How Laptop Prices Vary in Dubai? Know from the Pros

How Laptop Prices Vary in Dubai? Know from the Pros

If you’ve recently moved to Dubai, then by now you may be familiar with how laptop prices differ from one another. If not, then don’t worry because laptop prices in Dubai are reasonably priced. However, what may seem like a problem is deciding upon which laptops are the best, within your budget and with suitable features.  

This is because in this era, there are multiple laptops with great features and within a great price range in Dubai. Thus, getting confused is easy. More so, these laptops offer pretty much everything you need within your budget. However, if you are curious about laptop prices in Dubai, then find out below.  

The Best Laptop Prices in Dubai 

When we think about the best laptops within a moderate price range, we expect it to provide us with long-lasting productivity, features, and other benefits of using it. That being said, modern laptops are on an evolution spree which means that the options are plenty.  

So, let’s see how their prices range vary based on what they offer.  

1. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 

laptop prices in dubai

If you are considering business laptop prices, then this one comes with a bit of expense. However, the resulting qualities and features are outstanding for the price it offers. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon comes with Intel i7 Core along with intel HD Graphics 620. Also, you can expect the performance to be super smooth as it offers 16 GB RAM storage that can be expanded up to 1 TB. In terms of display and design, it’s thin and sleek with a battery life that can sustain up to 15.5 hours. And, you get to use all of this just within AED 7,499.  

2. HP 255 G6

laptop prices in dubai

The HP 255 G6 series is another notable option that offers a lot for the price. For instance, you get AMD A6 9220 in CPU, 4B RAM space, 500B worth storage space with AMD Radeon R2 as graphics. Not only that, but you also get a 15.6 inches wide display screen with moderate resolution. In short, this laptop is suitable for business purposes and you get all this for 1768 AED. Other than that, it’s considered as the best-valued product in the market currently. If you have this device but facing problems, then reach out to laptop repair Dubai.  

3. Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake 

laptop prices in dubai

Dell XPS Kaby Lake comes with common features such as 2.5GHx Intel i5 Core with 8 GB RAM space and Intel HD620 as Graphics. Along with that, the storage space is worth 256 GB with an expandable SSD memory slot up to 1 TB.  

However, the device is classified as a unique business laptop with 13.3 inches display screen size alongside 1920×1080 resolution. There is one unique feature that makes it a good choice for the price and that is the battery back up. It can last for more than 22 hours. And, the price for the series starts from 4,399 AED.  

4. Lenovo ThinkPad E470 

laptop prices in dubai

Lenovo Thinkpad series comes with a lot of features like 2.7GHx Intel Core i7 added with 16 GB RAM space and Intel HD Graphics 620. Alongside, you also get storage space worth 256 GB along with a screen size worth 14 inches. Interestingly, the device is a refined version of the previous model of 2016 and 2017.  

But this time, the new rebuilt series is made on an anti-glare display and resistant keyword. Also, you get the benefit of having multiple ports. However, it does not contain any option for Display Port, so you won’t be able to get 4K output. But, with the rest of the features in mind, all you have to do is, invest in 3,499 AED. If you want to add extra ports in your device, then get help from laptop repair Dubai.

5. Apple MacBook Pro

laptop prices in dubai

If you are an Apple fan and know it’s usage, then this choice for the price is suitable. The Apple MacBook Pro comes Dual Intel Core i5 and i7 along with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 and 650. Also, you get the best of storage worth 256 GB that can be expanded up to 1 TB storage.   

That being said, the performance excels due to such configurations. For instance, if you use heavy software like Photoshop, 3D software, then this can be an ultimate choice that comes within 7,999 AED. However, bear in mind that the battery backup is slightly disappointing. If you want to consider a battery replacement service, then laptop repair Dubai can be your safe bet. 

6.Microsoft Surface Go

laptop prices in dubai

For the price 2,279 AED, Microsoft Surface Go is a good choice because the series is new in the market. You get the benefit of using features like 1.6Ghz Intel Pentium Gold processor with 8 GB RAM space. Along with that, you also get 128 GB worth storage space. Other features like display size being 10 inches and providing a battery backup for more than 8 hours with less weight such as 522g. All of these come for a great price that is reasonable.  

7. Lenovo Legion 7 

laptop prices in dubai

If you are a gamer and looking for a gaming laptop that is worth the price then Lenovo Legion 7 would be the best choice. It comes with an Intel i7 processor with a CPU speed of 2.3Ghz. Alongside, you get RAM space worth 16 GB which makes the performance very much smooth. Additionally, the storage space you get is 1 TB which is one of the best features of this laptop. On the other hand, the display size of the device is 15.6 inches, which makes it an ideal gaming laptop choice. Lastly, the design comes with a grey tint and an English/Arabic Keyboard. And, to get all of this, you’d only have to invest 7,499 AED.  


The number of laptops that come within different budgets is uncountable. All of these devices have more or less, everything to offer. So, if you find yourself still confused, then you can simply research more about laptop prices in Dubai

Additionally, put them out on a chart so that you can make a comparison. In any case, if you’ve any of these choices and are facing issues with the device, reach out to laptop repair Dubai for immediate assistance.  

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