Microsoft Resolves Major Surface Laptop Issues

Microsoft Resolves Major Surface Laptop Issues


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Surface laptops from Microsoft have been in the news for an extended period of time. And, the reason is some major complaints and issues faced by users. In the first quarter of 2020, countless users of Microsoft Surface laptop users have been submitting allegations of cracked screens. Especially, random cracks appeared on Surface 3.

Microsoft, later, confirmed the issue by stating that it started the investigation to find out the root cause of the problem. The authority had blamed a foreign and hard particle for being responsible. That particle has caused a sleek crack in the glass of the Surface display. But, they had also confirmed that only a small fraction of the devices were affected. 

Users are sharing their experiences over several digital media platforms that it was sudden. Some have even claimed that the cracks started to appear over the night; and before that, it was completely fine. 

Microsoft also has made further announcements regarding the building mechanism and up-gradation to Surface 3, Surface 7 and Surface X laptops. However, if you encounter any problem related to your Microsoft Surface laptop then join with Tech Support Dubai for spontaneous repair and consultancy services.

What’s the Solution to Microsoft Surface Cracked Screen Laptops?

If your Microsoft Surface has developed a hairline crack then according to Microsoft authorities, you can contact their Customer Support team. Or, you can reach authorized Microsoft repair centres for replacing and repairing your Microsoft Surface laptops. 

We guess that there’s an extra advantage for those who are still under the warranty period. If you are still under warranty period for your Microsoft Surface laptop, then you can avail the screen replacement service for free.

Additionally, all other hardware changes and replacement will be conducted for free of cost if they belong to in-warranty devices. However, Microsoft has cleared that the aluminium-bodied surface variants are prone to this issue, primarily. The problem is not taking place for the devices with Alcantra fabric cover. The authority is working on the upgrades of the latest Surface laptops before producing and marketing them for users. So, you can expect the issue to be fully solved within a few months.

Till then, get your Microsoft Surface laptop repaired from any third-party Microsoft authorized repair centre if it has a crack on its display. Check out if the device is under warranty. Or else, you have to pay for the services. Check out the latest and buzzing news on Microsoft Surface laptops with Tech Support Dubai. You can seek their advice if the problem remains unsolved and becomes detrimental.