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OnePlus is the most widely used mobile in comparison to other models currently available in the market. With its every new version, it surprises users with different handy features. Unfortunately, many users still face many issues while using a OnePlus mobile. These are petty issues and can be easily solved by any technologically sound person. But still, if you cannot resolve the problems on your own and are searching for a reliable service for OnePlus Mobile Repair, then you may as well connect to our experts at Tech Support Dubai. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will properly guide you to solve all OnePlus issues.

OnePlus Mobile Repair Services

Major Issues That You May Have to Deal with While Using OnePlus Mobile:

There are many issues that a OnePlus user generally faces after some months of heavy usage. Among them, some of the major issues are mentioned below.

  1. Whenever users dial the emergency number, the phone reboots: Many users have complained about this issue. Whenever they dial any emergency number, especially 999, the phone automatically reboots. It may occur due to the excessive memory usage which hangs the phone. It sets off the OTDOA protocol while you are dialing the emergency number.
  2. Odd Jelly Effect: Sometimes the jelly effect of OnePlus confuses as well as annoys the user. But, it is a natural display and there is nothing to get concerned about. This display is mainly upside down and changes the visual as well as the scrolling effect.
  3. The Phone starts vibrating in the middle of a call: Vibration alerts a user about incoming calls. But, many users have complained that their phone begins to vibrate in the middle of a call. It is indeed annoying when you are talking to someone, and your phone starts to vibrate. It may occur due to a change in the vibration intensity setting. Turn to the experts at Tech Support Dubai for unmatched OnePlus mobile repair services.
  4. The Device cannot be recognized by The PC: Whenever you try to connect the PC with a smartphone, you get an immediate notification on the screen if the device is connected correctly. But, it does not often happen with OnePlus. It might occur due to various bugs present in the system. Due to the presence of bugs, the PC cannot recognize the device.
  5. Problems while using WiFi: Many users have complained about the OnePlus connectivity issues, and the WiFi connection repeatedly connects and disconnects. Sometimes, switching on and then turning off the airplane mode helps in maintaining the stability of the WiFi connection.
  6. The Device turns off automatically: This is one of the major problems that OnePlus users have faced. The device shuts down anytime when in use, or it is idle.  It mainly happens whenever you are using a specific application. We always recommend you to uninstall these kinds of apps to enhance the device’s performance. Sometimes, booting or factory resetting the phone also helps.

The Services Our Experts at Tech Support Dubai Offer for OnePlus Mobile Repair

Our team at Tech Support Dubai consists of well-trained experts who are always ready to help you whenever you face any kind of OnePlus issue. We are authentic and always have a fierce commitment to enhance the experience of our customers. Our team always maintain a meaningful relationship with our customers as services are available 24×7. You can easily approach our service providers, and they are always passionate about enriching you with our technologies. Our services are always reliable and affordable which will entirely fit your budget.

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Our expert team at Tech Support Dubai has years of experience and all the necessary tools to resolve all OnePlus issues. We know that technical problems require urgent fixes and hence, we try our best to resolve the issues within a limited amount of time. You can directly call us on helpline number : 042480520 in your hour of need. Our service providers are always available to assist you with proper solutions to the problem. We also have a live chat portal where you can directly chat with our experts. You can also directly send your service request on our official email ID. Our experts will connect with you and optimize the performance of your OnePlus Mobile.