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How much it costs to repair a PS5 depends on the specific problem, but in general, cleaning the PS5 and replacing the cooling paste in the CPU start at 100AED. If you need to ps5 repair dubai your broken PlayStation and are wondering, “How much does it cost to repair a PS5”, we have all the information you need right here. We are a PS5 repair company in Dubai that services all models, including PS5 Regular edition or PS5 digital edition. We use original parts and have a solid reputation in the industry. Customers’ most frequent issue when playing their favourite games is an HDMI port issue. Replacing the HDMI port on a PS5 takes a few hours. 

Highest-Rated Sony PS5 Repair Dubai Services

Sony PlayStation gaming consoles are a must-have for gaming enthusiasts. PlayStation 5 is the latest innovation so far in the gaming industry from Sony, and it’s one of the best user-friendly gaming gadgets for fans. 

However, problems might arise on your PS5 console or joystick due to unwanted glitches or configuration tantrums.

For instance, your PS5 might not connect to the server, or you might come across a DualSense drift. Here, a quick and reliable PS5 repair Dubai can resume your gaming experiences. 

We, at Tech Support Dubai, offer fast and guaranteed gaming console repairs Dubai. Being a reputed service provider, it’s our responsibility to bring your PS5 back to life.

We have teamed up with the most experienced technicians who are experts in repairing Sony PlayStations. They can provide you with effective solutions to every PS5 problem possible. Undoubtedly, our PS5 repair near me is the best fit for your search, be it your PS5 and other gaming console expertise.

We strive to offer top-notch quality service through our PS5 repair in Dubai. No matter how challenging the hardware or software issue is, we can manage every aspect for you. Get in touch with us and resolve PlayStation glitches at affordable prices.

PS5 Repair Dubai: Common Issues that need Trigger Repair Services

Are you facing problems with powering on the PlayStation5? Or, you might be noticing an error message due to an SSD glitch. We understand your worries and panic over your favourite gaming console. Well, don’t freak out, as Tech Support Dubai is here with the best PS5 repair Dubai services.

We have been dealing with PlayStation issues for years. Our technicians can take care of those PS5 complications, and you need not wait in a queue. We make sure that we can serve you without any downtime. Additionally, our technicians are experts in diagnosing issues related to PS5.

The experts detect the root cause and customise the right solution for your PS5. We strive for excellence in providing you with personalised and specialised PS5 repair services. 

Check out the most common PS5 issues that demand a speedy repair and how we can assist you in these situations:

Power-Related Problems

Power supply issues are one of the most reported complaints by users. Gamers have claimed that defective PS5 consoles fail to turn on after turning them off. Internal circuit issues might lead to such circumstances. On the other hand, bugs due to external storage units have been in the limelight for interrupting the firmware functionality.

Are you encountering startup problems with your PlayStation 5 too? If yes, then hire our gaming console repair service professionals. We offer power solutions that are specifically proven for PS5 consoles. Resolve power-associated issues swiftly with our dedicated PS5 repair Dubai services.

Frequent Crashing

A system crash error in between interesting gameplay is quite unwanted. Crashing software on the PS5 system might affect your gaming experience. On the other hand, you might lose important game data if your system keeps crashing and disconnecting from the server. Disable the Rest Mode on your console to prevent your system from crashing.

Check out whether your PS5 requires a system update or more critical repair services with Tech Support Dubai. Opt for our PS5 repair near me and let our technicians run the required diagnostics. We offer to fix your PS5 console and factory reset the device. We also make sure that you don’t have to lose any important data while we repair the gaming console.


Any system dealing with extreme pressure can easily result in overheating. This is a sign that your device might not be functioning appropriately. If your PS5 console keeps crashing, shutting down abruptly, or something similar, then they might be the reasons behind overheating.

On the other hand, blocked vents of the PS5 console might be another culprit. Contact our gaming console repairs Dubai team to check out what’s bothering your PS5 experience. 

We offer to unclog those vents and resolve software and hardware problems on the go. Keeping a PlayStation 5 in a closed space might escalate the scenario, so you should place it in a ventilated area.

Drifting Issues of the DualSense Stick

Stick drift has been a serious problem for many consoles. Currently, PS5 users have registered complaints regarding the DualSense controller. The controller is automatically registering input without any manual support. As a result, the users are viewing the cursor moving across the screen without doing anything.

The issue is annoying, and it might lead to a deadly mistake, especially when you are playing a high-end title. Resetting the controller to its factory settings might help you. However, that doesn’t guarantee the right solution all the time. That’s why you should hire our PS5 repair Dubai experts to diagnose the DualSense controller. They offer hardware repair for the Sony PlayStation 5 joystick controls.

Errors During Hard Drive Transfers

Sony has replaced HDDs with SSds for PlayStation 5. Therefore, it’s quite difficult for you to run out of storage easily. Additionally, you can ditch the chance of HDD breakdowns. 

