HP Launches Bug Fixers for Printers Hacking Flaw

HP Launches Bug Fixers for Printers Hacking Flaw

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In 2018, HP announced that researchers can earn up to $10,000 if they can find vulnerabilities in HP printers. After a few days, researchers found out two bugs that have endangered security concerns of HP printers. Mostly, Inkjet printers from HP have been encountering critical remorse code execution issues. As soon as HP got to know about the vulnerabilities, they announced to release firmware patches to fix those security flaws.

Reportedly, hackers can owe the control of the HP printers through remote connection. And, when it comes to all-in-one printers from HP then you are exposed at greater risks. In case you have one of these affected HP printers, you should check out the solution to overcome the flaw. However, avail services from HP service center Dubai if you are fix kind of HP printer issues. 

What’s the Issue with Security Imperfection?

Recently, the HP Support Assistance was found to be flawed, along with the unpatched risk that allowed hackers easy access. Several third-party researchers alerted HP about those two security blemishes. If the HP printer comes with the fax feature then the hacker can dispatch malicious files or software from his or her end. And, as the printer lacks the security premises then it will readily accept the files. From now on, the hacker can keep an eye on what is being sent or received from your HP printer. 

However, some researchers have clarified that the issues are not only with fax-facilitated HP printers. The main flaw remains in the software that deals with the image data. As most of the HP printers use the same firmware and software hence all the printers are going to face the same problem. For instance, the scenario will be similar when you consider fax-to-email services or vice versa.

HP Inkjet Printers are at Potential Risk

Check out the list below that contains the variants of inkjet printers from HP. if you own one of them then don’t panic. Rather you can update the printer firmware even though you haven’t encountered any problem by now.

  • HP Deskjet 2540, 2542, 2546
  • Deskjet 2630, 2632, 2633, 2646
  • Deskjet 3546
  • HP Deskjet 3630, 3632, 3633, 3634, 3635, 3636, 3637, 3638, 3639
  • Deskjet 3720, 3730, 3732, 3733, 3735
  • HP Deskjet 4615, 4646
  • Deskjet 4729
  • HP Deskjet 5525

What about other HP Printers?

Apart from HP Deskjet series, HP Envy, Officejet, Officejet Pro, Tank printers and photo printers have also been targeted through the bugs. Some of the Envy printers are Envy 4500, 4520, 5020, 5530, 5644 and Envy Photo 7130. On the other hand, Officejet 2620, 3833, 4654, 6230 and Officejet Pro 6820, 7730, 8610, 8715 and 8740 are also on the hit-list of hackers. Hire efficient services from HP service center Dubai if your printer can’t print efficiently.

What’s the Solution to this Security Flaw?

HP had launched two updates for printer firmware after proper investigation. If you think that your printer is affected then you have to manually install and update the security patches. Unfortunately, the security patches from HP aren’t available automatically. Just browse the web page of HP Software and Drivers. Look out for your printer model and you will see the firmware update for your printer. After you download the update, connect your system to the printer via any connection mode. The problem should be resolved after the installation of the firmware update.


If you abide by the rules your HP printer will remain safe from such vulnerabilities. If not, reinstall the printer firmware updates. In case the issues persist contact Tech Support Dubai for HP service center Dubai facilities and more.