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 #1 Laptop Repair Services in Dubai  and Sharjah

Laptops do not come with the assurance to keep functioning at their peak forever. Owing to your heavy work schedule, or college assignments, it is bound to undergo software and hardware troubles. Hence, it’s inevitable for any laptop to avoid wear and tear. But, it’s easy to find the right professional laptop repair Dubai service with Tech Support Dubai. Rather than trying hard-to-crack DIY fixes for your laptop, avail our expert Laptop Repair Services Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Laptop Repair Sharjah. We have employed experienced technicians who have been in the industry for years. Additionally, our pro technician will reach out to you irrespective of the issue or brand.laptop repair dubai

Laptop Repair Services Dubai, sharjah Prices :

Prices: Start from 149 (AED) Only  |  Business Hours: Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm              

Type of Laptop Issues Price (AED) Estimated Time To Fix
Laptop screen replacement with one Year Warranty 399 1 Day
Upgrade The Ram In Laptop 330 1 Day
Cleaning From Dust, Prevention 160 1-2Hrs
New Laptop Setup 150 1Hr
Installing Software In Laptop 165 1Hr
Remote Support For Laptop 220 30 to 40 Minutes
Laptops Keyboard Replacement 240 1 Day
Laptops Hard Drive Replacement 340 1-2 Days
Laptop Body Repair 220 2- 3 Days
Laptop System Crash 349 2-3 Days
Laptop Motherboard Repair 349 to 499 1-5 Days
Laptop Battery Replacement External 125 1 Day
Laptop Battery Replacement Internal 399 1 Day
Replacement of Thermal Paste 379 1-2 Days
Laptop Hinge repair , replacement 149 to 240 1 Day
Laptop Adapter, Charger Repair 140 1 Day
Partition data recovery 450 1 Day
Laptop Virus Removal 149 to 199 1 Day
Laptop Won’t Start 155 1 Day
Laptop Shuts Off / Overheats 149 to 275 1 Day
No E-Mail / Internet 159 1 Day
Slow PC Issue 149 1 Day
Blue Screen PC Error 149 to 225 + parts 1 Day
Laptop runs loud and noisy 149 to 275 1 Day
Laptop Spill Repair 299 + parts 2- 3 Days
Laptop Power Jack Repair 235 to 449 1-2 Days
Laptop Upgrade 149 to 275 1-2 Days
Windows Vista Repair 149 to 275 1-2 Days
Windows 7 Repair 149 to 275 1-2 Days
Windows 8 Repair 149 to 275 1-2 Days
Windows 10 Repair Service 149 to 275 1-2 Days
Windows Virtual Machine Setup 149 to 275 1-2 Days

Most Common Laptop Defects that Users Face:

Laptops are a balanced outcome of software and hardware interfaces. If anything goes wrong with these components, the laptop would start annoying you. Here, based on our recent data, we have listed the most recurring laptop defects that have been reported to us, such as:

  • Broken display and hingeslaptop repair near me
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Screen damage
  • Water damage
  • USB ports not working
  • Laptop not charging
  • Rapid battery drainage
  • Keys not working
  • Laptop freezing
  • Overheating
  • Windows won’t boot
  • Blue screen of death
  • Can’t experience audio
  • Malware attacks
  • Lost files or corrupted files

Laptops are undoubtedly a piece of complicated machinery that requires extensive knowledge and experience to deal with their issues. Be it hardware or software glitch – issues are inevitable in the lifespan of a laptop. Tech Support Dubai understands how much you depend on your laptops. 

Here are the most common defects that you can face as an owner of a laptop. Additionally, we have the fixes, too.

Broken Display & Hinges

Jolts are pretty normal in laptops. Users carry laptops from one corner to another and physical handling might be tough on your laptop sometimes. As a result, your laptop’s display and hinges might break down, challenging you to carry it without any hassle.

Damaged Motherboard

The motherboard or logic board of any laptop is the primary control center. Without the motherboard functioning properly, your laptop is nothing. Age, liquid damage, power surge, or anything can trigger motherboard issues. However, early detection and recovery are much needed through laptop repair Dubai near me.