However, you might want to transfer data from your PS5 to an external hard drive. And, several users have reported data loss while doing so. 

You can save your PS5 data from being lost with our PS5 repair near me. We can restore all your lost or corrupted game files in no time. Let our experts help you with our superior data recovery technology. 

So, reach us and experience a stress-free data recovery while transferring data from PS5 to an external hard drive.

Incompatibility Problems

PlayStation 5 comes with backward compatibility to make sure that players can play titles from the previous generation. However, players have registered reports that they can’t play PS4 games on PS5. Now, that leads to a compatibility issue, no doubt.

Are you stuck on PS5 with games labelled with PS4 and PS5 compatibility? Then, you must consider our gaming console repair services in Dubai. Our experts will diagnose the issue precisely so that you can resume your gaming compatibility soon. Moreover, they offer licence restoration for PS5 and other gaming consoles, as well.

DualSense Controller Can’t Hold Charge

The controller is the driving force behind your PlayStation 5 and its superior performance. However, you can’t brag about the controller if it’s draining its charge faster than ever. If you are annoyed with the controller, then you are not alone.

Many users have experienced the same. You can connect the controller to the dock for an immediate solution. Yet, that’s just a temporary solution. Try changing the charging cable. If that one fails, then you should opt for our PS5 gaming console repair services Dubai. Our professionals offer charger repair, battery replacement and other services to fix the problem.

Error Code CE-108262-9

This particular error code is quite common for PS5 consoles. It indicates system deterioration, and you might notice this error code when your system suffers from hardware failure. You might come across frequent system crashes, shutdowns, etc. before you coincide with an error code CE-108262-9.

This error requires urgent tech support. Opt for our PS5 repair Dubai services to prevent your gaming console from further damage. We offer data backup, recovery, and hardware repair of the PS5 console as soon as possible. Contact Tech Support Dubai and save the PlayStation from unexpected damages.

Motherboard Issues

Is your PS5 taking ages to load or install games? Chances are there that the motherboard of the gaming console might be suffering from wear and tear. You might also notice frequent error messages while playing games. Users have reported white light of death and blue light of death as signs of motherboard failure, too.

Do you need help with your PS5’s motherboard? Get in touch with us to learn the status of the motherboard. Our technicians run diagnostics to find out the motherboard issues. We offer motherboard repair and replacement services for your PlayStation 5 at affordable rates.

Fan Problems

Overheating will be a common instance for your PS5 if the fans aren’t working properly. How can you indicate fan errors with your PS5 gaming console? 

You might notice the following signs:

  • Whirring sound from the gaming console
  • Unexplained overheating
  • Dirt and dust accumulated on the vents of the gaming console

Call our PS5 repair Dubai professionals to handle fan issues. We offer repair and replacement services to PS5 fans. Our technicians are skilled in handling water-damaged PS5 units as well. Connect with us to get comprehensive PS5 repair near me.

How Can We At Tech Support Dubai Help You?

In Sharjah, Dubai, and the UAE Region, our ps5 repair Dubai service centre is prepared to provide you with PS5 repair services for gaming equipment. We will assist you in resolving any issues you might have with the gaming gadget. Experts in PS5 repair in Dubai will be pleased to assist and respond to any inquiries. Any PlayStation or Xbox gaming console Any gaming device can be repaired thanks to the expertise of our company’s Service Center staff. Your equipment will operate well for the long term if you get it repaired in our service centre. We at Tech Support Dubai help you in fixing your PS5 instantly and effectively.

We are skilled professionals who can assist you with this problem and countless others. Give us the PS5 that is giving you difficulties and describe the circumstance. We’ll do everything within our power to identify and resolve the issue so you may once more sit back, relax, and enjoy playing your console at home.

What Can You Do When Your PS5 Stops Working Suddenly?

Did your PS5 fail and stop working all of a sudden? This is a common problem that lots of other PlayStation 5 players have also experienced! It would be a difficult situation, especially if you were merely enjoying yourself while playing video games at the time. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to this issue, and the one we describe today may be the one that best suits your needs.

You can try the following simple fixes if your PS5 doesn’t turn on:

Restart the PS5

Frequently, a simple restart is required to get the PS5 working again. To restart your PS5, hold down the power button for roughly fifteen seconds. When the PS5 restarts, you’ll get a quick error message. The PS5 should continue to function typically aside from that alarm message.

Turn it on and off

You must shut down and restart your console if a restart does not fix the issue. Before the flickering LED stops flashing, keep pressing the power button. The console should be unplugged from the power supply and left alone for around 20 minutes. After that, switch it on and reattach it to the power supply.

Insert a disc

Insert a disc. If the PS5 fails to recognize the disk, it is either off or not functioning correctly. It is in good working order if the PS5 usually takes it. This might suggest that the PS5 is not causing the problem.

