Apple Radical MacBook Faces Real Challenges

Apple Radical MacBook Faces Real Challenges

Apple had decided to shift to Apple Radical Macbook from Intel. It is needless to say that the decision of a multi-year project may have been facing challenges. As of now, the first production of Apple Radical Macbook has been released whilst users have also bought the machine. But on the other hand, Apple has acknowledged being facing three major challenges in the project itself. 

Meanwhile, many questions have risen about consumer needs on laptops. Apple has always been lean towards producing minimalist approaches at every step with thinner and lighter appearance. Bearing that in mind, the Apple team is creating a time gap where consumers can sit back and think about their requirements on a laptop. 

ARM in Chromebook Series 

The major beneficial feature ARM offers is the performance of the processor. It provides a chip that is considered to have a cooler temperature in comparison to Intel. Along with that, the ARM will also provide an extended battery life. However, the real challenge in having a Mac is that the OS changed to ARM in Chromebook will have an impact on its price perception. This is something that Apple needs to carefully evaluate, given that Chromebook price is relatively low. 

Windows 10’s view on ARM 

As per records, Apple is not the only company that has been looking forward to the swift change. Even Microsoft has been looking forward to this change of bringing Windows 10 in ARM. 

Microsoft has been planning on giving manufacturing instructions on setting up Windows 10 on ARM with the help of its processors. However, Microsoft will also continue the use of Intel, unlike Apple. 

However, for Microsoft, this change doesn’t seem like a challenge. But for Apple, it does, due to the public move, to start operating systems working on ARM processors. This is something that Apple manufacturing companies will not be able to ignore. 

The new change of shifting to ARM is a drastic change that will be a big challenge. This is because the change will be architectural and it will change the overall structure of core functioning. That means a few codes are needed to be changed. Along with change, other changes in API, input, and output elements. That not only puts a big hurdle towards Apple but also for third-party developers. 

Previously Third Party developers for applications or games would build an interface keeping the Intel configuration in mind. With the new change of ARM processors, they’d have to rebuild or make significant changes to codes. 


There will be more challenges regarding compatibility, consumer comfort, and other issues that Apple may soon come in terms with. Bearing the complications in mind, the ARM processors on Mac and Windows will undergo testing. 

As soon as the ARM machines are put up for sale, many users will look forward to giving it a try. It is then when testing will be done based on real-time usage by consumers. The hardware put to use in the real-life activities will give out a solution for Apple.

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