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Business Hours

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed.

Price: Starts from 100 AED

Diagnosis Time: 20 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-3 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED
*Additional charges as per bill estimate
**A Site Visit Charge is required to carry out a physical inspection of the item.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Battery Replacement
iPhone Screen Replacement Camera Replacement
iPhone Charging Problem iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement
iPhone Speaker/Microphone Repair and Replacement iPhone Back Panel Repair and Replacement
iPhone Touch Not Working iPhone Power Button Not Working
iPhone Home Button Replacement iPhone Software Issues
iPhone Headphone Jack Issue iPhone Motherboard Repair and Replacement
iPhone Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Repair iPhone Volume Button Replacement
iPhone Virus Removal Service iPhone Software Update

Affordable iPhone Repair Services in Dubai Near Me


Screen damage, speaker problems, and others might force you to replace your existing iPhone with a new one. However, what about a reliable iPhone repair Dubai near me that can resolve all your iPhone problems?

Well, this is possible because Tech Support Dubai brings you privileged iPhone repair near me. We can provide you with full-fledged and on-site support for functional iPhone repair in Dubai. Our Mobile Repair Dubai-specialised experts will reach you without any downtime and fix your iOS devices at your convenience.

Are you suffering from a broken iPhone screen, dying battery life, TouchID complications, and more? Whatever the problem with your iPhone is, you are now at the best iPhone repair shop in Dubai. Our technicians and engineers are experts in resolving any iPhone problem with their skills and years of experience.

Get precise diagnosis and unfailing repair solutions in a hassle-free service. Our technicians have repaired the following iPhone models recently:

  • iPhone SE (Second Generation)
  • iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 8 Plus

So, you can trust our expertise for your iPhone repair, no matter what the model or issue is. Hire our experts from the iPhone service centre near me and get in-warranty solutions.

Professional & Trusted iPhone Repair Service in Dubai


Are you searching for iPhone Repair Service in Dubai to get the best repair service? A justified and professional iPhone repair Dubai service will be more economical. Moreover, your iPhone will get the best possible repair to enjoy all its features. We, at Mobile Repair Dubai, provide the best iPhone repair for a large range of issues.

However, you can also look for an iPhone repair shop near me if it is the only way left for you. There are several issues you may face while using an iPhone. Mobile Repair Dubai offers the best service for your iPhone within a minimum repair time. 

Stay connected with our apple apple iphone service center dubai to get the best solution. Our experts are mastered in diagnosing your iPhone and determining the best way for it. All our experts are highly upskilled in repairing iPhones. Thus, you can expect the premium iPhone repair in Dubai results right away from us. 

iPhone repair Services Dubai offers the best result for iPhone repairing near me. So, call us for your damaged iPhone repair and get the difference. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Services for iPhone repair at home


Has your iPhone run out of the AppleCare warranty? Then, repairing your iPhone would cost you a lot of money if you consider authorised repairs to fix your iPhone screen, replace its battery, or anything else. Instead of that, you can opt for our reliable and reasonable iPhone repair near me in dubai.

We at Tech Support Dubai provide you with guaranteed iphone repair near me dubai services, and the credit goes to our technicians. They have been a part of our thousands of promising repairs and years of experience in iPhone fixing. Get doorstep iPhone screen repair Dubai and much more with our dedicated professional assistance.

Our technicians can solve all the common and complicated issues. They will closely inspect your iPhone for diagnosis and come up with the highest-quality fix for your iOS device. 

