How to Troubleshoot the Toshiba Laptop Battery Issue — The Ultimate Guide

Toshiba Laptop Battery Issue

How to Troubleshoot the Toshiba Laptop Battery Issue — The Ultimate Guide

The advanced Toshiba laptops come with 4-5 years of battery longevity. However, poor charging practices can generate battery issues. Incorrect power configuration can also deplete the high-end laptop’s battery. Over time and due to consistent usage, batteries might wear out and need to be replaced.

Fortunately, replacement batteries for Toshiba laptops are easily available in the market. Besides, you can install the new built-in battery easily without an expert’s help. However, you might consider checking a few factors before replacing the existing battery. Here is what you should check before the Toshiba laptop battery replacement:

Check the Toshiba Laptop’s Battery Condition First!

Toshiba laptop users must first check the battery’s health. It will help you to determine whether to replace the existing internal battery or not. Turn on the device and tap on the “Start” icon and head towards “All Programs”. Select “TOSHIBA” and opt for “Utilities” when the next window appears on the laptop screen.

Navigate to “PC Health Monitor” and click “Next” when the pop-up window opens. Choose “Please Enable Software Now” and click “OK” when prompted. Move towards “Electric Power” to see the amount of charge left in the battery. Besides, Toshiba laptop users can check the battery’s health from this page. 

You will see a warning message if the laptop’s battery is not in a good condition. Consider replacing it in such instances to avoid charging problems. However, you must check the battery’s model number before installing the new battery.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Toshiba Laptop Battery Issues

Did you see an “OK” message in the Toshiba laptop battery health report? This indicates the battery is in top condition and doesn’t need replacement. However, if you are experiencing battery drainage issues, undo the recent changes. Here is what Toshiba laptop users must do to resolve the battery problems:

  1. Enable the “Better Battery Mode”

You must utilise the Toshiba laptop’s “Better Battery” mode to extend the battery life. Turn on the device, go to the taskbar and search for the “Battery” icon. Double-tap on the “Battery” icon and wait until its configuration page opens. 

Change the battery mode to “Better Battery” and close the battery window. Restart the Toshiba laptop after a few minutes and open any application. Try to work on the laptop for at least 20-30 minutes and check if the battery issue is resolved.

  1. Close the Unwanted Background Apps

The third-party applications can generate battery drainage problems in Toshiba laptops. Thus, the users must remove the problematic apps from the background to fix the issue. Press the Windows and I keys simultaneously to access the settings app. 

Scroll down to the page and tap on “Background app”. A list of apps will be displayed on the Toshiba laptop screen. Choose the one that you don’t want to run in the background. Tap on the app name and slide the toggle from right to left. Restart the Toshiba laptop and you won’t further experience any battery problems. 

  1. Exclude the Unnecessary Startup Apps

The startup apps can drain the Toshiba laptop battery. Hence, disabling these apps can help you to boost the device performance and battery life. Press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Task Manager” from the pop-up list. 

Go to “Startup apps” when the Task Manager window opens. Right-click on the apps that you don’t want to start when you boot the device automatically. Choose “Disable” from the drop-down list and close the Task Manager window. You will no longer experience any battery-related issues with your Toshiba laptop.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connection

The Toshiba laptop’s battery level might decrease when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on. Thus, you should turn off these connections and check if that solves the problem. Press the Windows and I keys together to open the Settings app. Go to “Bluetooth and Devices” and toggle off the “Bluetooth” option.

Head towards “Network & Internet” and turn off the Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you can press the Windows and A keys together and turn off “Wi-Fi” from there. You can also disable the Bluetooth connection from the pop-up menu. Connect the power adapter to the laptop and check if the battery level is increasing. 

  1. Improve the Toshiba Laptop’s Power Usage

Tweak the Widows laptop’s power usage options to fix the battery issues. Press the Windows and S keys together and write “Control” in the search box. Double-tap on “Control Panel” and go to the search box to write “Troubleshooting”. 

