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Have an Emergency? Tech Support Dubai is here to Help You!

For smooth functioning of the contemporary business, availability of IT emergency support is the most potent and effective tool that safeguards the operations. Tech Support Dubai works with clients to understand the aims and objectives of their business and provides an instant response at the time of IT emergencies. We also offer support and maintenance for various enterprise websites and applications primarily made for enterprise clients.

IT Emergencies

Dealing with IT Emergencies

Our engineers will guard your network and thus will protect your business from many unexpected halts and unpleasant surprises. Sometimes, even the security measures and the most maintenance schedule fails to protect your office computer from every possible risk of this world. In that case, you can connect with our technicians who are just a call away from you. They have complete knowledge of such issues and knows how to eliminate them permanently. We have a cost-effective approach for all your IT emergency problems. So, don’t delay because sometimes even a delay of few minutes can determine the difference, a successfully closed deal or months-long fruitless talks. So, please don’t hesitate to call us if you are having any IT emergency issue.

  • General Development Services
  • UI Development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. )
  • Content Change & Updation
  • Bug Fixing
  • QA, Cross Browser Testing & Site Performance Optimization
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Advice on usage of the CMS
  • Security Updates & Minor Upgrades
  • Code Deployment

Why choose us?

  • A dedicated team with technical competence across several technologies.
  • 24×7 Rapid response to an emergency.
  • We have fully trained quality team with a keen eye on details that will test every single update.
  • We understand and maintain websites on a variety of hosting environments.
  • We provide staging environment on our own server for all clients.
  • We also restore normal operation of your IT equipment
  • We will suggest measures to minimize the risk of the same problem occurring again.
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