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You might have come across the term “Structured Cabling” while you think of cabling infrastructure. Now, structured cabling is the architecture and the installation procedure of a cabling system. It is designed in such a way that it meets all the hardware needs of the user or company. Moreover, it also ensures a provision for fulfilling future requirements. The planning of structured cabling is done is such a way that it supports hardware which will be installed in the future also. The building of the framework is followed by a set of specific protocols which are maintained throughout while installing the structured cabling technology.

Structured Cabling Structured cabling also supports multiple hardware simultaneously in the system. Though it is relatively a new idea, structured cabling Dubai is quite popular. And this is because Dubai is one of the fastest growing countries now having the services of the latest technologies.

Our Way of Designing Structured Cabling Dubai

Our Way Of Designing Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is done in offices, apartments and data centers     nowadays. The basic idea of structured cabling Dubai is to develop  voice communications within the building or office in Dubai. It is  installed in the system with the help of different types of cables. We have our efficient engineers who will meticulously work on the brand new techniques to design a structured cabling system.

Our engineers design structured cabling systems with several kinds of wires, notably the category 5e or Cat5e, category 6e or Cat6e, modular connectors and, optical fiber. They will use these tools to design different topologies according to the need of the customers. Then, with the help of a 19-inch rack-mount, the modular connectors will be fixed on either side. Now, the technicians will patch each outlet into switches. The connections which are patched as data ports require a straight-through patch to connect to a computer at every end. However, in most countries, an adapter is required to convert voice patches into PBX. The configuration is translated remotely from modular connectors to telephone wall sockets.

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Also, our servicemen will color-code the patch panel cables to identify the kind of connection later. Also, we will take every necessary measure so that there is no failure in the system. Moreover, the engineers will setup the IP phone systems which can run both telephones and computers using the same wire. Thus, it will eliminate the possibility of having a different connection for phones and computers. You can always opt for our services as you can see that it is quite budget-friendly. The reason our techies are using Cat5e and Cat6e cables is that they can gain power from Ethernet connections for appropriately a length of 8m.


Make the Most of Structured Cabling Dubai:


Structured cabling has different types of subsystems. Have a look at how each part works:

structured Cabling Dubai

1. Entrance Facilities (EF)

This part of the structured cabling system deals with the hardware required to build up the cabling network. EF is the fundamental step towards installing the structured cabling framework in a workstation. Entrance Facilities have equipment like the connecting wires, the hardware components, the protection tools, and the demarcation points. The EF links with the Access Provider which is also known as private network cabling. The Entrance Facilities connect the outside plant with the inside building cabling. We have finely tuned Entrance Facilities which contain every necessary equipment.

2.Equipment Room (ER)

The telecommunication equipment space which is environmentally controlled is more complex than the Telecommunication Room (TR). The TR is also termed as Telecommunication Enclosure (ER) which stores the horizontal cross-connects (HC), main cross-connects (MC), and intermediate cross-connects (IC).

3.Backbone Cablingstructured cabling in dubai

The Backbone Cabling links the Equipment Room, the Telecommunications Rooms, the Entrance Facilities, and the Access Provider. They are of two types:

First, there is Cabling Subsystem 2, which connects the horizontal cross-connects with the intermediate cross-connects through backbone cabling. Second. Cabling Subsystem 3, which connects intermediate cross-connects with the main cross-connect through the same.

4.Telecommunication Room (TR) or Telecommunication Enclosure (TE)

The Telecommunication Room terminates the horizontal cross-connects and the Backbone Cabling and prevents them from connecting hardware. Also, it maintains a controlled environment to terminate telecommunications equipment.

5.Horizontal Cabling

The Horizontal Cabling subsystem ranges from the information outlets of the work area to the Telecommunications Room. It contains the jumpers, the patch cords, the horizontal cable, and the mechanical terminations. Also, keep in mind that the horizontal cable can have a maximum length of 90m.

Services We Offer for Structured Cabling Dubai: Nowadays, there is competition everywhere nowadays which we encourage and take up as a challenge. Hence, to keep pace with advancing technologies, we have an excellent team and advanced techniques to help you install structured cabling effortlessly. Have a look at why you should opt for us:

  • Promptness: Understandably, time is very important to everyone. This is the main reason why we give so much importance to punctuality. Hence, our executives will offer timely structured cabling Dubai. In some cases, our professionals also offer doorstep services to save you more time. Moreover, you can also get remote services as well in some situations.
  • Pocket-Friendly Services: Without a doubt, money is the most import thing in this world. You will always look for a budget-friendly solution every time you need reliable services. So, we ensure that the charges are reasonable and completely transparent.


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Though a lot of technical service providers are competing with each other to assist you with the best possible service when it comes to a reliable structured cabling company in Dubai. Have a look at some of them who have made quite an impact in this niche.


  1. . Al Asma Technologies
  2. . UAE Technician
  3. . Optec Technology
  4. . ADC Telecom Solutions
  5. . EMTECH


So, these are some of the well-renowned service providers which have a pretty decent feedback from their existing customers. If you face any such issues, feel free to contact us at our respective Tech support Dubai number: 045864033. We will provide you with hassle-free services every time.

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