Check out a few of our specialised services at our iPhone repair shop near me:

Type of Services Screen (OEM) Screen (Local)
iPhone XS Max 1075 585
iPhone XS 730 425
iPhone X 730 415
iPhone XR 675 385
iPhone 8 325 150
iPhone 8 Plus 415 235
Type of Services iPhone 6 iPhone 6s/6s iPhone 7/6s+ iPhone 7 Plus
Screen (OEM) 175 245 295 365
Screen (Local) - - 185 215
Speaker 205 205 225 262
Camera 205 350 362 455
iPhone Chassis Replacement 257 257 435 467
Mechanical repair without soldering 205 205 205 225
Volume control button Replacement 205 205 205 225
Home Button Repair 205 205 205 205
Ear Speaker Replacement 205 205 205 257
Voice Speaker Replacement 205 205 205 257
Jack Replacement 205 205 205 257
Battery Replacement 152 152 152 173
GSM Module 310 310 415 467
Wi-Fi Module Repair 310 310 415 465
iTunes Connectivity Issue 205 205 205 205
Data Transfer 100 100 100 100
Only Apple Logo Shows With Data 205 205 205 205
Apple Logo Shows Without Data 415 415 415 415
Cleaning - Prevention after moisture 205 205 205 205

Issues We can Fix – Trust Our iPhone Repair in Dubai Service

Over the past few years, the utility and demand of the iPhone have grown considerably. However, you may face some commonly noticed issues with your iPhone. Don’t worry if you cannot find the best result of an iPhone repair shop near me on the web. We, iPhone Repair in Dubai Service will provide you with the best solution for a large range of common iPhone issues. 

Before getting the best solution for your iPhone, you may think about what issues we can fix at our apple iphone service center dubai

Have a look at the common issues with your iPhone, and we can support you remove them:

iPhone’s screen touch is not working

Are you facing screen touch issues, or has it just stopped working? Tarting the device will be the common solution for this issue. In addition, you can also try to charge your iPhone for an hour which is worth considering. 

We, at Mobile Repair Dubai, will offer the best possible solution for your iPhone’s touchscreen. Our experts have experience in fixing different screen touch issues and give the best service. 

We offer screen replacement or hard reset with hardware repair, critical app setup, and data security to resolve the touchscreen issues on your iPhone. Thus, you will get the best results from an iPhone shop near me. 

Damaged or broken display

Has your iPhone fallen out of your hands and broken or damaged its screen? Well, iPhones are made to handle such conditions, but you might discover a broken or damaged display.

However, replacing the iPhone due to its broken or damaged display might not be the best economic solution. Instead, you can contact our iPhone repair Sharjah experts to get the best fix at minimal prices.

Don’t worry if you cannot get the best solution for iPhone repair near me. Experts of Mobile Repair Dubai give the best iPhone repair service for fixing a damaged or broken display. 

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is not connected to iPhone

Are you unable to connect your iPhone to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Well, slowing down of Wi-Fi or a large Bluetooth device list can be some possible reasons behind this. In this case, try to switch off your iPhone and then switch it on. After restarting, your iPhone might connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

You can also try to avail of the “Forget Wi-Fi network” option and then reconnect it to resolve the Wi-Fi connection issue on your iPhone. 

iPhone buttons are not working

Reach our iPhone repair Sharjah experts if you find out that your iPhone buttons are not working. If the Home button of your iPhone does not work, you might try to recalibrate the home button. 

Sometimes your iPhone suffers from dirt accumulation or a temporary bug that affects freezing your iPhone buttons. You can try to reboot your iPhone which might help to recover this issue. 

However, if it still persists, you should contact our iPhone repair shop in Dubai experts. We, at Mobile Repair Dubai, will thoroughly check the internal parts to find out the reason behind ineffective iPhone buttons. 

Sometimes, your iPhone’s back cover might lead to iPhone button issues, and we suggest a replacement in this case. 

Camera is not working on iPhone

Is your iPhone’s camera unable to take photos or videos? If yes, then don’t worry. apple iphone service center in dubai will provide you with the best solution for your iPhone’s camera issue. Moreover, if there’s something clogging your iPhone’s camera and creating a black screen, you might try some basic troubleshooting tactics like rebooting it. 

Our experts offer the following services to get the best result of iPhone repairing near me:

  • Firmware restoration of your iPhone
  • Camera app reset 
  • Hardware parts repair
  • Camera replacement

We always take care of your device information while resetting or updating your iPhone. Our iPhone repair service center in Dubai experts are always aware of how to manage the internal storage and backup them while repairing your iPhone’s camera. 

