Types and Advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in Dubai UAE

Types and Advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in Dubai UAE

Annual Maintenance Contract Services in Dubai

Annual Maintenance ContractIn today’s competitive era, most of the modern businesses across all the industries rely on the IT infrastructure, whether it’s a server, desktop or printers. Even computers and its several parts have become an imperative part of our life. As these systems are vital, any accidental failure in any of them might be a serious cause for concern. If these critical support systems are not working and if their warranty period is over, then you need to immediately look for paid computer support services. They will not only rectify the errors which might arise due to regular use but will also maintain the proper functioning of your computer so that it does not cause any further annoyances and runs smoothly.

More about AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is the mutual contract signed by both the parties, which includes the maintenance and repair services rendered to the customers either by the manufacturers or by the service providers. This is usually done at an exchange of a nominal price and provides its exclusive services once the manufacturer’s warranty period gets over. Moreover, this AMC helps the customers in maintaining the effective working condition of their products.

Types of AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract Services in Dubai

One of the most popular types of AMC that the customers can avail is the comprehensive or labor annual maintenance contract. This AMC can render a fixed amount of services to the pieces of equipment as well as its spare parts and this is in accordance with the needs and requirements of the clients. Moreover, for the purpose of effective maintenance of the products, the clients can render systematically executed annual maintenance services.


Significant Advantages of Using Annual Maintenance Contract Services in Dubai

Whatever electronic product you use, each of it requires proper maintenance and timely services for efficient functioning and proper working. Thus, the best way to do this is to acquire reliable AMC services. There are numerous benefits of using AMC services.One of the major advantages of using AMC services is that the clients can render round-the-clock maintenance and repair support from skilled and qualified technicians and that too without wasting their valuable time.

Another major advantage of availing annual maintenance contract services is that it saves customers from unexpected repair costs and maintenance services. In addition to this,  they also replace the damaged spare parts with genuine ones for better performance and durability.

Let’s take a look at some of the other advantages of AMC services:

1. Cost-Effective

Most of the business owners don’t want to sign any maintenance contract with a managed services company for maintaining their computer and its accessories. Rather, they believe in paying on the spot when the repairs are actually needed. But they are unaware of the fact that in the long run, a contractual agreement is likely to save you some money.

Though they hold back with the idea of paying before availing any repairs or assistance, yet the tempting fact is that the service companies offer some sort of a discount to their contract clients. Thus, you will be able to manage your maintenance budget and other costs beforehand.

2. The service schedules are dedicated enough

In this busy life, everyone has numerous tasks to do and they do take their time and attention. Thus, for them, remembering when to call an expert for servicing a piece of equipment is not on their priority to-do list. But when you sign an AMC contract and partner with a managed IT services company, you don’t need to remember all these. Because their representative will take care of your pieces of equipment by keeping track of your routine maintenance schedule and will contact you when they will find that any action is needed. This will allow you to lead your company without causing any interference in your busy work.

3. Longevity is increased for your hardware

Whether it’s a printer, computer or a workstation, they are all a significant investment. Therefore, everyone wishes that their equipment possess a longer life. If you sign any contract with a maintenance company, then they will inspect your equipment as per their routine maintenance schedule.

Through inspections, they will get to know about the serious issues, if any, even before causing a major problem. Also, this will prevent you from experiencing any unexpected system failure. Moreover, by partnering with a reliable company, you will be confident about the fact that your operations will continue at peak efficiency.

4. Emergency services: Emergency situations in any IT sector can cause even the most stalwart managers to panic. But if you have an existing agreement with an IT service provider, you can be tension-free. At that particular event, you will better know whom to contact and what to do thereafter.

When your system shuts down unexpectedly, then time is the essence. This is because, at that critical moment, you don’t have to waste your valuable time searching here and there for a service provider who can provide you assistance. Moreover, you just need to place a call for emergency assistance.


5. Expert technicians:

Maintaining a good relationship with a technician who is familiar with your equipment is good and beneficial for both parties. If you have a scheduled maintenance contract, then the support team won’t have to waste much time. They will quickly acquaint themselves with your business processes, as they exactly know what systems are crucial for your business operations.
For systematic execution and proper maintenance of the IT equipment in a busy city like Dubai, you can easily interact with professional experts who can offer Annual Maintenance Contract Services in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  What is AMC annual maintenance contract?

    AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is actually a contract which is signed in an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer. When the product’s warranty period expires, this usually comes in handy. However, it also ensures that all the critical damaged parts of your IT equipment are repaired or replaced without paying any additional charge.

    2.   What is AMC period? 

    Through AMC, the manufacturer company provides the service to its customers either by themselves or with the help of other service providers. This AMC contract period varies as per the mutual understanding of both the parties. Usually, the AMC period is of 1 year but then, it can be extended up to three years or five years as per mutual consent.3.    What is AMC warranty?

AMC warranty is actually the warranty period which the manufacturer provides to its users. It includes services such as providing repairs for the damaged products or replacing its parts, if necessary, within a specified period of time. Usually, it depends on the terms and conditions of the equipment.

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