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Information Security Consultancy Service in Dubai: Trusted by Clients since Decades

Information Security Consultancy:-Technological landscape changes every day. In the journey of innovation, we can meet with threats too. Today our networks are swamped with lethal virus and malware which can cost your data, device, and money. Tech Support Dubai can save you from such vulnerabilities. From penetration test to security gap assistance we provide you services which can secure your business from all technical risks.

A development of an efficient security program requires expertise. Only trained technicians can perform this task. We have assembled a team of talented experts who are proficient in designing a cyber-security strategy. They will guide you in collating a right mix of technology and solutions to build a program which can serve you efficiently.

Information Security Consultancy Service

We don’t Let Threats Compromise the Security of Your IT Components

By utilizing the knowledge of experienced and seasoned specialists, we provide insights which can help you in prioritizing actions. It will lead to a better security action plan for your company. Performing such evaluation process on your own is challenging. Here our experts will guide you smoothly through several tests which will provide a detailed analysis. Following are the assessments which we offer:

1. Security Assessment and Audit Service

  • Application: Web, Mobile, Thick Client
  • Web Services
  • External and Internal Infrastructure
  • Remote Access
  • Host/Build Security
  • Penetration Test

2. Wireless Network

  • Physical Security Assessments
  • RFID Security Assessment

3. Training & Awareness

  • A Software Development Life Cycle Analysis
  • Security Awareness
  • Live Interactive Demos

4. Code and Policy Review

  • Security Policy Review
  • Firewall Rule Base Review
  • Architecture Security Review
  • Source Code Security Review
  • Risk-Based Source Code Review
  • Security Design Review and Threat Assessment
  • Development Process Review
  • Review of Change Control Procedures

5. Consultancy

  • GDPR Analysis
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Security Maturity Model

We believe in offering services which are affordable and productive. By serving several organizations, we have gained a reputation as the leader in information security consultancy services in Dubai.

A Right Choice will only Make Sure that You have Best Security Solutions

When you search for the service provider, choosing a right partner becomes essential. A single loophole in the security system can allow the attacker to enter into your network. Tech Support Dubai can be your one-stop solution for reliable, quality and productive services. We seek customer satisfaction in every solution which we offer. To achieve this goal we offer some benefits along with our services.

  • 24×7 customer support
  • Quality assistance and solutions
  • On time delivery
  • Transparent transactions

Our experts are just a call away if you are seeking professional advice. No matter, what is the time at which you need assistance. Contact us and get guaranteed solutions without compromising quality at budget-friendly prices.

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