Battery is not charging properly on iPhone

Is your iPhone won’t charge? Reportedly, some iPhone 14 users faced charging issues for which they could not get the best battery backup. In most cases, you cannot solve it yourself since it is a manufacturing defect. So, you can avail our iPhone repairing service to fix the battery issues on your iPhone. 

iPhone models we repair


If you still haven’t found the best way to fix your phone, Mobile Repair Dubai eases the finest iPhone repair service. You will get the best solution for iPhone repair near me, no matter what iPhone model you have. 

From the authentic iPhone models to the current lineup of the iPhone 14 series, experience the best iPhone repair. Our experts have experience with each iPhone lineup. So, we guarantee the foremost quality results within the minimum possible time span. 

Check out the models that our experts have fixed recently:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
  • iPhone 12, 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro
  • iPhone XS, XS max and XR
  • iPhone SE (1st Gen)
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5 and 5S
  • iPhone 4S

So, it is not a big challenge for us to provide the best result for iPhone repairing near me. Consider our service to get the fastest solution regardless of the iPhone model you own. 

Battery Replacement

iPhone batteries have grown stronger nowadays, and we can say that just by eyeing the battery life of the latest models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and more. However, chemical ageing is something that you have to admit. 

You might notice the following signs when your iPhone battery starts degrading:

  • The device can’t hold the charge for longer when disconnected from a charger
  • Your iPhone overheats
  • The device might finish charging too quickly or can take an eternity to charge itself

More or less, an iPhone can last 2 years with its in-built battery. In case you witness any of the above mentioned symptoms, contact our iPhone service centre in Sharjah. We offer certified battery replacement to restore your iPhone’s productivity. 

Display Repair and Replacement

Are you afraid that your iPhone doesn’t respond to your swipes and touches? Well, this might be a problem with your iPhone’s digitiser or any other display component. 

Don’t worry, as Tech Support Dubai can help you with incredible screen repair services. We offer digitiser replacement, IC repair, and more according to your circumstances.

Another most-common stress with iPhone screens is the broken display. Whether you have slipped your iOS device from your hand or it’s a terrible accident, your iPhone requires an urgent screen replacement. 

We can offer you the best screen replacement with the finest-grade equipment. So, get in touch with our iPhone screen repair Dubai team to get the best for your Apple purchase.

Back Glass Replacement

It has come to our knowledge that damaged back glass is as common as a broken or scratched screen. Not to mention, the broken back glass is equally heartbreaking as it ruins the overall stunning look of your precious iPhone. However, replacing the back glass or housing on any iPhone can be challenging.

Additionally, our technicians are experienced in replacing rear housing and turning your damaged iPhones into brand-new-looking ones. Hence, opt for the best iPhone repair shop in Dubai and address your iPhone’s broken back glass issues immediately.

Broken Buttons

Most iPhones acquire the Power and Volume buttons. If you notice that any of these is not working properly or you can’t press any button, then call our iPhone repair near me technicians. 

Our technicians offer the best solutions for jammed or broken buttons. Get your iPhone’s buttons replaced or repaired in no time only from Tech Support Dubai.

Camera Repair

Whether it’s a selfie or the rear camera technology, iPhones have done a remarkable job in recent years. Both photography and videography experiences are exciting, with incredible camera qualities and sensors from Apple. 

However, glitches are inevitable, and you might notice that your iPhone camera can’t capture photos anymore.

iPhone users have reported such instances a few times, and our experts have found that it’s merely a matter of software. On the other hand, hardware failure and faulty sensors can interrupt your photography skills. 

However, you can now easily tackle iPhone camera issues with our devoted services. 

Hire professionals from our iPhone service centre in Sharjah and experience the real difference.

Water Damage Repair

Have you spilt water or any other drink on your iPhone? Well, your iPhone might be powered with a recommended IP rating. And, this might not bother your iPhone if you rescue it swiftly. 