Tap on “Troubleshooting”, scroll down to the page and choose “System and Security”. Select “Power Usage” when the next window appears on your screen. Then opt for “Improve Power Usage” and click “Next” when prompted. This will automatically fix the issues that were triggering the battery problem.

  1. Stop Indexing when in “Battery Mode”

Prevent indexing when the Toshiba laptop’s battery mode” is on to conserve energy. Press the Windows and S keys together and write “gpedit.msc”. Hit the Enter button and choose “Local Group Policy Editor” from the searched results.

Locate “Administrative Templates” when the next window opens. Double-tap on “Windows Components” and select “Search” afterwards. 

Choose “Prevent indexing when running on battery power to conserve energy”. Click “Apply” when the confirmation message appears on the laptop screen. Select “OK” and close the Local Group Policy Editor window. Restart the laptop and use the device for a while to check whether the battery issue is resolved.

  1. Disable the Dynamic Tick Feature

Dynamic Tick is a power-saving feature enabled on Toshiba laptops that helps to conserve battery life. However, this built-in feature can sometimes generate battery issues. Thus, try to disable the dynamic tick and check if that eliminates this problem.

Press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Run” from the pop-up menu. Write “cmd” in the dialogue box and hit the Enter key to access the Command Prompt tool. Write “bcdedit/set disabledynamictick yes” and press the Enter button afterwards. 

Don’t close the Command Prompt window until you get a “the operation completed successfully” message. Restart the laptop after disabling the dynamic tick and connect it to the power adapter. Now, you can use the Windows device without experiencing any battery problems.

How to Repair or Replace a Toshiba Laptop Battery?

D-I-Y fixes can’t always be effective in resolving the Toshiba laptop’s battery issues. Sometimes, you might get charging issues due to a faulty battery. You must consider replacing the built-in battery in such circumstances. Purchase a compatible battery for the Toshiba laptop model. After that, follow these steps to repair it:

  1. Disconnect the Laptop from Power Source

Press and hold the “power” button to turn off the Toshiba laptop. Alternatively, you can click the “Start” icon from the “Taskbar” and tap on the “Power” icon. Choose “Shut Down” when the pop-up menu opens. When the Windows laptop turns off, disconnect the power adapter. 

Did you connect external devices like USB flash drives or a mouse to the laptop? Remove them from the device before removing the existing battery. Disconnect the external monitor or keyboard if you have connected any. Place the Toshiba laptop on a flat surface after disconnecting the external peripherals.

  1. Locate the Toshiba Laptop Battery

Turn the Toshiba laptop upside-down and find out where the battery is. The battery’s location and size might vary from one Toshiba laptop model to another. It’s generally located in the centre of the device with one or two latches to lock it. However, you must check the manufacturer’s website if you didn’t find the battery.

  1. Remove the Faulty Laptop Battery

Slide the Toshiba laptop’s latches to remove the existing battery. First, check whether there is any sign of damage to the old battery. If you find the Toshiba laptop battery swollen, consider replacing it immediately.

Besides, there are other ways to detect a dead Toshiba laptop battery. The device will display a red cross sign on the battery icon when the battery becomes faulty. Moreover, the laptop might fail to charge the laptop if the battery stops working. If you notice these battery failure signs, repair the battery.

  1. Install the New Toshiba Laptop Battery

Place the new laptop battery in the right alignment and secure the latches. Make sure there are no protective strips or packing material inside the battery. Otherwise, the Toshiba laptop might not turn on even after replacing the battery.

Press the device’s power button after installing the laptop battery. Connect the power adapter to the correct port and check if the device is charging. If yes, you have resolved the battery problem and the laptop is ready to use. However, you must call an expert if the laptop isn’t working after the battery replacement.

Contact Tech Support Dubai for an Instant Battery Replacement!

If you need a reliable technician to repair the battery, connect with Tech Support Dubai. They are a leading service provider that can fix faulty or dead laptop batteries. Mention your Toshiba laptop’s model and serial number to hire their certified technicians and replace the battery within minutes.

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