TV Repair for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide for Common TV Problems

TV Repair for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide for Common TV Problems

Television has been a platform for endless entertainment for many years. Most living rooms are equipped with a TV and it furnishes the regular dose of entertainment, news, sports and what not! But, a malfunctioning TV creates a frustrating issue for you as you are missing out on your favorite programs.

Problems include the quality of picture and poor sound, and sometimes also satellite connection errors. The issues vary according to the television type and are also dependent on the configuration of the individual companies. 

In this blog, we are going to explain the troubleshooting steps to overcome the common issues with a TV. In case of more complex issues, you can connect with reliable TV Repair services for a quick fix. 

Crucial Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Possible TV Problems

Here, we are going to explain some of the common TV problems. Moreover, we are going to identify the exact reasons behind those problems and also guide you with the aptest solutions.

“Black Screen” Issue

Sometimes, your television screen fails to get a proper signal and it displays a black screen. You can’t see the picture on display even after pressing the Input button several times. 

It happens due to various reasons. Loose wire connections or satellite box power connection issues can cause this. To get rid of the issue, you can follow the steps below.

  • Check the cable connections, whether the wires are connected tightly to the device port or not.
  • Make sure that the electric power outlet is working fine and repair the remote control if any problem is found.
  • Now, disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet and hold the Power button for 10-20 seconds.
  • After that, plug the TV back and finish the reset process by pressing the Power button again.
  • If you see the power indicator blinks 2 times, contact a trusted TV Repair service to mitigate the signal issue easily.

“Picture is not Stretched” Problem

At times, you may face the picture stretching issue due to errors in the picture size settings. The picture on the television is also squashed due to the same reason. To overcome this problem, you have to adjust the picture size appropriately.

  1. Press the Menu button of the television remote device and choose the Settings option.
  2. Now, tap on the aspect button and you can see various options such as Zoom, Wide, aspect ratio, etc are available. Set the picture screen in a perfect ratio by choosing any of them. 
  3. You can choose the option Just-Fit or Direct and then customize the TV settings with native resolution.
  4. Finally, close the Settings window by tapping the Exit button and perform the TV Repair efficiently.

High-Resolution Issue

If you purchase a new Television set, you can face mainly two problems, and that are high resolutions and the brightness issue. Both of the conflicts occur especially if you are using the new 4K TV. 

Wrong color adjustments and Vivid mode are responsible for it. Changing the settings can fix the picture brightness problem.  

  1. Press the Menu button from the TV remote and go to the Picture Adjustment Section.
  2. After that, choose brightness and reduce the excessive brightness by moving the slider low.
  3. Now, go to the color section and adjust it properly to overcome the blurred picture issue easily. 
  4. In the case of a 4K TV, you need to install an HDMI 2.0a between the source and the TV. 

If the problem still persists, reset the picture settings with a new data value. In case of a severe issue, connect with an experienced TV Repair Service provider.

TV Picture Looks Grainy

Again, this problem arises due to the picture settings error. The settings include picture brightness, color, and the major responsible reason is the sharpness. A very high sharpness makes the picture grainy and affects the eyes. 

To control this problem, you have to fix the sharpness error by setting it down to 0. Thus, you can fix the image breaking up error and resolve the multiple horizontal bars on the display easily.

  1. Go to the Picture Settings mode and tap on the Adjustment option.
  2. Next, choose Sharpness under the sub-category and reduce the level. 
  3. Press the Exit button. 
  4. Check the signal whether it shows a fair connection and then resolve this error by connecting with the cable service provider.

As a beginner, it is difficult to perform a fix if you’re trying alone and the chances of getting failure in the TV Repair process.

Satellite Receiver Freezing

If you are getting the TV satellite receiver error, then the television screen crashes similar to a computer system screen flickering. Then, rebooting the receiver is essential to tackle it. 

  • Turn off the television set and disconnect the power cord from it.
  • Now, verify the electric power outlet first and if a socket error is prominent, repair immediately before performing a TV Repair
  • Then, turn on the TV again and perform the rebooting for the satellite receiver.
  • Ensure that the heat vents of the receiver are free to pass the excess air. 
  • Finally, restart the television set by pressing the ON button and verify whether the “cable satellite freezing” problem is fixed or not. 

Sound Quality Error

Many times, you’ll find the picture quality is excellent but the sound quality is very poor. The sound is not up to your expectations even after setting the Volume up. 

Then, try to adjust the antenna to avoid the frequency error. If the problem still occurs, then follow the process below and improve the sound quality easily.

  1. First, press the Mute button and then unmute it.
  2. Now, press the Volume Up button and increase the sound level.
  3. Now, try with a different channel and if you are getting the same error,  then go to the Audio menu from the Audio Settings section.
  4. After that, enable the internal speakers and press the OK button to overcome the sound settings error. 

Without professional help, you can’t avoid the broadcast issues and chances of getting the signal error is maximum.

Remote Control Malfunction

If you find that the remote control device is not working, then you can’t operate the Television set. It generally occurs when you try to browse the channels continuously. 

However, weak batteries or remote sensor malfunctioning is the main culprit of this annoying issue. You can easily overcome the remote control device issue by performing the following solution.

  1. First, check the batteries and replace the weak batteries with new ones.
  2. Now, clean the upper-edge of the transmission window of the remote.
  3. At last, repair the battery terminals if they are found to be broken or damaged. 

If you face the same error even after applying the above method, then contact the technical expertise of any reputed TV Repair service for a reliable fix.

We have described significant TV errors with effective solutions. We hope the given methods will be helpful to avoid them confidently.

But, you can face more severe issues that can damage the television set permanently and as a beginner, avoiding them is a tough job for you. However, you can connect with our technical Support Team of TV Repair service for quick assistance. We will reach you with feasible solutions.

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