Over 60,0000 LG OLED TVs Needs to be Repaired for Overheating Issues

Over 60,0000 LG OLED TVs Needs to be Repaired for Overheating Issues

OLED TV Repair


Based on South Korea’s new report, the OLEG TV  will be sent for repair. Apparently, the repair program is going to be extensive because the problem has hit more than three generations of the OLED series of Televisions. 

The first initial report regarding this issue first came into the light from YongHap, a news agency.  It was stated that LG Electronics has come up with an extensive plan to help users of all different series of LED TV models. 

These series go long back in the year of 2016’s February till 2019’s September. That itself implies the number of models that have been affecting due to overheating, are estimated to be around 60,000.  

Also, among these 60,000 models, premium models are also included, for instance, the 2019 W 9 series and the G8s 2018 series. However, when it comes to newer models of 2020, LG has clarified that there are no seemingly problems with any of the newest models. 

Also, LG Electronics mentioned that the fixing has already begun and over 22,000 OLEG TV models have been repaired. If you want an immediate result then you can join with Tech Support Dubai, to get a vivid picture of the glitch and repair it.

What’s the Repair?

Previously, an overheating problem has occurred for which a fixing drive was set by LG Electronics. The repair itself consists of the replacement of the power board. LG mentions these power boards have the capability to suffer which means that they can degrade and power can overflow as time goes by. Also, LG mentions that they are unaware of the consequences that might occur due to the power overflowing. 

Nonetheless, LG Electronics has made a decision to be one step ahead of the issue instead of waiting for the results. That being said, LG clarified that swapping the damaged or faulty components in the TV would be a better option as per the safety of the user.

Speaking on which, it is concluded that it is LG Electronics’ decision to come up with the fixing drive as a prevention method. By all means, the program is a voluntary drive that does not have any pressure from the trade body or Government. 

OLED TV Models that Are Affected 

The list of LED Models that are affected by the overheating issues is mentioned below. These models will undergo the power board replacement factor:

  • From 2016, OLED (77G6, 65G6, and 65E6)
  • To 2017, OLED (65B7, 65C7, 65E7, 65G7, 65W7, 77G7 and 77W7)
  • From 2018, OLED (65G8, 65W8, 77C8 and 77W8)
  • To 2019, OLED (65W9, 77B9, 77C9, and 77W9)

However, there is one peculiar insight gained from the series of affected models. And that is how any of the 55-inch models and any of the E series by LG are not affected. Interestingly, these were released in the year of 2018. 

However, there is one question that is startling many users. The question is whether the overheating issue is only being talked about for the South Korea region or does it cover the rest of the regions globally. People are wondering if the problem is the same for the LG OLED users who reside in other parts of the world. 

Speaking on the matter with the Yonhap News Agency, LG confirmed that the products that are sold overseas do not fall under the subject of repairing. That being said a follow-up question was asked to LG about the matter, to which they responded with insight about queries. They mentioned that they’ve been investigating other platforms where the products have been sold out. 


It has been concluded that the problem is more about localization. Nonetheless, questions have been asked to LG Electronics authorities to confirm whether the problem is restricted to the models of South Korea or whether it extends to other regions. LG has not responded back regarding the question, but if in any case, they do, stay updated to find out!

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