Otherwise, your iPhone is prone to different performance issues and overall damage, such as:

  • Malfunctioning speakers
  • Defective camera parts
  • Ruined battery
  • Damaged circuitry
  • Screen issues
  • Charging problems
  • Internal corrosion

Therefore, you should never take chances with iPhone water damage. On the other hand, cheap internet hacks such as rice bags or hairdryers might create a bigger nuisance if you try them and waste your time. Instead, you should go for our iPhone repair near me.

Microphone Repair

iPhones have 3 microphones that capture your voice while calling someone, recording selfie videos and videos through rear cameras. Now, you might find it difficult to talk to someone as the person can’t hear you properly or at all. In addition, your iPhone videos might not produce sound output while playing them back.

Contact our iPhone repair shop near me to address iPhone microphone issues. Our technicians will detect easily which microphone isn’t working on your iPhone. We offer microphone repair, replacement, circuit repair, and more services to eliminate the problem.

Software Troubleshooting

Are you facing issues with your iPhone getting connected to a Wi-Fi network? Or, it can be anything, such as:

  • Mobile data doesn’t work on your iPhone
  • Your iPhone can’t get the newest iOS version update
  • The device is stuck at the Apple logo
  • Applications keep freezing and crashing on your iPhone
  • Data loss
  • Rapid battery drain
  • Bluetooth issues
  • Dead-slow iPhones

All these situations are threatening, but the good news is that we can solve them for you. Our technicians are experts in updating your iPhone to the latest possible iOS version. 

On the other hand, we offer data recovery solutions, protection against malware, and more to eradicate all your iPhone discomforts.

Additionally, we offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data-related services for your iPhone. Join our iPhone service centre in Sharjah for guaranteed fixes to any software bug or glitch.

We also fix the issue of these models as well – iPhone SE Repair, iPhone 5S Repair, iPhone 5C Repair, iPhone 5 Repair, iPhone 4S Repair, iPhone 4 Repair, iPhone 3GS Repair and iPhone 3G Repair

How Can You Get Our iPhone Repair Services Dubai Near Me ?

Tech support Dubai believes in providing hassle-free services as fast as possible. That’s why you can easily place a service request at ours, and we will fulfil that immediately. 

Here’s how you can log your service quote at Tech Support Dubai for iPhone repair shop near me facilities:

Call Our iPhone Repair Professionals

You can reach our iPhone repair experts by calling them. They are available all around business hours. So you can call them and report your iPhone problems over the call.

Tell What You Need

Make sure that you describe your iPhone issues clearly to our experts. Additionally, you should mention your iPhone model. We will schedule an appointment with our experts at your convenience.

Get Your iPhones Repaired

You need not leave your home or office on an errand to repair your iPhone. Neither do you have to wait in an iPhone service centre in Sharjah or Dubai to get a great repair. Instead, our technicians will reach out to you and offer you an on-site iPhone repair.

Advantages of Choosing Our iPhone Repair in Dubai Near Me

Are you looking for the best iPhone repair shop in Dubai? Then, our premium iPhone repair services won’t disappoint you. We take care of the highest-quality iPhone repair along with your preferences. 

Here’s why you should take our iPhone repair near me into consideration:

Licensed and Certified iPhone Repair Technicians

We have partnered with trained, qualified, and experienced iPhone repair professionals. Get top-notch services from our iPhone repair shop near me.

Genuine Repair

Are you sceptical about the repair quality we serve at Tech Support Dubai? We only use original and certified repair parts for iPhones. Thus, you can trust our service.

Fast and On-Site Repair

Contact our iPhone screen repair Dubai team and get your issue addressed on the same day or at your convenience. Our technicians will reach you and offer you the fastest possible service.

Quality Repair at Reasonable Rates

Tech Support Dubai offers amazing and genuine iPhone repair near me, and that too at affordable prices. Avoid unnecessary price surges and hidden costs with our services.

