Microsoft Intervenes to Fix a Printer Bug on Windows 10

Microsoft Intervenes to Fix a Printer Bug on Windows 10

Printer Bug on Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft update: KB4522016 (build 18362.357) reportedly had printer issues on Windows 10 OS. Soon after the update was installed, millions of users started to encounter lots of errors within the printer after connecting to the Windows 10 device. The problems were such as, unable to print a document, and printer spooler services stop responding, etc. 

After hearing about the error, Microsoft introduced another update KB4524147 (build 18362.388) to address the internal issue. However, according to some users, after updating this, they are even unable to use the Start menu as well as other critical errors that occurred. So, Microsoft promised to fix the problem and came up with a solution.

Solutions Provided by Microsoft

These printing errors can occur on any Windows 10 computer. However, the good news is that the problem can be easily troubleshot. Hence, after acknowledging the problem, Microsoft suggests uninstalling the above-mentioned updates for a few weeks. 

Also, according to Microsoft, users should uninstall the KB4560960 (build 18362) update as soon as they note that they are unable to print anything.

However, before starting the uninstalling procedure, we want to remind you that these are a little bit time-consuming procedure. And if you wish to instantly get your printer back to its normal working condition, contact printer repair Dubai. Now, let’s check out the procedure.

  • Uninstall KB4560960 for Windows 10

In case, you have just encountered printing errors, then the first thing that you have to do is to remove the KB4560960 update. To complete the task, at first, turn on your Windows 10 device and launch the Settings application. 

Within the Settings, you need to scroll down and tap on the ‘Update & Security’ option. Select Windows Update from the next window. This will open a new page. Here, you should highlight the View Update History button.

Next, mark the box beside the Uninstall Updates button. Choose the ‘Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4560960)’ button. In addition, tap on the Uninstall option.

For confirmation, you might have to tap on the Yes button. Thereafter, tap on the Restart Now button. After successful completion of this, check whether the printing error has been resolved or not.

  • Uninstall KB452417 Update on Windows 10

As said earlier, Microsoft suggests uninstalling the KB452417 update to fix the printing errors. Now, to uninstall this update, you are advised to attempt the previous steps and move to the Uninstall Updates tab.

Here, tick on the box beside the ‘Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4524147)’ option. Next, you should hit the Uninstall button. Tap on the Yes button to save the changes. Once finished, choose the Restart Now button.

Once your Windows 10 device has been successfully rebooted, it will automatically roll back to the KB 4522016 (build 18362.357) to fix the Start menu as well as printing issues. Unfortunately, if you are still facing the same printing error, then you might have to uninstall the KB4522016 updates as well.

  • Uninstall KB4522016 Update on Windows 10

Now, in case, you still use the KB4522016 update, at first, you have to manually install the KB4524147. After this, if you are still experiencing the same error, you must uninstall the KB4524147 and KB4522016 updates. Now, 

To Manually Install the KB4524147 Update

In order to install the KB4524147 update, at first, click on the Start menu and choose ‘Update & Security’ from the list of options. Under here, move to the bottom and select the Windows Update option. Thereafter, tap on the box next to the ‘Check for Updates’ button.

Then, the updating procedure will be started. When finished, just tap on the Restraint button and reboot your Windows 10 device.

To uninstall the KB4522016 update

Now, in order to uninstall the KB4522016 update, use the 1st procedure, and open the Uninstall Updates tab. Furthermore, you have to check the box next to the Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4522016) item. Thereafter, hit the Uninstall option.

To confirm the changes tap on the Yes button and once finished, then reboot your system. After doing this, your Windows 10 device will automatically switch back to the KB4515384 where none of the printing issues ever occurred.

  • Disable the Automatic Update

This is another effective solution provided by Microsoft. Once, you have uninstalled the above updates, Microsoft advised you to turn off the automatic updates for sometimes. To do so, first, open the Settings section.

Then, go to the ‘Update & Security’. Here, locate and tap on the Windows Update option. From the next window, choose the Advanced button. Navigate to the Pause Updates section and after that, choose the longest time in order to pause the automatic update.

After doing this, Windows 10 will be unable to automatically download and install any updates until you specified. But, if the printer issues reappear, don’t waste your valuable time and contact the printer repair Dubai experts today.


Suppose you have to print an important document and suddenly your printer stops printing from the Windows 10 device, well, nothing can be more annoying than this. Hence, if all the above remedies fail to fix printer issues, you should start working with the experts of printer repair Dubai. Are you confused about whether they can provide you with the best solution or not? Visit Tech Support Dubai to get a vivid insight into the recent works or simply ask for a quote.

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