Screen Damage

Are you experiencing distorted pixels on your laptop screen? You might have tried restarting the system or updating the drivers. However, they might not help reverse the screen damage if it’s a major problem. Contact our laptop repair Dubai expertise for recovering your laptop from screen issues.

Water Damage

Spilling water or any other drink over your laptop might be a life-threatening alert for your device. If you don’t take immediate action, your laptop might suffer from screen, power, and motherboard problems. However, internet hacks can merely help you to reverse the damage. And, that’s why you should consider our laptop repair Dubai services for ultimate results.

Dysfunctional USB Ports

You have inserted a USB device into one of your laptop’s USB ports, and it turns out that the USB device doesn’t work properly. It’s because of the defective USB port. Repair your laptop’s USB ports with laptop repair Dubai near me services.

Laptop Not Charging

If the charging LED doesn’t show up on your laptop while charging or the charging sign doesn’t appear on your laptop even though you have connected the charger, then it’s an issue. Your laptop is going to drain its battery any time soon. Hence, you will be out of your league. The power adapter, charging cable, or PSU can be the culprit.

Rapid Battery Drainage

Your laptop’s battery might drain power faster due to many reasons. Background data processing, malware infection, glitches with the new operating system updates, and much more can force the battery to drain its charge rapidly. Get in touch with our laptop repair shop near me Dubai technicians to solve the problem.

Keys Not Working

With years of typing, your laptop’s keyboard might become trippy. Keys might get stuck or Might be loose. In such a circumstance, it’s better to replace the keys or the keyboard with a new one. Get our assistance in replacing keys and keyboards as soon as possible.

Laptop Freezing

A corrupted application, overheating, or overloaded data can freeze your laptop. On the other hand, software glitches, malware issues, or lack of space and memory management can trigger the freezing conditions of a laptop. Consult your laptop issues with our laptop repair Dubai near me experts for efficient solutions.


Insufficient cooling can lead to overheating in laptops. Most laptops come with fans and thermal paste for cooling down the laptop’s temperature. If the fans become defective or there’s an issue with the thermal paste, then your laptop cannot handle the heat. As a consequence, it will overheat. Overheating can be dangerous to other physical components of the laptop, especially during gaming.

Windows Won’t Boot

You might see the login screen when you turn on the Windows laptop. It means that Windows can’t boot normally. Corrupted installation or the latest update of the operating system can trigger the problem. Reach our laptop repair sharjah,  Dubai initiative to eliminate such booting issues of Windows and other operating systems.

Blue Screen of Death

Laptop overheating, memory problems, power supply problems, malfunctioning drivers, and incompatible DLLs can cause BSoDs. On the other hand, major hardware issues can invite Blue Screen of Death. Resolving BSoDs can be tricky, involving BIOS management and other complicated solutions. Go for laptop repair Shop near me to get prominent solutions.

Audio Problems

Are you facing trouble listening to your laptop’s speakers? If you play a video or audio and can’t listen to anything, then check if you have connected any audio accessories. It can be a Bluetooth or wireless earphone. You might have tried fixing the audio cliche by restarting the device or updating the audio driver. If nothing works, hire our laptop repair near me professionals to bring the music back to your laptop.

Malware Attacks

Nothing can be more infuriating than a malware infection of your laptop. Your laptop might keep freezing, shutting down now and then, and much more. Additionally, your files can corrupt, and applications might not work properly. Get guaranteed solutions for malware attacks from our specialist laptop repair near me services. Eliminate traces of malware and other threats with our dedicated troubleshooting.

Lost Files or Corrupted Files

Losing your favourite files can be traumatising. You might have lost a file because of accidental deletion or drive malfunction of your laptop. On the other hand, improper software installation can lead to corrupted files. Consequently, the software might crash, and applications won’t work fine. Go for laptop repair Dubai near me to recover your lost data at any cost.

