Know Everything About Akamai NetSession

Know Everything About Akamai NetSession

You might be aware of Akamai NetSession if you are tech-savvy. Akamai NetSession becomes visible on your PC frequently when you are going to install some sort of applications on your computer. 

But when you noticed it for the first time, the first query must have come upon your mind: where did it come from? Another query is that ‘should you remove it?’. We suggest you go through this guide to get a crystal clear concept on Akamai NetSession client and learn everything related to it. Then you can decide for yourself whether to keep it or get rid of it.

What is Akamai NetSession?

Akamai NetSession Interface is nothing but a download manager. It mainly deals with the speed issues of your downloads on the PC. This net session client improves the speed and quality of your downloads. The developers have claimed that this net session handles the downloading of bigger files on various systems.

Besides all these claimed facilities, Akamai NetSession acquires a minimum space to reside on your system. It never violates the security measures on your computer. Many of the users think that it is a virus or kind of threat to their systems because they never installed such an interface on their system. We will try to explain that too.

How does Akamai NetSession Get into your System?

Basically, large files like game files are allowed to enter your PC through the Akamai NetSession Interface. There is no physical connection between this and your PC. It acts as the entrance to virtual storage. Whenever you install any game, the updates get installed on your system, as well. To download these patch files, you need an uninterrupted internet connection.

Akamai NetSession does that job. This is nothing but a software patching service. Keep in mind that this net session doesn’t do any upload or download without your consent. It won’t be harmful too if you uninstalled it. Only the speed of downloading the patches might reduce. This net session is available through top developers around the world and you need not download it manually.

What are the Features of the Akamai NetSession Client Interface?

Before opting for the removal of Akamai NetSession Client, you should check out the features of this service. The features of this service are as follows.

  • This software avails of reliable and speedy downloads of larger files.
  • Akamai global server network has released this extension to help their clients with a good internet speed while downloading.
  • The software is secured enough with SSL security options.

Should you Remove Akamai NetSession Client? 

You have already gone through what is Akamai NetSession and what are its features. We have already mentioned that it is not a physical component of your PC. This is a downloader boost on Akamai and other platforms. You might keep it for further downloads or uninstall the client if you think that it is affecting the performance of your PC. 

But there’s nothing harm related to Akamai NetSession. This is neither spyware, nor adware, nor malware, nor an intrusive software. It is not capable of viewing your data on your computer and can’t access it. It’s totally up to you whether to keep the NetSession or to uninstall it.

Is Akamai NetSession a Virus? 

We have already mentioned this earlier but to make it more clear we are declaring it again. The main objective of the Akamai NetSession Interface is to make downloads more compatible with good internet speed. It is not a gateway of adware, spyware, or malware to your PC. It might inspect some of your download activities but can’t interfere with them.

Where do you Notice Akamai NetSession Client? 

Can you keep an eye over the activities of this NetSession? The answer is Yes. You are able to view the activities of NetSession and are capable of handling the settings.

  • If you are using Windows Operating System, navigate to the Control Panel. The Control Panel is under the Start menu. After launching the Control Panel, opt for the link or icon named Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel.
  • In case you are using a MacBook, go to the System Preferences option. Click on the Other option. Lastly, you have to navigate to the Akamai option.

How does Akamai NetSession Interface Work? 

NetSession generally occupies a very small space on your system. Additionally, it uses a negligible amount of resources, bandwidth when you are not using this software for downloading. 

The NetSession broadens the bandwidth to make the download more compatible and reliable. It also makes sure that your system downloads the content as exactly as it is. This method prevents the corrupted installments of applications or games. 

You might disable the upload capability of this NetSession. Just you have to go to the Control Panel of this session. Next, you have to go to the Preferences tab. There are options available to disable or enable the functions.

What can you do if you are Facing Downloading or Streaming Issues?

You need to run the troubleshooter from Akamai NetSession to resolve any simple discrepancy with downloading or uploading. Follow the below guidelines to solve these minor issues.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel of Akamai as per your Operating System.
  2. Next, you have to go to the Support tab under that Control Panel. There a simple report generates and you need to follow the on-screen guidelines.

If this method doesn’t solve the issue, then the problem is in different places associated with that particular application.

How to Stop Akamai NetSession? 

If you don’t want the Akamai NetSession to run, then there are no doubt choices available. You can rather disable the interface on your system. The process is very simple. 

  1. If you are on Windows, go to the Control Panel of NetSession. Navigate to the System Preferences in case you are using macOS. 
  2. Proceed to the tab named Preferences.
  3. Choose the Stop button from the Service section.

You can re-enable the service whenever needed. Well, the service generally restarts whenever your system reboots.

How to Remove Akamai NetSession? 

If you need to uninstall Akamai NetSession Client on Windows Operating System, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Explore Control Panel. Proceed to the Add or Remove Programs section.
  2. Choose the Akamai NetSession Interface.
  3. Next, choose the Change/Remove option. 

Confirm your choice with the prompt.

Alternative Process for Windows: 

If the above process shows no effective result, then you have to apply the following steps to uninstall the Akamai NetSession service.

  1. Access a Command Prompt window. Just open a Run dialog box and fill it with ‘cmd’. Press Enter.
  2. Provide the file path of the NetSession installation folder. 
  3. Next, you need to enter the following command: ‘admintool.exe uninstall -force’. Hit the Enter button.

Now, the NetSession should definitely have uninstalled. If you are logged in to macOS, then stick to the guidelines cited below.

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the file path of Akamai NetSession.
  2. You need to double-click on the uninstaller app. Confirm the prompt.

Alternative Process for macOS:

If you fail to uninstall Akamai software on your Mac PC, then you have to try this alternative process to find a solution.

  1. Navigate to the Applications folder. Next, opt for the Utilities folder. Double-click on the Terminal.
  2. After that, provide the file path of Akamai NetSession Client. This is usually ~/Applications/Akamai/.
  3. Mention the following command followed by the Enter key: ‘./admintool uninstall -force’. 

That’s it. You must have uninstalled the Akamai software from your Mac device. Hopefully, you have got a clear concept about Akamai NetSession Interface and all. It is fully your decision whether to keep it on your device or to uninstall it.

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