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Nowadays, cybersecurity breaches have become a common trend. These breaches can have a disastrous effect on any business. Herein comes the role of an SSL certificate. An SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) certificate acts as an effective shield for businesses all over the world. Not only it enhances the security of the online customers, but it also builds credibility for e-commerce platforms. The primary objective of installing an SSL certificate is to build a sense of trust among your potential customers regarding the authenticity and intent of your online business.

Therefore, installing an SSL certificate should top your priority list when you think of launching an e-commerce website. An effective SSL Certificate installation service can secure your website by installing an SSL certificate efficiently. Though the process of installing an SSL certificate for your website may seem complex to you, it is not a challenging task for the experts in the field. Hence, get your SSL certificate professionally installed by the experts and secure your business website.

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Know all About SSL Installation

Are you perplexed about what goes into SSL installation and how it can help you? Below are some necessary details about an SSL certificate.

What Are SSL Certificates?

These certificates are files that can bind a cryptographic key to the details of an organization. Once it is installed on a web server, it ensures that the connection of a web server to a browser is secure. For instance, an SSL certificate is capable of securing the credit card transactions, logins, as well as data transfers. As a matter of fact, it is gradually becoming a norm to use SSL certificates for browsing social media platforms securely. SSL certificates can bind:

  • A hostname, server name or a domain name
  • The name of the company with its location


For a business, it is imperative to install an SSL certificate in the web server so that the browser sessions become secure. Once installed, it can secure the web traffic between the web server and web browser. When you install it on your web server, you are going to see the HTTP change to HTTPS in which the ‘s’ stands for secure. Additionally, you are likely to see a green bar in the browser once you visit a website with SSL certificate installed. If you get in touch with the experts of a reliable SSL installation service provider, they can make you understand the specifications of an SSL certificate.

How an SSL Certificate Works: SSL Certificate Installation in Dubai

The mechanism of an SSL certificate involves two keys. Whereas the public key is available on the public domain and known to your server, the private key cannot be available on the public domain. The public key can be used in order to encrypt a message.

On the other hand, the message can only be decrypted with a private key. The private key on the server is only capable of unlocking the data. In case a hacker tries to intercept, all they can get is a cryptographic code. This code cannot be broken even with the help of a computer. If you want to understand how an SSL certificate works to secure your website, an SSL Certificate installation service may be of help to you.

Why an SSL Certificate is Essential for Your Company Website

There are many advantages that come with installing an SSL certificate on your web server. If you still need convincing, here is a list of the benefits you can get if you install an SSL certificate.

Secures  all Your Subdomains

Some kinds of SSL certificates such as Wildcard allows you to secure your main site along with all the subdomains. In case you are a business owner with websites that have many subdomains, it can prove to be extremely useful to you. These types of SSL certificates let you do it whereas, with standard SSL certificates, you will have to install the certificates separately for all your subdomains. You can get help from a trustworthy SSL Certificate installation service if you want to secure your original site along with the subdomains.

Creates a Sense of Trust for Your Customers 

Once you install an SSL certificate, you will be able to gain trust from your potential customers. In the address bar of the browser, your website is going to have a security padlock. Once your visitors see this, they are going to be convinced that the connection is secure. It will indicate that you take the privacy of your visitors seriously. Also, if you don’t install an SSL certificate on your website, some browsers may mark it as ‘unsafe’. A trusted SSL installation services in Dubai will be able to secure your e-commerce website and convince your potential customers about your authenticity.

Optimizes SEO 

As Google encourages HTTPS encryption everywhere, your website is going to get a boost in rankings. If you install an SSL certificate, it can move you ahead in the competition. Improvement in SEO is a great advantage to have when you are competing against other industry players.

If you avail a trusted SSL installation service, the experts can take care of all these issues effortlessly.

The Cost of Neglecting Cyber Security

Cyber breaches can wreak havoc for your company. Once your company suffers a cyber breach, it can be a daunting task for you to recover in the aftermath. More specifically, you can lose the trust of your customers and experience a dip in the conversion rates. Therefore, installing an SSL certificate is mandatory for your online business. A reliable SSL installation Service can help you do it effectively and securely.

Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About SSL Certificates

There are certain things that you might want to know about SSL certificates if you are an entrepreneur. Below are some of them to make you have a clearer idea about SSL certificates:

SSL Certificates Can Be Self-Signed 

You can sign the SSL certificates. Usually, ‘certificate authority’ is responsible for signing the SSL certificates that are used on the public sites. In case the SSL certificate is self-signed, it is the user’s decision to communicate with a server using a certificate that is self-signed. To be clear, the user agrees to rely on the owner of the website.

You Can Avail Shared Certificates 

In case you are renting a web space from other people, chances are they have a shared certificate. Furthermore, you will be able to access the dashboard securely and without any hassle. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to use it for e-commerce.

