Server Management

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Maintain Your Server with the Help of Tech Support Dubai

Your business may have a negative impact if you don’t focus on your server maintenance. Tech support Dubai is here for you if in case you don’t have time or expertise to assure systems are secured, monitored and backed up 24/7. Our technicians will help you to manage the day to day operations of the server. We will ensure you that your systems are up to date, your data is backed up and performance is optimal. Without any tension of server management, you can keep your focus on business deals.

Server Management

Benefits of a Server maintained by Tech support Dubai

  • 24×7 Monitoring of server.
  • We will continuously monitor your systems.
  • On a regular basis, we will inform you about the latest Microsoft and service packs updates.
  • A major reduction in your downtime.
  • Common problems will be fixed automatically.
  • Improves system availability and Key applications remain consistently and speedily available.
  • Enables you to focus on your Core Business.
  • You can save those pennies that you spend on maintaining a team for the server management.
  • Boost performance.

Whether it is off hours server support, network support or Linux there are certain deficiencies in the capabilities of most IT staff that your organization’s budget will not let you fill. Our remote service management for the server will help you to build a bridge of operational gaps that too an affordable price.

Why does an IT Company need to manage a server?

    • You need them to support client-server based applications like websites or email
    • You have multiple servers with technology specific to servers, like the RAID, virtualization, or a domain/directory.

By using a single tool, the Server Manager makes server administration more efficient:

      • View and make changes to server roles and features.
      • Perform management tasks associated with the server, like that of stopping or starting services, and managing local users account.
      • Perform management tasks associated with the operational roles installed on the server, including scanning certain functions for compliance with best practices.
      • Determine server status, identify critical events, and analyze and troubleshoot configuration issues or failures.

To ensure that all the aspects of the server are duly covered and clients are benefited from maximum website Tech support Dubai offers comprehensive server management plans. From configuration to monitoring the server around the clock, well-trained technicians from our company work hand-in-hand with customers. Our team has the expertise in handling Windows servers efficiently and is adept with a wide range of control panel installations too.


We allow you to focus on core competencies of business by taking care of all the technical needs of the website. Our techs are available 24×7 to provide support service to our customers. Our server management, dedicated staffing, and outsourced support solutions enable our valued clients to leverage the latest technologies and the best in quality support.

Doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, weekdays or a holiday our engineers will always be there in your service over the phone, live chat or help desk. We cover any shift you find hard to manage, or if need be, take care of your entire support operations. We help you set up support systems on your servers, and use your company name in our responses so that our service is 100% white labeled.

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