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Application Maintenance Services by Tech Support Dubai

In today’s world, information technology is rightly the driving force. Software applications are the main tool on which almost everything runs. Therefore, there is a tremendous amount of pressure in maintaining and supporting these resources and Infrastructure.

However, there could be some technical issues that need to be eliminated for the smooth functioning of the system. For some applications, there is a need for continuous improvement while as in others there is a need for updates at regular intervals. Up to 50% of the cost goes into Application Maintenance and Support in the software lifecycle.

It is important for companies to have a cost-effective solution for their application maintenance. And, the Tech Support Dubai provides the best support service for your applications. We basically offer 4 levels of standard support to our customers as described below.

At the same time, the usual scope of the support can also be customized as per the requirement of our customer.

Our Services Includes:

As said earlier, we offer support and services for Application Management. Further, our services have 4 different levels. So, let us take a look at these.

Level 1

  • Firstly, Helpdesk support
  • Secondly, Incident response
  • Incident resolution
  • Finally, Logging tickets

Level 2

  • Production support for the applications
  • Deployment and break-fix support
  • For production, issues we guaranteed incident resolution
  • Update tickets and escalate to next level as required

Level 3

  • Bug analysis
  • Minor enhancements and deployment support
  • Support for a team of Level 2 for all-hands-on-deck production issues

Level 4

  • Preventative maintenance, fixes and deployment support
  • Improvement in system stability through root cause analysis fixes and deployment support
  • Major enhancements and deployment support.
  • Update tickets.

Application Maintenance can be Broadly Classified as Follows

Correction: It moreover includes the whole host of work done to troubleshoot and fix the bugs discovered either by the users or the reports related to errors.

Adaptation: This is to keep the software relevant at all times achieved through modifying and updating software.

Perfection: Maintenance is done keeping in mind the long-term goals as well.

Prevention of bugs and glitch do not crop up anytime in the future either.

Our Best Practices in the Applications

  • Understanding and documenting technical, infrastructure, process and functional aspects of applications
  • Also, preparing standard operating procedures for support request types
  • Evaluating features and wish lists for application or system upgrades are there as well
  • Finally, ‘Assess-transfer-maintain’ – a transparent approach that ensures that this critical service is handled with clearly defined expectations.

Why we?

Visibility: We provide real-time visibility of current issues and a commitment to deliver our client’s stated goals and objectives.

Velocity: Simply eliminating nonvaluable advertisements within the business by cutting down wastes and providing powerful automation and optimization across applications.

Value: Simplifying the IT landscape through continuous improvement of our client’s application footprint and regular assessments towards reviewing current and target states.

Companies want to adopt new technologies that enable agility and improve the predictability to stay ahead in the competition. Tech Support Dubai deliver next-generation application maintenance and support services by going beyond the traditional routes that help the company leverage IT applications better, and are driven by business outcomes.

Besides Delivering Superior Application Quality and Lowering Costs, our Approach also provides:

  • Higher efficiency through industrialized service.
  • Enhanced value realization with business and IT alignment – We offer continuous support for constant improvements, transformation, and innovation.

How we Benefit our Clients?

  • Low cost of maintenance and support of the applications.
  • Additionally, expanded the global capability
  • Improved delivery time too
  • Also, free the client’s IT resources for more strategic initiatives
  • Furthermore, 24/7 support for the applications provided based on the Global Delivery Model.

We apply a strong service methodology for delivery that is based on known error databases cookbooks and standard operating procedures. We also offer scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout. For any further support related to the application maintenance do call Tech support Dubai.

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