Tips for Relocating your IT Infrastructure

Tips for Relocating your IT Infrastructure

Relocating your IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. The shifting of business over places can itself be a mess and chances are big that with the involvement of IT infrastructure as a component to be relocated, the complexity of the process can increase manifold. Tech Support Dubai helps you relocate with ease, pulling off the deal under the hood so you can focus on things more important.

One of the major concerns while relocation of infrastructure, be it physical, technical or IT-based lies in the risk of losing out on resources that were previously backing the whole system. Here are a few tips that help you relocate without losing out on anything of value:

  1. Defining a New Strategy: You need to come up with a brand new strategy of business for your firm depending on the IT infrastructure you would be adopting for the new office. Shall it be just a continuation of the existing infrastructure, or are you planning to expand the domain of services you use? Most of the shift in strategy will depend on these vital decisions.
  2. Your Mode of Communication: Do you like to engage your clients in telephonic conversations or most of your business deals are closed over e-mails? Were you satisfied with the mode of communication at the previous office? Are you planning to switch to the online medium of communication with clients and dealers? The requirements of the organization absolutely need to be chalked out in advance to assess the need for resources at the time of relocation. The types of communication cables, the speed compatibility, and local internet provider’s prowess have to be considered before deciding to relocate to the new office.

3.Data Storage: The storage and keeping of data can prove to be problematic during relocation if not properly managed. If the maintenance of servers is plausible, a separate server room has to be maintained. Virtual servers can also be employed as they are hassle-free and easy to work with for data transfer and storage. In case of big data, it is advisable to use cloud-based systems which store data in a virtual space eliminating the requirement of any physical room for data.

4.Evaluation of Assets: This is a very important step while relocating your IT infrastructure. The obsolete assets need to be discarded and the useful ones expanded. If the company was using physical servers at the previous office and they are no longer serving their purpose, the company might want to switch to cloud-based servers. All other obsolete subscriptions and permissions should thus be revoked, too.

5.Estimation of Space: The amount of office space available also decides the feasibility of one IT infrastructure over the other. You might have to go for virtual storage if physical space is low.

Relocation of IT infrastructure in Dubai can be tedious but Tech Support Dubai promises a full-fledged assistance in shifting of your business across the UAE, making tough times easier.

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