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Televisions are necessary home appliances that accompany us during loneliness. We have got so accustomed to televisions, that it seems difficult to spend a day without it. The television industry has modernized itself and invented newer models of televisions. The use of advanced technologies has failed to end all television issues.  Thus, sometimes the users are still encountering problems with their branded televisions. If your TV is having any issue, then fix it with TV repair services in Dubai. In this article, we will cater to the needs of Dubai people. 

TV Repair ServicesReasons to Avail Exceptional TV Repair Services in Dubai:

You can take expert help if you experience any of the following issues in your TV, be it of whichever brand:

1. Television Not Turning On

You might notice that your television doesn’t turn on when the power button is pressed.

Even the problem remains when you plug the power cable to a different outlet. Whereas, some users complain that the power light changes from red to green as they press the Power button. But, the Power light turns back to red after a while.  

As a result, they fail to turn on their televisions. Your television most likely to have technical glitches if the power cable, power outlet, and remote are not okay. 

2. Speakers Not Working

You might encounter an audio issue on your television. In this case, you won’t hear any sound even when pictures are displayed on the television screen. If this is not the situation, then one speaker works at one time and the other remains idle and vice versa. 

To rule out the probability of loose connection, reset the input and output cable. Moreover, reset the audio settings to sync the audio outputs with video outputs. 

Get TV repair services to ensure that the speakers aren’t faulty. If the speakers are faulty, then you would have to replace them immediately. 

3. TV Screen Blinking or Flickering

Like many others, you might report that your TV screen keeps flashing on and off when turned on. You can face this issue on both LCD and LED television sets. It indicates that something is wrong with the internal connections. Instead of fixing internal connection on your own, let the experts do the work for you. 

4. Squashed, Stretched, or Cropped Pictures

The pictures on your TV screen might suddenly become squashed, stretched, or cropped. It might happen due to incorrect picture size settings. So, you can adjust the display settings like zoom, wide, or aspect ratio. Else, you can opt to call a TV repair service provider if the problem can’t be fixed after adjusting the picture size settings. 

5. Inconsistent Brightness

While enjoying your favorite shows, your television screen might look brighter at one time and dimmer at the other time. This problem indicates a fault with the power-saving feature or light-sensing feature of your television. 

Hence you need TV repair experts to review the refresh rate and offer a consistent brightness. 

6. Disrupted Images with Pixelations

Pictures on your TV screen might fragment due to low signal strength for HD channels. But, sometimes the problem is found to be associated with the picture tube of your television. It will be expensive if the picture tube is defective. Connect with experts if the problem occurs on every channel on your television. 

7. No Picture

LED TVs are more prone to this issue. Here, the television doesn’t display any picture though the speakers are working. There isn’t any doubt that your TV has internal faults or the picture tube is damaged due to excessive use. TV repair services are the only way to fix this issue. 

8. TV Screen Randomly Goes Black

You might find that your television screen randomly goes black at the time of watching your favorite show. In severe cases, the TV screen will be stuck with a blue, green or, black screen. It can occur due to a hidden fault in the HDMI cable. Only experts will be able to identify the actual cause of this issue. 

9. TV Showing up Vertical Lines

Your television might display vertical lines and affect your viewing experience. Your eyes are affected if you can’t watch television properly. Thus, call an expert to fix this issue as soon as possible. 

10. Remote Control Not Responding

Your television might fail to respond to its remote when the buttons are pressed. If the problem is a technical glitch, then it will persist after adding new batteries or replacing the remote. Since it is a concerning issue, you should get in touch with a TV repair service expert in Dubai. Remember, technical faults will affect the corresponding parts if you don’t take necessary measures. 

11. TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Modern televisions feature a wireless connection to let users stream live videos from the internet. You can access the internet with the help of a router. Connect with experts if you fail to use the WiFi after entering the correct passwords. 

12. Firmware Update Failed

Periodical firmware update is necessary for the proper functioning of your television. You can update the firmware by using the steps mentioned in the user manual. But, connect with experts in case you face difficulties in updating the firmware. 

Leave your Television in Expert Hands

When it comes to TV repair services, we are one of the leading service providers in Dubai. We offer a 24*7 platform where people can connect with us and take opinions regarding their non-functional television. Besides technical issues, we repair and replace hardware components as well. 

So, you can call us if your television screen or any of its parts are broken. Our experts possess a sufficient degree in television repair. At the same time, they are experienced in repairing branded televisions. We charge a reasonable rate for our service and offer a guarantee as well. 

We use genuine parts when we need to replace one of your television parts. For more information, you can visit our official website and check the customer reviews. Therefore, buzz us at our Helpline Number: 045864033 and make a service request today. 

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