Best Laptop Repair Service Company in Sharjah and Dubai

Many of us may have experienced a situation when our only laptop gets breakdown or is damaged. It is heart-sinking emotion because our life and work depend on the web of Laptops. The next daunting task is to locate the best or most trustworthy laptop repair company in the locality. Making the best selection among thousands of options makes the situation more horrible. Many companies offer laptop repair services to make your life easier. These companies are the fastest and smooth way to get your laptop repaired without wasting extra time.

Here are the top laptop repair companies in Sharjah willing to offer their services.


Atdoorstep offers its laptop repair service at your doorstep. It is the best online and offline laptop repair service company which has earned many accolades for the best laptop repair in Sharjah.

Atdoorstep has a business tie-up with many local service personnel; who use its online platform to repair laptops and gadgets. It has 150+ trained professionals onboard who help people in multiple domains with the best laptop repair services.

Atdoorstep has six different service levels based on the damage to the machine. The technicians from Atdoorstep are punctual and on time at the customer’s location. They give their expert advice after careful diagnosis of the laptop.

Atdoorstep has a foundational ground: The best customer experience and trust.

2) also offers a laptop repair service. Unlike Atdoorstep, it doesn’t have multiple service domains. They deliver only laptop repair services. The power of learning anything new is at its peak in youth. is emerging to make a spot on the list of the best laptop repair service companies. A customer gets a laptop repaired by local service vendors on scorpionfix professionals. They also offer cashless transactions to their customers. Scorpionfix will take significant time to develop a large customer base. You can check

3) FIXERMAN -The Tech Guy 

Fixerman is another laptop repair service coming to the horizon. The fixer man sponsors and organizes workshops for aspiring local service people. They claim that each year hundreds of people attend workshops to enhance their technical knowledge.

Fixerman offers repair service for all make and type laptops. They believe that through their out-of-the-box laptop service, they will make history. When you attend a workshop, you are not only learning a technical language, but you will hone your industry-relevant skills. These workshops transform the overall personality of students who become their part.

The Fixerman is open to all natures, regions, learning levels, and ages. If the Fixerman workshop intrigues you to learn something new, the Fixerman- The tech guy is for you.

4) Laptop Repair Dubai 

Laptop Repair Dubai is an online group slightly off from traditional repair methods. It is a trending group among the locals in Dubai. Unlike Atdoorstep, they are mainly active in Dubai. Don’t hustle from place to place for laptop service in Dubai but take help from this online group. To book an appointment for laptop repair in Dubai, drop a WhatsApp message on their official number.

5) 800fixing 

800fixing claims to have repaired laptops of every type and design in every city of Sharjah. They say 800fixing will become a team of technical experts in the coming years. Try the 800fixing laptop repair service, and rate yourself its service personnel & experts, but only to your satisfaction will make their efforts count.

Find people with whom you can share your experiences about the service given by the 800fixing on laptop repair. Read the reviews to gain command on laptop repair by 800fixing.

Laptop Brands We Take Care of

Our versatile technicians are able to tackle almost every brand and its variant available in the market of Dubai. We would like to mention our specialization in the field of laptop repair Dubai.

  • Dell Laptop repair Dubai
  • Samsung Laptop repair Dubai
  • Acer Laptop repair Dubai
  • Asus Laptop repair Dubai
  • HP Laptop repair Dubai
  • MacBook Laptop repair Dubai
  • Lenovo Laptop repair Dubai
  • MSI Laptop repair Dubai
  • Sony Laptop repair Dubai
  • Fujitsu Laptop repair Dubai

Why Avail Laptop Repair Service from Tech Support Dubai?

Being one of the most recommended names in Dubai, Tech Support Dubai has gained outstanding feedback and ratings. Moreover, when it comes to affordability and reliability, we are unbeatable. Get productive and efficient repair solutions from the top-ranked technicians across Dubai. 

  • We offer quick responses to your every concerned service-related queries and questions.
  • Our customer support team offers persistent behaviour to help every customer. 
  • The team is equipped with the latest technology to accomplish the repair jobs with a short span of time. 
  • We assure you to prevent the upcoming problems that can be encountered in laptops. 

Wide Range of Laptop Repair Services at our Service Center

Laptop Cleaning

Dust and debris can clog up your laptop and lead to overheating. Grab our laptop repair Dubai near me services to clean your laptop thoroughly.