Book our iPhone Repair Near Me Dubai services

Fix your iPhone issues with our certified and dedicated iPhone repair Dubai near me experts. Experts of Mobile Repair Dubai are operational in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and their suburbs. Thus, we can cater services for you rapidly without any extra downtime. 

You can reach us easily since we have taken care of the booking process. Log your iPhone repair service in dubai request and wait for a call from us. 

To get our iPhone repairing service, you can select any option from below:

Connect with Mobile Repair Dubai

You can call our experts and mention the issues on your iPhone in detail. Moreover, it would be more useful if you share your iPhone details and the problem that you are facing so that we can offer you the best solution. 

Book an Appointment with Us

Schedule our iPhone repair services in Dubai service for an expert opinion. All you need to do is share your location since we provide both pick-and-drop and on-site iPhone repairing services. In addition, palace your request for on-site service at your convenience. Mobile Repair Dubai will contact you within the committed time. 

Get your iPhone fixed

Our iPhone repair experts investigate your iPhone to detect the faults and find out the appropriate solution for you. If you choose pick-and-drop service, you will get your repaired iPhone handed over soon. Otherwise, our experts will repair your iPhone on the spot. Call our industry-leading experts to get a professional and trusted iPhone repair service. 

Why Book Our Mobile Repair Services in Dubai ?

We provide genuine iPhone parts that can last for a long time and you won’t face similar issues on your iPhone. Our experts are certified and skilled at reparing iPhone issues. We have a 100% success rate in recovering iPhones. 

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should select our iPhone repair near me:

Quick Repairing Service

Our experts are committed to giving the best iPhone repairing service within the minimum possible time. At Mobile Repair Dubai, you will get instant iPhone repair service with the best results of iPhone repair near me. Get the quickest iPhone repairing service from our iPhone repair Dubai and Sharjah experts. 

Certified and Genuine Components

We only resource 100% genuine and OEM-certified iPhone components for all existing iPhone models. You can get an instant replacement for your iPhone’s battery and screen from our professional iPhone repair Sharjah and Dubai services. In addition, you will get an enduring iPhone repair or replacement solution from Mobile Repair Dubai. 

Skilled and Qualified Technicians

We have collaborated with the best iPhone repairing experts in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Our officials thoroughly look over their references, backgrounds and certificates before joining hands with them. We are committed to providing you with reliable iPhone repair and replacement services. 

Get Fulfilled Solutions for iPhone Repair Dubai

Easily receive hassle-free iPhone repair Dubai services at your door. Because Tech Support Dubai always prioritizes quality over quantity, we are the best iPhone repair company in the area. Following the proper investigation, our professionals offer genuine answers. To ensure your satisfaction, we additionally provide an extended warranty on the repaired iPhones and the replacement parts.

Appoint our iPhone Repair Dubai Experts Right Now!

Be it battery damage, broken screen, or software issue, recover your iPhone with our professional iPhone Repair Sharjah experts. They can turn your cracked or faulty device into a brand-new one. 

All you have to do is schedule an appointment or call our iPhone Repair Dubai experts. We offer our services all over the UAE within the least processing time. To know more, connect with our support team via phone or email. 

We Repair & Diagnose all model of iPhone !

FAQs of iPhone Repair Services

Common repairs include screen replacements, battery replacements, camera repairs, and fixing water damage.
iPhone Repair In most cases, we try to complete the repair within 1–2 hours.
Of course, we offer a 1-year warranty on specific repair services performed by us.
Depending on the quality of the damage, iPhone repair in Dubai can cost between AED 200 and AED 1,000.
Small repairs like screen replacements can be relatively inexpensive, but more extensive damage can be costly, especially if the device is out of warranty.
DIY repair is possible but may void the warranty and risk further damage. It is recommended for experienced individuals.
It is always a good practice to back up your data before repairing it. Most repairs should not result in data loss, but it is likely.
You can get your iPhone repaired in Dubai from the Techsupport Dubai company. Which provides very good service to its customers.
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