Learn Every Aspect Regarding Data Recovery from a Water Damaged Phone

Learn Every Aspect Regarding Data Recovery from a Water Damaged Phone

Data Recovery from a Water Damaged PhoneAre you one of the users whose phone just got dropped into water? Well, don’t worry then, as you are not only one in this field who has fallen under such circumstances. If you have a smartphone and directly dropped it on the water, then it might stop working. Also, there might be a lot of important data on the phone, which you might have lost and you want to recover it. For the data recovery Dubai, you can always rely on this post as we are going to take you through all the aspects in this regard.

The moment the phone drops in the water, it’s less likely that it will stay in its normal condition. Instead, it goes off irrespective of the type of device you have. Whenever the phone drops into the liquid, the world just freezes to every user unless they have a waterproof phone. Most of the time, data recovery requires a lot of facts to take into consideration. Even there are so many unique features on the smartphone, you cannot just recover the data after dropping your phone into water. For that, you can go through this blog post and get them back.

Facets to Know About a Water Damaged Phone Before Going for the Data Recovery

Whenever the phone drops into the water, it’s not only the water that damages the overall circuit structure of the phone. The corrosion that quickly builds up, holds the main responsibility to completely damage it. Before you make any effort for the data recovery of the water damaged phone, you should know about these facets first. There are so many components inside the phone of yours which might normally take the most damage from it.

In such situations, the components that get the worst effects are the battery, screen, charging port and most importantly the motherboard. If possible, then popping out the battery from the phone would be the first thing to do after you shut it off. In case, you know how you can disassemble all the other components, then, by all means, do that immediately. After that, wipe them with a soft and dry piece of cloth.

Among all the things you shouldn’t do, using a blow dryer comes at the top. So, never use a blow dryer, instead, use a bag of rice as it will help you soak whatever splash is left on the device. Forming corrosion will never stop because of the water residues but keeping it in such a bag will help the process to slow down a bit.  If you don’t want the motherboard and the other components of the phone to sustain heavy electrical damage, then don’t turn the phone immediately it wets.

Retrieve All of your Data Back on your Phone After it Gets Wet with Water

As already discussed, there are so many aspects to take care of after the phone gets wet. A water damaged phone is something that you cannot just fix so easily without facing any kind of problem. It’s a big problem to get back the data you have lost from your device, it really is. But there ‘s nothing to worry about it so much. There are so many companies that specialize in the professional data recovery Dubai, can help you in such situations. Apart from this, there are certain applications available in the market which can help you recover the lost data from your device.

Chip-Off-Recovery Mode

It’s true that there are so many ways by which you can recover the lost data of your phone, but they require some knowledge in that specific field. One of the most popular ways to do that is through the chip-off-recovery mode. It usually refers to the overall extraction of data that needs a direct connection to the memory chip of the phone from the computer. This is the memory chip where all of the critical data is stored and you need to recover that data from it.

This is one such data recovery method that a user can only perform when the data isn’t encrypted. So, if you have a smartphone that encrypts whatever data it holds, then it might not work for you. Many of the smartphones come with such data encryption technology on their memory chip. No matter which Operating System it is running on or which brand it belongs to, if the data is encrypted, then you cannot recover it back using this method.

Reviving Method

Another method by which many professionals recover the lost data from a water damaged smartphone. There are several data recovery tools available in the market that come with the reviving method. It is another way to go for getting all the lost data back to your device. In this data recovery process, professionals start with the full disassembly of different components of the smartphone. After that, they go for the initial board-level inspection and other deep cleaning procedures using several solutions as required for the total data recovery of the device.

Once the professionals remove the corrosion entirely from the device, the next thing they do is called a micro-soldering repair. It usually happens on the faulty components that they find after the water damage. Whoever performs such operations, they should have deep knowledge and understanding of each component of the phone.

They should be aware of what each component is responsible for otherwise, it would be quite difficult to recover the data. How the components work together is another aspect they should know about. If they lack in such facts, then it might happen that the device had irreversible damage. And due to that, you might face a permanent data loss.

Use of Additional Diagnostic Software

Even after the use of both the methods, if you are still facing the lost data problem on your device, then that means you need more help. It’s not always possible to see all the damages from an open eye. To see all the damages, the professionals use the microscope but even with this, they face difficulties to find the damages properly.

There is a use of advanced diagnostic software along with a highly technical schematics to get the lost data back on the device. Once the phone becomes responsive, the most common factor is to encounter the logical issues of the device. If the device requires an additional process for data recovery Dubai that you should perform, then do it immediately. So, check for such logical issues as it is the most important step for the data recovery.

Summing Up

The moment your phone gets water damaged, there are a lot of things you should do to reduce the residues. After turning off the phone immediately, remove the battery, and you should take out as many components as possible. Wipe and dry them as it will help you control the overall damage of the device. After this, you can proceed for the data recovery Dubai on your smartphone. As in the article, we have discussed all the aspects of the process of recovering the lost data from your phone. Hope, you got all the answers you were looking for in this regard. Thank you.


1. Can you Retrieve Data from a Water Damaged Phone?

First, you have to download and install your desired data recovery tool on your computer. After that, you need to connect the damaged phone after cleaning and drying it to the computer using a USB cable. From the several appeared option, recover the lost data from your computer. There should be a button called Scan, click on it and start the scanning process.

2. How can I Recover Data from a Water Damaged Samsung Phone?

There are a few steps that can help you get back the lost data from your water damaged Samsung phone. Don’t panic, just follow the steps as mentioned in the following section.

  1. Launch the Samsung data recovery program on your computer.
  2. After that, select the file types from the list of options appeared on the screen and click on the Next button.
  3. Finally, click on the Recover option that appears on the right-bottom corner of the window.

With the steps as stated above, you can recover the lost data from the water damaged Samsung phone.

3. Can you Get Photos off a Water Damaged Samsung?

Get the Samsung data recovery program and install it on your computer. Launch the program and connect the damaged Samsung phone to your computer. Click on the Scan option that appears only after the recovery program recognizes the connected device. Once the scan completes, click on the Recover button and get all the lost data back on your phone.

4. How do I Get my Contacts from a Water Damaged Phone?

The contacts you haven’t deleted before the phone dropped into the water can be recovered easily. But if you have deleted the contacts and want to recover them, then it would become quite difficult to recover them. Follow the steps and get the contacts back.

  1. At first, install and run the data recovery program you prefer.
  2. There should be an option to select the SMS and Contacts types from the list of different options.
  3. If the program allows you to check the type of damage the phone had, then check for the fault of your phone.
  4. Select the model of your phone and click on the Next button.
  5. Start scanning for the lost data of your phone, from the program and then recover it.

These are the steps by which you can get your contacts back on your water damaged phone.

5. Can Data be Retrieved from a Water Damaged iPhone?

Try to dry out the entire phone before going for the data recovery process. There are two options available from which you can recover the lost data. You can either recover it from Apple iCloud or iTunes backup of your device. You won’t be able to recover the lost files if you have deleted the backup files from the iCloud or iTunes backup.

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