Plenty of Choices For The Company With Multi-domain Certificates 

If you request for a multi-domain certificate, it opens a lot of doors for you. You will only have to validate yourself for CA. Apart from that, you will be able to protect up to 210 domains. Therefore, it allows you to secure a lot of domains with just one certificate.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates Do Not Offer Enough Authentication 

A Domain Validated SSL certificate cannot provide you with the authentication that is needed. The certificate only verifies whether the person who has requested it has the right to use the particular domain or not. However, they do not say anything about the identity of the owner. The professionals of a reputed SSL installation servicewill be able to fill you in regarding these certificates.

Organization Validated Certificates Authenticate the Identity of a Company 

These certificates ensure the authentication of a company. If you use an organization validated certificate, it indicates that CA has authenticated the identity of the company. This is because the company needs to provide enough paperwork to the CA to confirm its identity. While with a DV certificate, any number of companies can call themselves a Coca-Cola; the same is not true for an OV certificate.

Extended Validation Certificates are the Most Reliable 

The verification process is much stronger when it comes to Extended Validation certificates. These certificates can build the trust of your visitors. Not only there will be a padlock indicating a secure connection, but there will also be a green background for the URL in the address bar. A trustworthy SSL Certificate  installation service will be able to take decisions on your part to make your e-commerce website extremely secure.

Where Can You Obtain an SSL Certificate?

You will need to buy an SSL certificate from a reliable certificate authority. The browsers, operating systems as well as the smartphones all have a list of CA list certificates. Nonetheless, the root certificate must be there in the user’s system so that the certificate is trusted. In case it is unreliable, the browser will come up with error messages on the system of the user.

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, these error messages can lead to increased bounce rates. Therefore, you will have to choose a reliable authority for buying the SSL certificate for your website. In case you want to buy an SSL certificate that is appropriate for your company, contact an affordable SSL installation service.

The Perks of Choosing an SSL Installation Service– How You Can Use it to Your Benefit?

The new algorithm of Google is going to be favorable with HTTPS by default. This is Google’s way of encouraging business owners to implement the HTTPS encryption.

Both online business owners, as well as the visitors, are going to benefit from it as there will be a higher number of secure websites appearing in the Google search results. An SSL installation service can keep in mind all the issues while installing an SSL certificate on your website.

Boosting Your Google Search Rankings

An effective SSL Certificate  can enable on your website and thereby, improve your Google search rankings to a significant extent. Once your website becomes HTTPS from HTTP, you will see your Google search ranking go up.

Creating  a Secure and Seamless User Experience

If you avail an SSL installation service, the expert professionals are going to ensure that your visitors experience a seamless web experience. It is extremely important to secure a user’s session as well as the login screen.

They will be able to set up a secure flag for all session cookies so that the contents are not sent over an unencrypted HTTP connection. In addition to that, a competent professional can help you strengthen the security of your website by implementing additional measures such as HSTs and Extended Validation (EV).

Setting Up the Secure Flag for The Session Cookies

You can set a session cookie with an optional ‘secure flag’. This instructs the browser to communicate with the original server using only HTTPS connection. You can see it as security advice from the part of the server to the user. Moreover, the primary aim is to secure the cookie contents. Once the professionals of an SSL installation service set it up, it will prevent the cookies from being sent over an HTTP connection.

Optimizing Security with the Extended Validation (EV) Certificates 

Using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate can provide stronger protection to your website. CA browser forum is a collaboration of browser software vendors and certification authorities. This forum performs an exhaustive verification process on your website if you make it EV secured.

The verification process ensures the reliability of the website operators. If you make your website EV secured, you are going to see a green bar as well as the name of the organization in the URL bar. In case you want to know more about EV certificates, you can get in touch with an SSL installation service.

Implementing HST in Order to Prevent Attacks

Often, visitors get redirected from an HTTP page to an HTTSSL Certificate installationPS connection once they click on a link. During this transition, it is possible to get an active attack. It can either happen passively or by manipulating someone to click on an HTTP link of a secure website.  It can also be done with the help of an email attachment.

If you avail an SSL installation service, the experts can help you in implementing HST ( HTTP Strict Transport Security) on your website. This allows the websites to become accessible only through secure connections.

SSL Certificate installation Dubai: Avail The Best-in-Class SSL Installation Service at Pocket-Friendly Prices

If you need expert assistance for installing an SSL certificate on your online business website, you can get in touch with us. Our team consists of experienced and competent professionals who are well-versed in the knowledge and skills needed to install SSL certificates efficiently. They have gained experience in the field over the years and still are honing their skills. Our team strives to maximize customer satisfaction by providing top-notch SSL installation service. Moreover, you are going to get 24*7 customer assistance from our end. Therefore, get in touch with us and secure your e-commerce website without any further delay.

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