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CCTV maintenance service Dubai: Closed-circuit television, commonly known as CCTV camera, refers to a system of video feeds that are transmitted within a closed system from various security cameras. Originally designed in the mid 20th century, CCTV cameras are trusted sources that safeguard people in several areas. Hence, in this write up we have enlisted the steps to install a CCTV camera and discussed the steps to maintain the efficiency of the device.

Advantages of a CCTV camera:

  • Maintains perimeter security
  • Monitors the traffic
  • Oversees locations that would be hazardous to humans
  • Obtains visual record of activities to maintain proper security

Common CCTV problems after installing:

Users often complain about certain problems with their CCTV camera such as blur images in night, poor quality images, bright spots on the monitor, snowy bars on the screen and identification problems. Below is a list of common CCTV installation issues faced by users:

  • Compatibility issues
  • Annoying false alarms
  • Security monitors and recorders provide incompatible coverage
  • Bright spots in the image
  • Cabling problems

Choosing a high-quality security camera is the very first thing to prevent image quality problems. Maximum crimes happen at night but most of the CCTV cameras produces hazy images during night time. Another common issue during nighttime is that the screen turns completely white. This happens due to the fault in the infrared light. Image quality becomes poor when you exceed the recommended cable length. Long cables cause connection problems and affect camera performance and image quality. To resolve all CCTV related issues, feel free to place a call at our helpline number and have a conversation with our executives. Avail professionals help to eliminate CCTV installation errors.

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Steps to install a CCTV camera:

The most important aspect of installing a CCTV camera is choosing the right spots for the camera and DVR to maximize camera coverage and minimize the cable length. For indoors, choose a corner in the room from where most entry points in the room are visible. Make guide marks for drilling. Screw the camera in place swiftly and insert the power cable in a socket. Plan the pathway of all the cables from the cameras to the DVR unit. Use wire mouldings along the path and put the wires inside. Insert the exposed cables into the BNC port.  Connect the DVR output port to the screen. Set up the DVR by following the user manual.  Check every camera’s feed to confirm if each camera is functioning properly and set the desired viewing angle.

Tried the above steps? Still, need help? Our pool of experts at UAE Technician is ever ready to guide you to install the CCTV camera.

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