Dedicated Servers Hosting

Make the most of dedicated servers hosting with smart strategies within your budget

Dedicated hosting is configuring a hosting server which is devoted to a single organisation or for a single purpose, such as a website. Unlike shared hosting, in which a single server performs as a host to multiple customers, dedicated hosting works as a dedicated server of a particular client. Here, the client owns the full authority of the server and doesn’t share the server access with anyone else.

However, you can also set up the server externally from within a data centre. But, Web hosting companies recommend to set up the server within the client’s premises to protect the customer’s security system and save network administration costs. So, if you are running a company, you can consult with a reliable service provider to setup an exclusive host server for your company. We, at Tech Support Dubai, have a team of skilled professionals who can develop the best dedicated servers in Dubai. Connect with them via call, mail or chat and let them develop an unique host server for you at an affordable price.

How can dedicated servers hosting be beneficial for your company?

Business owners opt for dedicated hosting to manage their websites so that they can develop and control a considerable amount of traffic. Dedicated hosting is perfect for big enterprises that handle a huge amount of web traffic per day. The service providers also offer the server controlling facility in case the client is unable to do it. Check out the following advantages of opting for dedicated hosting for your business organization.

  • More reliability compared to shared hosting
  • Better performance compared to when resources are shared
  • A custom firewall, which can help in enforcing the access control policy
  • More flexibility in terms of adding software and changing server configurations
  • A unique and dedicated IP address
  • A greater degree of security that can be customized according to a client’s needs
  • Much more secure than shared hosting as it doesn’t involve sharing of data with anyone else
  • You can enjoy your unique and exclusive IP address
  • It is low cost and doesn’t include any extra overhead cost for maintenance
  • Full freedom to customize your server specifications as per your business and customer’s requirement

So, develop a dedicated server for your enterprise as soon as possible and enjoy efficient management of your web traffic.

Why should you choose us as your dedicated server hosting guide?

Our experts at Tech Support Dubai can meet all requirements at a reasonable price. We are the best service provider that offers efficient dedicated servers plan at a budget-friendly price. Our developers have years of experience in developing numerous dedicated host servers for clients across the world. Given below are the brilliant facilities we offer to our clients:

  • Feel at home cPanel
  • Quick upgradation of plans irrespective of time without having re-provision
  • Faster server uptime
  • Complete authority over  your PHP files, modules, server level proxy and many more
  • Robust site backup system to recover your lost system files

Searching for affordable dedicated servers hosting in Dubai? Dial:045864033

Generating dedicated servers from unreliable resources might cost you high but not satisfy your requirements. But, connecting with us can be the most affordable and reliable option for you to avail your desired host server. Dial our helpline number: 045864033 to get connected with our professionals at Tech Support Dubai. We are available throughout the day to provide assistance at the time of your need. Additionally, you can drop a mail to us and receive assistance through a call back within the next 24 hours. You can talk to our professionals in real-time via live chat and avail a dedicated servers plan at a reasonable price. So, reach us with all your server requirements and we will fulfill them all as soon as possible. We also provide Reseller hosting service in Dubai.

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