Tape Data Recovery Services

Efficient ways to recover lost tape drive data with affordable Tape Data Recovery Services

A tape drive is a device that allows storing of computer data on a magnetic tape. It helps to keep backup and archives on offline mode for future usage purpose. It is almost like a zip drive but only differs from zip disk in the fact that it uses small tapes. This device performs as a tape recorder which reads data from a computer system and writes it onto a tape. You can store your essential computer data to the tape drive and use it in damaged situations such as hard disk failure, etc.

This useful device can also get corrupted and you might lose your essential data stored within it. In case you encounter any damage in your tape drive and if you are unable to get access to the data for which you don’t have any backup, connect with us. Our skilled professionals at TechSupportDubai can recover your lost tape drive data by offering Tape Data Recovery Services.

Why is tape drive still considered as a reliable storage device?

Storing computer data on tape storage drive is an old process but is still in use due to its offline data storage capabilities. Unlike an external disk drive, it can only provide sequential access to data storage. But computer users across the world still prefer it as a reliable source due to the following reasons.

  • High capacity
  • Fast performance
  • Lower cost per GB
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Portability
  • Greater reliability
  • Scalability

Our professionals at Tech Support Dubai can offer you advanced data recovery services

We understand how helpless you can feel when you find your important data to be missing. Thus our experts at Tech Support Dubai try to retrieve your lost tape drive data within the least possible time. Check out the various data loss issues we have solved so far.

  • Failed tape libraries
  • Configuration or setup issues
  • Internal cartridge mechanism failure
  • Misalignment of drive heads
  • Electrical or mechanical failure
  • Overwriting, formatting, or deletion of data
  • Damage related to water or fire
  • Dropped, broken, flipped, de-spooled, or bent tape media devices
  • Corruption in the tape headers, mid file & segments
  • Exposure to a humid environment or extreme temperatures
  • Improper handling such as exposure to chemical substances
  • Software upgrade issue due to which data on tape devices cannot be read by new application or servers

At first, we collect the damaged tape drive from you and analyze it thoroughly to determine how much data we can recover. Then we provide that detail to you along with complete price estimation and wait for your approval. As soon as you give us approval, we begin our recovery work and try to finish it within the stipulated time. We will charge you the same amount that we promised irrespective of the time we took for the recovery purpose. Our experts never charge a single penny in case they fail to fulfill our commitments.

Searching for affordable Tape data recovery in Dubai? Dial 045864033

Place a call at our helpline number and book a consultation with our experts. Our experts at Tech Support Dubai will recover your lost data within a short span by offering Storage Tape Data Recovery services at a budget-friendly price. You can also reach us via mail or chat during busy working hours and avail quick response.

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