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There comes the point when technical requirements of the company exceed, and that is the time when you require to upgrade them. For the efficient functioning of the business, it is essential to upgrade your software and hardware from time to time otherwise your system will be lagging behind thereby, having an adverse effect on your business.

Planning office migration

What does a business data migration involve?

Business data migration may involve the following:

  • Microsoft Office migration;
  • Microsoft Exchange migration;

Windows Server 2003 migration.

Our services include

  • Assembling of the IT equipment in the new office
  • Audit of the current system.
  • Maintenance and upgrading of IT infrastructure at minimal cost
  • Transfer plan preparation.
  • Design, installation, and testing of SCS in the new office
  • Searching and contracting with an Internet service provider
  • Dismantling of the equipment in the old office
  • Preparation of design and installation of VSS and/or ACS
  • Switching particular IT services to the Cloud

Upgrading will undoubtedly increase the existing capabilities of the software applications and introduce new useful features. Our technicians are skilled and experienced, they always plan data migration carefully and make every effort to handle the migration procedures quickly and hassle-free. We have the expertise needed to provide a relocation from Windows Server 2003 to a higher version, fast Office migration.

If you are planning the office migration do contact our specialist, they will be glad to help you. Tech Support Dubai services are truly catered to your business. Our experts guide our clients accurately and offer them the best service. Our experts assure you that they will meet all your expectations.  We at Tech Support Dubai have very good experience in managing all sizes of migration. O2ur skilled experts will advise you on the Office Plan that suits you best and also how you can choose the best bouquet of plans to get the best value for money.

We are best in Business Migration services at a fixed and transparent cost, it really doesn’t get better than this. Talk to our team member, you will be delighted.

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