. 

The steps for applying these fixes are quite simple regardless of the platform you are using. However, they might take quite some time and you must proceed very carefully to avoid mistakes. A professional technician can offer you expert solutions to any software issues causing the black screen. 

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