Battery Replacement

Be it external or internal, hire our experts to replace your laptop’s detective battery.

Cooling System Repair Service

Are you exhausted with your laptop’s overheating? Give our laptop repair sharjah near me services a chance to repair the cooling mechanism.

Motherboard Repair and Replacement

We are efficient in repairing and replacing your laptop’s motherboard after an in-depth diagnosis.

Windows Upgrade and Update Solution

Move on with the latest Windows updates and upgrades with the help of our laptop repair Dubai services.

Keyboard and Laptop Display Replacement

This is the right solution for an intense physical accident or critical issues. Avail original spare parts from us.

Speaker Repair and Replacement

Can’t listen to audio, but a video is playing? Reach us for immediate speaker repair.

Laptop Data Recovery

MAC Book Data Recovery

Tech Support Dubai is committed to bringing your laptop data back at its best within 24 hours.

Hard Drive Repair and Replacement

Can you hear the hard drive whirring constantly? Consider laptop repair, sharjahDubai services right now.

Software Installation

We help you to install and manage any software, including operating systems.

USB Port Repair and Replacement

The USB device might not respond, and the laptop’s USB port is blamed. Get it fixed with laptop repair Dubai near me.

Webcam Repair

The person over the video call might view only noise and not you. Repair your laptop’s webcam with our superior laptop repair Dubai service.

Trackpad Repair

Doesn’t the trackpad respond to your finger’s movements? We are here with a premium trackpad repair service.

Hardware Upgrade

Make your PC relevant with RAM, video card, and other upgrades from us.

RAM Replacement

Is it a faulty RAM that’s bothering your productivity? Replace it with our laptop repair Dubai services.

Backlight & Keyboard Light Replacement

Gaming laptops are incomplete without these. Bring the gaming vibe back with keyboard light and backlight replacement.

Water Damage Repair

Have you spilled a drink on your laptop? Don’t worry; we have the right solution for water damage.

Hinge Repair & Replacement

A forceful movement might damage your laptop’s hinges. Rectify them with our dedicated services.

Boot Troubleshooting

Our in-house experts can fix issues with operating system booting on your laptop.

CD Drive Repair & Replacement

Tech Support Dubai is all occupied with the required services to mend laptop’s CD drives.

Power Adapter Repair

Isn’t your laptop charging? Get the power adapter checked and repaired by our laptop repair Dubai near me services.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Get assured fixes for Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity problems.

Operating System Installation

Get unmatchable assistance with Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other OS installation from Tech Support Dubai.

Data Backup

Don’t lose any of your data on any device with our remarkable data backup methods.

Protection Against Malware

Secure your laptop against malware, viruses, and other online threats with our tried and tested solutions.

Why avail Laptop Repair Service from Tech Support Dubai?

  • Get tech assistance from skilled, certified, experienced engineers and technicians.
  • We operate all over Dubai. No matter where you live in Dubai, we have got your back.
  • Our laptop repair Dubai professionals can fix any laptop irrespective of the brand or running operating system.
  • We take care of your laptop and its data. Your laptop’s data remains the safest and most confidential place with Tech Support Dubai.
  • We guarantee pure and effective results without any extra costs.
  • Tech Support Dubai employs genuine spare parts for laptop repair Dubai services so that you can get the best results.

Join with the Best Laptop Repair Dubai Service Company

Need an emergency repair service within an hour? Dial our official helpline number and book a service from Tech Support Dubai to get the repair done in the least possible time. Our professional team has vast technical capabilities and knowledge, so hire them now. So, get a free quote and request a sample of references now!


Q1. How can I trust which is the best laptop service company in Dubai?

Explore the website of Atdoorstep and read the organic reviews from happy customers to judge and trust the technicians.


Q2. Can I avail of discounts on the laptop repair service?

You can apply a valid and live discount coupon if you have one to avail best discounts for the service.


Q3. What will be the charges for a screen-damaged laptop?

The charges vary from service required and from company to company. Atdoorstep offers you the best service at the most affordable price

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