How to Repair Laptop Camera Which is Not Working?

Repair Laptop Camera

How to Repair Laptop Camera Which is Not Working?

Laptop cameras are not that great for selfies but they are still important for video calls, conferences, and more. In the age of Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, you need a functional webcam on your laptop. However, you might notice different issues with the laptop camera such as the webcam might not launch, or a consistent black screen appearing when you open the camera.

This might strike your mind that your laptop camera’s hardware components have failed. Yet, it can be a specialised privacy configuration, outdated camera drivers, or interference from the antivirus software. 

In addition, your laptop camera might freeze from time to time when the laptop overheats. If you are thinking about how to repair laptop cameras then this guide will help you to overcome glitches with that hardware. Let’s check out DIY fixes for your laptop camera that turned unresponsive.

How to Repair Laptop Camera Issues: Easy Fixes 

Apart from the laptop’s in-built camera issues, errors can rise from attached webcams too. Additionally, you can experience a bunch of error codes such as 0xa00f4271, 0xa00f4292, 0xa00f4244, and so on. Check out the following solutions to retain your laptop camera’s functionality.

Double-Check Antivirus Configuration

Reportedly, antivirus software can treat attached cameras as threats, sometimes. So, you should start by checking antivirus settings if your laptop has a third-party webcam, especially. Navigate to the antivirus program’s settings page and check if the software prevents the camera from functioning properly.

In addition, antivirus software might interpret the camera and its software as a threat if the camera driver remains outdated. Go through a driver update for your laptop camera using the following solution.

Update the Camera Driver

Outdated drivers of the built-in or installed camera can be responsible for the issue caused. Here’s how you can update the corresponding driver on your Windows PC:

  • Right-click the Start or Windows icon and then, click the Device Manager option.
  • Next, locate the Imaging Devices option and click it. Once it expands, you need to right-click the integrated webcam or the installed camera’s driver.
  • Now, opt for the Update Driver option.
  • Go for the automatic option when the screen asks you how you want to search for the camera driver. This will initiate a search online to find the latest driver version for the device. You can go for “Browse my computer” in case there’s an update available on your computer.
  • After the computer has chosen the right driver update, you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Finally, you can restart your computer and check if the camera starts responding correctly.

Check the Connection between the Laptop and the Camera

This solution applies to a camera that doesn’t come integrated with a laptop. Sometimes, loose connections or bent cables might interrupt the camera’s functionality. Jiggle the camera’s cable and check if this fixes the problem.

In addition, you can try another USB port to connect the camera to your laptop. Perhaps, the USB port that you are using is faulty. You can easily overcome the problem if you switch the USB port for the camera connection. To ensure that there’s no loose connection, unplug the camera and then plug it back into the laptop.

Try the Built-in Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows offers built-in tools for PCs to combat minor glitches swiftly. You can use the Hardware Troubleshooter tool that comes integrated with Windows PCs to eradicate camera issues. Here’s how to repair laptop camera problems with this specific tool:

  • Click the Windows icon from your PC’s Taskbar and start typing “control panel”. Select the Control Panel from the appearing results.
  • Select the View by option from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Next, set the view as Large icons from the available drop-down menu.
  • After that, click the Troubleshooting option and select the View all option from the left panel.
  • Select Hardware and Devices and continue with the Next option.
  • Afterwards, go through the on-screen guidelines on the PC.

Check if the camera issues have disappeared once you are done running the Hardware Troubleshooter.

Enable the Right Device

This might sound awkward but if you are not careful enough with enabling the imaging device then camera issues might take place. For example, your laptop might refuse to detect the external laptop camera.

Make sure that you activate the right laptop camera so that your computer can recognise it. On the other hand, it can be an issue with privacy tweaks. You might not have given authority to your laptop’s external camera. That’s why you might not stream video call-supported applications through the camera. Here’s how you can make things right with camera privacy settings on Windows laptops:

  • Use the Windows+I hotkey shortcut to open Settings.
  • Next, search for “webcam” using the search bar provided in the Settings window.
  • A bunch of results will appear and you need to choose the option that says, “Camera privacy settings”.
  • Check if applications can use the camera and if other vital functions are turned on for the laptop camera.

Reinstall the Camera Driver

Camera drivers can go corrupted while getting installed. Hence, reinstalling the right camera driver can help you to get rid of various laptop camera problems. Here’s what you have to follow to reinstall the camera driver:

  • Explore Device Manager on your Windows laptop and expand Imaging Devices.
  • Next, right-click the integrated or external camera driver that has been bothering you.
  • After that, select the Uninstall Driver option from the pop-up menu.
  • Once the PC uninstalls the camera driver, you can restart the device.

The computer will automatically install the required camera driver after it finishes rebooting. Now, launch the webcam to test if everything’s fine.

Restore the Previous Camera Driver Version

Has the laptop updated the webcam driver recently? Well, new changes can make your webcam incompatible with your current PC settings especially if it’s an external camera. So, try out the following steps to roll back the latest driver:

  • Go to Device Manager and click on Imaging Devices.
  • Select your webcam and right-click on it.
  • Next, choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Land on the Driver tab and click the “Roll Back Driver” button.
  • Proceed with the “Yes” option to roll back the current driver update.

Switch to a New User Profile

Perhaps, the current user profile might be creating issues for you and you can’t launch the webcam. Try using the webcam from another user profile. First, create a new user profile through the following steps:

  • Navigate to your PC’s Settings.
  • Select Accounts from the available menu.
  • Next, choose the option that says, “Add someone else to this PC”.
  • Provide all the details along with the username and password for the corresponding account.
  • After that, click the “Change account type” option.
  • Then, select the Administrator option from the drop-down menu.

Finally, reboot your laptop and log into the newly created user profile. Launch the webcam and check if the issues have been resolved.

If none of these solutions works for your external or integrated camera then you should contact an expert. Or, you can plug the external camera into another computer to find out whether the camera is defective. If it’s faulty, then you need to replace the external camera. On the other hand, a laptop repair professional can repair or replace the laptop’s integrated camera and make it functional again.

How do Laptop Repair Professionals Repair or Replace the Webcam Module?

Replacing the entire integrated camera module is an advanced task. You should consider only expert intervention for this. Here’s an overall concept of how a laptop repair expert proceeds with the webcam module replacement:

Disassemble the Laptop

First, professionals diagnose the camera issues. If they assume that replacing the camera module will solve the problem then they start the procedure. They detach everything from the laptop and shut down the device. Then, they carefully remove the battery from its designated compartment.

Next, they disassemble the laptop from its bottom panel. They keep track of every screw according to its placement and shape. Otherwise, it will create trouble while assembling the laptop back.

Disconnect Wires and Other Important Parts

After removing the outer case, repair experts pay attention to removing the motherboard and keyboard. Additionally, they disconnect primary wires to avoid wear and tear. They make sure that nothing goes unsatisfactory due to a short circuit or anything similar.

Locate the Webcam and Replace

Next, the experts remove the screen carefully to reach the webcam module. They check the webcam and its associated wires. Thus, they learn whether it’s necessary to replace the camera module or just repair the camera counterparts. Next, they replace the camera module and connect its wires to the motherboard. Finally, they assemble every part of the laptop so that you can use it just like before. They also test the camera functionality and compatibility after turning on the laptop.

Contact Tech Support Dubai for Laptop Camera Repair

Are you still facing laptop camera problems? Be it a noisy image, black screen, or poor audio quality, address such troubles with Tech Support Dubai’s dedicated repair services. Reach Tech Support Dubai technicians and share your laptop worries irrespective of the make and model.

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