Learn How Much Should you Pay for Server Management

Learn How Much Should you Pay for Server Management

Learn How Much Should you Pay for Server ManagementWhen it comes to making the payment for server management, it gets a bit challenging for everyone. There is a wide range of pricing available for such management processes. Starting from the 19$ it might cost you up to 100$. Most of the service providers look alike when they tend to offer you the services under this management process. If you are not a system administrator, you may face difficulties to know what are you getting from these service providers.

There is Nsswitch hardening, rkhunter, host.conf hardening, and many others which is quite difficult to understand for those who have no idea in this field. With all those terms in their server management services, you might wonder what are these. So, it’s not so comprehensive if you get a longer list of these services. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss all the aspects of how much it would cost you to get the best management services of your web servers.

Breaking down of Different types of Server Management Service Provider

After a review of several service providers of server management Dubai, we came to a conclusion that three types of services providers are out there. The types of the service providers are based on the budget, enterprise, and managed services that you will get from them.

For the best server management services, there are these three categories that come up with the most appropriate offers. If it falls under the budget category, then you can consider this provider as it will cost you less than the others. As far as the service delivery approach is concerned, then you will get them under the category of managed services. And finally for the breath of services, you have to reach the enterprise category.

Who is behind the Scenes of Making Decisions for Server Management Dubai?

Among the so many concerns of server management, this one is so important as it tells about who is there to make decisions. Most of the time, decision making falls to you if you reach out to the companies which fall under the budget category. You are the one who has to decide the time and the task that you have to do for this kind of management.

In contrast to that, if you approach a company that falls under the category of enterprise, then you are getting everything. Majority of the time, the enterprise providers can evaluate all the requirements you have. They can help you maintain the overall IT environment of the server and if necessary they can help you deploy it also.

And between the budget and enterprise categories, there are the managed service providers that can help you a lot. With these providers, you get the functionality to handle every aspect of the operations on your server. For the best server management services, you can rely on any of them whichever you prefer.

Comparing All the Three types of Providers

If the above sections could not help you understand their differences, then this section will. You can start matching the requirements of your business after you understand all the differences between different types of providers. It also helps you recognize the what these server management companies offer to their clients.  If you approach to a company that cannot meet the expectations that you have out of your business, you cannot add value to it.

In case, your business lacks the experience and the expertise, you need connect with the most appropriate service provider. In such cases, a budget providers may do only a little for your business. If you choose a wrong server management service provider for your business, then it might become more of a hassle than a help. In this section, we are about to discuss all the three categories in detail and compare them as well.

Budget Providers

This is the very first category that comes as an important one when we discuss several server management services. Among the three categories, budget providers require you to be in control for the betterment of your business. The services that you will get from here are neither comprehensive nor automated. To make the most important management decisions for the servers, they come up with all the sufficient internal expertise.

Sometimes, they are great as they can help you manage all the aspects of your server without any trouble. If you don’t have the time to manage the server yourself, then it’d be great to hire this category provider. With the server management Dubai, you will find the response time so convenient. Not only the simple issues but the most critical ones can also be handled with it. They can save your money as compared to all the other providers out there and that’s why we call them budget service provider. Most of the budget service providers cost $100/mo as their service charges for you.

Managed Service Providers

If you are in search of a moderate server management service provider for your business, then managed service provider is there for you. For all your IT decision making processes, you can rely on the managed service handle. They are always there to take all the necessary steps to make your server secure. You don’t have to worry about the updates, backups, security maintenance, and other facts of the server as the managed service providers will do that for you. You don’t have to direct their actions as they will not leave you from their loop.

These providers are the best suited for your business as they can manage it more precisely. If your business lacks in experience and expertise, then these service providers can easily supervise you through the process. You can enjoy a set of the most comprehensive management services from these providers as they are integrated part of their server management services. They can also provide you with their services with a predictable pricing. Though the fees of these services depend on the completeness of them, yet most managed service providers don’t charge more than $500/mo.

Enterprise Providers

For the people who want to avail the services better than the budget and managed service providers, the enterprise category is there as server management Dubai to help. All of the enterprise providers mainly focus on the entire management system of the server. There are many aspects with the server that you can conveniently manage with the enterprise providers.

They can help you assess all the requirements of your business within the least time taken. You can also get a complete IT strategy for all the services for managing your server more conveniently. The server management services that you’ll get from these providers are best-suited for larger organizations that come with multi-year IT plans for them. Moreover, they can handle the procurement, deployment, maintenance, and disposal, all for you within the earliest possible minute.

What is the Best Server Management Service Provider for you?

Before we jump into the conclusion, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. And the answers to these questions will let you find the most appropriate service provider for you. The first question is, do you have time for the server management.  The second question is, do you have the expertise that you require in your organization. Whereas the third question is, whether the service provider is helping you to keep all the promises that you have made to the users.

If you don’t have the answer for first two questions, then the budget provider where you have gone or about to go, cannot deliver what you expect from them. As far as the last question is concerned, its answer will help you strengthen the weaknesses of your server. Services like the ones that you get from server management Dubai, you can reduce the risk of not keeping the promises that you have made to your users.

Concluding Remark

Before you get to the server management Dubai, these are the facts that you should check. All these aspects are so important for any service provider in this field to equip you with them. If you find that the company or the service provider you approached is not helping you to reach your expectations, then you can leave it immediately. With the article it should be clear to you how much you need to pay to the service provider that you are about to hire.


1. How Much does it cost to Maintain a Server?

According to an article ZDNet, in the United States the overall cost to run an average server is $731.94 per annum.

2. How Much does a Server Cost for a Small Business?

As per the small businesses are concerned, you should know that you might have to spend a lot of bucks for the initial purchase. Starting from $3,000 it might raise up to $5,000 as initial charge if you are running a small business and willing t o run a server. It also depends on the fact that what is it that you want the web server to do for you. Another fact that decides the pricing is that the type of server you are using for all your businesses.

3. How Much Does a Server Cost to Buy?

Different kinds of servers can cost different amounts. It depends on the purpose of the server what it is serving for. For file sharing purposes and online collaborations, multiple servers are out there that can cost you a lot of money. You might have to pay $400 to $3,000 or even more for the server you are about to buy. The total cost of the server depends on various aspects of it like the hardware and software costs, admin cost, and others.

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