How Much Cost to Repair Laptop Motherboard: Factors to Expect

Cost to Repair Laptop Motherboard

How Much Cost to Repair Laptop Motherboard: Factors to Expect

Being a crucial part of your laptop, the motherboard needs immediate repair if it faces any issues. However, how much cost to repair laptop motherboards might be your first query. The repair charges depend mainly on the problems that your motherboard has encountered, but that is not the only factor. 

You would want to find a quality laptop motherboard repair service at a reasonable price. Apart from asking the repair providers for cost estimates, you can also find the cost by considering the aspects given below. A motherboard repair usually ranges between 300 and 500 AED in Dubai. 

What Determines the Motherboard Repair Costs For Your Laptop?

How much cost to repair laptop motherboards? Like all other laptop repair costs, the motherboard repair costs depend on various aspects of the device. Here are some of the most important ones that you must consider:–

  1. Type of Motherboard

As you probably know, laptops’ makes and models differ from each other and so do their motherboards. The type of your laptop’s motherboard is a crucial factor for estimating the repair cost. So, you might have to pay more for repairing certain types of motherboards than others. Moreover, not all repair companies will charge the same amount to repair a specific type of motherboard. 

  1. Age of the Motherboard

Does your laptop have quite an old motherboard? In that case, its repair cost would be significantly more than that for newer motherboards. Hence, the costs of repairing your laptop’s motherboard would only increase with time. That is why the cost would be significantly higher for older laptop models than for recent ones. Also, you might find replacing the motherboard to be more viable than repairing it in some instances. 

  1. The Motherboard’s Condition

Your laptop’s motherboard might not necessarily be in a poor condition if it is old. The motherboard of a new laptop can face damage under various circumstances such as electrical surges and overheating. So, having a new motherboard is not enough to lower the repair costs. In other words, a new but damaged motherboard might cost more to repair than an old one that is working properly. 

  1. The Problem and Repair Needed to Fix it

Your motherboard might encounter numerous problems and their solutions depend on the type of the problem. Some motherboard issues might require you to replace the faulty component instead of repairing it. Even if a repair is sufficient, you might need different types of repairs depending on the problem. As you probably know, not all problems would cost the same to fix. So you must consider the problem and the repair required for it while estimating the costs. 

  1. Parts Required for the Repair (If Any)

Your laptop’s motherboard consists of many smaller parts that you might need to repair. So you do not necessarily have to repair the whole motherboard in all cases. Replacing parts of the motherboard would cost less than replacing the entire motherboard. However, it would be more expensive than a simple repair. So you must also check whether you would need any new parts for a motherboard repair. Most people need to get a professional inspection of their laptops to find that out. 

  1. Time Required for the Repair

Does your laptop require a time-consuming motherboard repair service? Then, it would cost you more than a comparably shorter repair procedure. You must note that many professional laptop repair services can offer you fast and efficient motherboard repairs. Hiring one of them for the task should help you lower the repair cost as much as possible. 

6 Problems You Can Fix With a Laptop Motherboard Repair?

Motherboard issues reflect problems with laptops and other components. Also, you would see various types of performance issues when the device has a faulty motherboard. You must look out for these issues and get a timely motherboard repair to ensure an effective solution. 

Here are some common laptop problems that you can often fix with a motherboard: –

  1. Random Freezes and Shutdowns

Does your laptop keep freezing randomly without any explanation? Under this circumstance, you might want to check for any issues with its motherboard. The same applies to when your laptop keeps shutting down or restarting randomly. You would usually need to hire a professional laptop inspection for that purpose. A motherboard repair or replacement can be quite an effective solution to frequent freezing and shutdowns. 

  1. Hardware Components Not Working

You might often face problems with various hardware components of your laptop. These issues do not necessarily indicate motherboard failure but are a possible sign of that. So you must take the necessary steps right away to resolve these problems. Restarting the device or updating the drivers can fix any software problems behind this issue. If that does not work, you must contact a professional technician and get a motherboard repair if required. 

  1. Blue Screen Errors

You can try a few software solutions to fix the blue screen issue on your laptop. The in-built troubleshooter can help you resolve this problem effectively on Windows. Deleting troublesome software, disconnecting peripheral devices, and fixing hard drive errors can also fix blue screen errors in many cases. If none of these methods works, you must reach out to the nearest repair centre immediately. They might often suggest a motherboard repair depending on the cause of the problem. 

  1. Peripheral Devices Not Working

Try connecting another peripheral device to your laptop if the existing one is not working. This should fix the problem if the previously connected device was faulty. Otherwise, you must get your laptop inspected for any hardware issues. You might need a professional motherboard repair service to fix this problem effectively in many cases.

  1. No Audio

Make sure there is no issue with the audio output device if you have connected one to your laptop. Are you playing the audio through the device’s in-built speakers? In that instance, the problem might lie in the speakers and you might have to get them repaired or replaced. Moreover, you might also need to get a professional motherboard repair for resolving this issue effectively. 

  1. Laptop Not Starting

You must connect your laptop to the charger if it is not starting. Connecting it to a different power outlet might also help you fix this issue, sometimes. You might have to wait a while if the device’s battery is completely exhausted. Call a technician to inspect your laptop if you cannot start it up. After all, a startup issue often indicates motherboard failure among other problems in your laptop. Getting an immediate motherboard repair if applicable can prevent this problem further for a long time. 

How Would a Professional Motherboard Repair Service Help You? 

Crucial parts for your laptop such as the motherboard require professional handling to prevent further problems. Moreover, the problems users face might often be quite complex for them. A professional technician can diagnose your motherboard issues accurately and fix them efficiently with advanced tools and technology. The expert can also tell you how much cost to repair laptop motherboards with an estimate.

You can benefit in the following ways by hiring the right laptop repair company for a motherboard repair:–

Experienced Help

Reputable laptop repair providers usually employ a team of qualified and experienced technicians. Hence you can rely on them for a competent and reliable motherboard repair service. Hiring them can help you to ensure a highly effective and long-lasting solution to your motherboard issues. They might also lower the maintenance and repair costs for your laptop by doing so. 

Quick Inspection and Diagnosis

You might not always succeed in identifying your laptop problems accurately. After all, they are often more complicated than they seem to you. A professional technician can find all the problems with your laptop by thoroughly inspecting the device. That helps them in applying the most effective solution depending on the type of problem. 

Efficient Repairs

Professional technicians can offer you quick and efficient repairs for all types of laptop problems. That helps you save a lot of time as well as lowers the costs of the repair. Therefore, you might want to let professionals handle complex laptop issues such as motherboard failures. 

Doorstep Service

Many prominent laptop repair companies offer you their services at your doorstep. So you need not necessarily carry your laptop to them for an inspection and repair. Instead, you can simply contact them and complete the booking procedure over the phone. They will send their technical team to your location at your preferred time for the inspection and repair. 

Should You Get Your Motherboard Repaired?

The condition of the motherboard and its age should determine whether you should get it repaired. Replacing an old motherboard would be a better choice than getting it repaired. So you might want a replacement for it even when a repair is sufficient. The same applies in cases where the motherboard is not in a good condition. 

Hire Experts from Tech Support Dubai for Professional Laptop Motherboard Repair

Call technicians at Tech Support Dubai if you need urgent motherboard repair for your laptop. Share your requirements, location and contact details to complete their simple booking procedure. Tech Support Dubai will then provide you with their service as per your instructions. Their technicians will also provide you with an estimate of how much cost to repair laptop motherboards.

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