Try alternative power cords

The IEC C7 power cable, also used by the PS5 and PS3, is used to power the PS5. Use spare IEC C7 power wires if you have any on hand! The console could malfunction or fail to switch on if the cable is unable to send enough or any power to it. To check that the new cable functions, only make sure to test it on a different device.

Activate the PS5 in safe mode

You might need to start your PS5 in “safe mode” if it still won’t boot properly. To do this, shut down the PS5, then hold down the power button until the second beep appears. After that, restart your console in Safe Mode by pressing and holding the power button.

From here, you can also reset your PS5 but use caution. You will lose all your files because the PS5 will be reset to factory defaults. Therefore, only use this as a last resort! We use genuine replacement parts and offer a warranty for our services, and our expert team at PS5 repair in Dubai guarantees high-quality work and your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Tech Support Dubai for ps5 repair Dubai?

In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, numerous companies offer IT help, computer repair, all-in-one desktop, PS5s, laptops, MacBooks, wireless router, printers, CCTV, servers, and IT equipment. You might choose from a variety of laptop repairing services in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to fix your laptop, MacBook, and other IT goods, but if you choose Tech Support Dubai, here are some differences you will spot that make us different and better than the others:

  • Easy Assistance: For immediate assistance, call or WhatsApp the provided number for Laptop Repair Sharjah, and we will take care of all your issues under one roof. We fix all types of laptops, PS5s, MacBooks, printers, and server issues on-site or offer free pick-up and delivery for more complicated issues. We are a registered business and will give you a receipt when we pick up any items from your home or place of business.
  • Affordable Pricing: We work to provide the most reasonably priced PS5 repair in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. If the repair cost is within your means, we will fix it. PS5 Repair Sharjah always offers a free estimate before mending.
  • Reliable Staff: Trustworthy and competent crew that consistently completes tasks on schedule. Our staff of skilled experts is capable of completing tasks that they begin. You will not have to worry about anything if you hire us. The status of your product is kept up to date for you by WhatsApp or phone call from PS5 Repair Sharjah.

How can We Assist You with Our Top-Notch PS5 Repair Dubai Services?

Tech Support Dubai ensures that you can avail our services easily. Your PS5 deserves the best treatment as soon as possible. We have crafted our services in such a way that you can request them without standing behind a queue.

Here’s how you can get same-day PS5 repair near me from Tech Support Dubai:

Call Our PS5 Repair Professionals

Call us to raise a service request. Mention your PS5 problems along with every technical requirement. Cooperate with our experts by providing them with your contact and location details. This makes it easy for us to reach you within the stipulated time.

Get a Precise Diagnosis

Our technicians start the gaming console repairs Dubai service with advanced diagnostics. They use the finest-grade equipment to test your PlayStation 5 and tell you the main reason and solution for your PS5 issue. 

Affordable Price to Fix PS5

Our technicians will repair the PS5 accordingly. Meanwhile, you can simply sit back and relax. Soon, your PS5 will be handed over to you for a seamless experience. The entire possess gets completed within your budget. You can also crack exclusive deals with us.

Why Should You Choose Our PS5 Repair Dubai Services?

Tech Support Dubai is a trusted place to address all your problems related to gadgets. We offer all-in-one repair services for PS5 and other gaming consoles in Dubai. Now, you can be a part of our initiative if your PlayStation has been bothering you with slow booting, power issues, game installation, and more.

We, being a reputed service provider for PlayStation, offer on-time repair and other support for gaming console repair services. 

Reach us and avail a plethora of advantages with our PS5 repair Dubai services:

Qualified Technicians

We have a team of skilled and certified technicians who actually have experience in repairing PlayStation consoles, especially PS5. Therefore, you can get trustworthy and proven results from our repair powerhouse of Sony PlayStation 5.

Doorstep Repair

You need not step out of your home to get your PS5 repaired. Our team will reach your location and fix the console. We equip our technicians with all the tools and technologies for speedy repair. Get incredible on-site support in PS5 repair near me from none other than Tech Support Dubai.

100% OEM Replacement Parts

Be it a motherboard or a part of the PS5 joystick, we can provide you with a genuine and trusted repair. We have only genuine and 100% OEM spare parts so that you can get effective and efficient performance from the PS5 console.

Pocket-Friendly Services

Do you think that PS5 repair Dubai services require huge expenditure? Well, you can keep the expenditure minimal with our specialised PS5 repair near me. Our gaming console repair service experts offer you a reasonable cost estimate before you opt for a repair. Avoid hidden and extra charges with Tech Support Dubai’s trusted services.

Premium PS5 Repair Dubai Services are Just a Call Away!

Replacing a PlayStation will cost you more money compared to a repair. So, book our PS5 repair Dubai services. Get reliable experts only from Tech Support Dubai. For more exclusive deals, contact our customer support team.

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