How to Repair Laptop Charger Pin: Everything You Need to Know

Repair Laptop Charger Pin

How to Repair Laptop Charger Pin: Everything You Need to Know

Any laptop needs its battery to be juiced up frequently through a dedicated charger. Since people are getting more and more reliant on laptops, they require those devices to charge up regularly. That’s why a charger should be in a good condition to charge the battery and keep the laptop going. However, charging issues can be inevitable due to a broken charger pin or tip.

Regular use, mishandling and power outages can affect the charger’s pin or tip. Yet, detecting the main culprit behind faulty charging can be difficult. It’s easy to identify the issue if you can locate a broken pin or tip of your laptop charger. Thus, you can take immediate action and repair the charger pin yourself.

Apart from the broken tip or pin of the laptop charger, loose connections and a deformed charging port can cause a disturbance in charging your laptop. Let’s check out how to repair laptop charger pins and tackle other charging problems.

Diagnosing the Issue

You might have connected the laptop charger to the charging port of the device but to your surprise, the laptop doesn’t charge at all. Detach the charger from both ends and examine it carefully in such instances. Then, consider testing the laptop charger pin or the end that goes into the electrical outlet. This end is called an AC cable. It’s easy to determine if the pin is broken. After all, a broken pin won’t let your laptop charge its battery.

In case you find that the charger pins are fine then you should come to the charger tip or the end that snaps to the laptop’s charging port. This is called a DC cable. The laptop charger tip might be damaged due to careless handling. However, determining issues with a laptop charger tip is not easy as you can’t tell just by looking at it. All you need is a multimeter to check the promised voltage at the tip of the charger.

You need to replace the laptop charger tip in case you find the produced voltage not satisfactory. Otherwise, it can be the faulty adapter or any kind of seam in the cable if you find the voltage inappropriate. However, replacing the laptop charger tip is the first repair you should try if there’s no issue with the charger pins.

How to Repair Laptop Charger Pin?

Proceed with repairing the laptop charger pin if you find one of them broken. Older laptops’ charger pins are easier to replace as most of them come with a detachable connector or AC cable. The AC cable can be snapped into the power brick or adapter. 

Therefore, you can purchase a compatible AC cable as per your laptop’s requirements. Ensure to repair and replace the charger pin after removing the charger’s power plug from the power supply and the laptop and you’re good to go. 

As an alternative, you can simply cut out the plug from the cable and attach a new plug to the cable. However, you need to solder the connections between the old cable and the new pin connections. Make sure that you insulate the connection well with a reliable insulation tape or hot glue gun.

What if the Power Brick is Attached to the Charger Pins?

In case you own a newer model of a laptop then there are chances that the power brick is attached to the power plug or charger pin. Replacing the entire power brick just because of a broken pin sounds like an expensive deal. Instead, you can simply replace the broken pin of the connector.

How to Repair Laptop Charger Pin: Tools You Need

To proceed with replacing the broken pin only, you will need a replacement pin. You can collect it from a compatible 2-pin electrical plug. Additionally, you need to arrange a few more things, such as:

  • A long thick connecting wire
  • Glue gun
  • Small hacksaw
  • Small file
  • Soldering iron

Now, you have to carefully disassemble the power brick or charger by cutting it into detachable halves. Cut it only if the halves are glued to each other. Otherwise, you need to use a spudger to open up the charger. 

Continue to Repair Steps

Once you open the power brick, you can notice the broken pin and the charger circuit board. Now, follow the given instructions below:

  • Clean the plastic portion from the broken pin area to make space for the new pin to be installed.
  • Open a pin from the 2-pin plug that you have got for a replacement.
  • Before you solder the new pin, position the pin to its justified place and use a few drops of hot glue under the pin. This will keep the pin in its original position.
  • Next, you have to solder the new pin to the place of the broken pin. Use a thick gauge wire for soldering. The thickness of the wire should match the existing pin arrangement.
  • Once you are done with positioning the pin in its correct place, put the charger enclosure together. Use a hot glue gun or any preferable adhesive to join them. Make sure that you put enough glue in the seams.

Finally, you can scrape off extra glue from the enclosure and let the charger dry. Check the voltage of the charger tip using a multimeter to determine that the issue has disappeared. If the charging issue persists then it can be a faulty charger tip or power brick.

How to Repair Laptop Charger Tip?

Loose, bent, or faulty tips of laptop chargers need to be replaced. On the other hand, it can be the defective DC cable near the laptop charger tip or connector pin. Mostly, this happens due to squishing or careless carrying of laptop chargers. The faulty area must be cut off. Reconnecting the tip to the functional area of the same DC cable might also help. Let’s check out the process:

Detect the Issue

Connect multimeter ports to the laptop charger tip to check the output voltage. Keep the laptop charger plugged into a power supply and carefully measure the voltage of the tip. Now, bend the wire near the charger tip or pin to check if the output voltage keeps fluctuating. If it is fluctuating then you have to eliminate the defective portion of that cable. Then, you need to reconnect the pin or tip to the existing cable. Determine the portion where the cable is malfunctioning.

Cut the Cable from the End of the Charger Tip

Detach the laptop charger’s power plug from the power brick or simply take it off the power supply. Take a wire cutter or similar tool to cut the wire where you found the issue. It should be somewhere near the end of the charger tip. Take out the charger tip carefully from the wire.

Test the Cable

Once you have detached the charger tip or pin, cut a small length of the DC cable near its open end. Now, you have to test the voltage reading of the cable. If you can find the voltage justified and not fluctuating then you can keep the entire cable and reattach the connector pin to it.

Reconnect the Connector Pin or Tip to the Cable

Scrape off the plastic covering of the connector to get its ground and high-voltage connections. Now, connect the DC cable’s wires to the pin’s connectors as per the right colour code. Make sure that you insulate the connection and test the final output voltage.

Hopefully, this repaired laptop charger tip will start charging your laptop again. In case it doesn’t work then you can try a new laptop charger tip. Replace the old one with a compatible tip and check if it functions properly.

Ways to Take Care of Your Laptop Charger

Without your laptop charger, the device might not last up to your working hours. Therefore, you should take care of your laptop charger for long runs. On the other hand, repairing the charger consumes a decent amount of time. Here are a few tips to care for the laptop charger:

  • Bent power cables are more prone to damage and repair issues. So, don’t wrap cables tightly around the charger’s power adapter.
  • Excessive stretch might cause unnecessary tension and the wires inside both AC and DC cables. Therefore, use a power strip to avoid unnecessary stretch and strain.
  • Keep the laptop charger tip or pin of the DC cable away from the table edges.
  • Place the adapter or transformer in a secured location. Otherwise, you can encounter overheating of the power adapter or transformer.
  • In addition, you should take the help of a surge protector. This will extend your laptop charger’s longevity, no doubt.

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