Get to know about the comparison between Modern Framework vs WordPress

Get to know about the comparison between Modern Framework vs WordPress

With the advent of modern technologies and internet age, we have been experiencing various new platforms with time. Social media is now replacing the early conventional entertainment media with their new advantages. One of the latest social media phenomena is Blogging. There are millions of bloggers all over the world who write content for the audience on the internet. A blog is a discussion or informational website publishing that exist on the internet. The contents on any blog site are usually informal, journal type writings which are termed as “posts”. There are various tools over the internet which young bloggers use to create and publish their posts over the internet. Today, we’re gonna talk about some of the most popular blog writing tools which are available over the internet. Modern frameworks vs WordPress is the most argued conversation among bloggers.

All of the tools have their own advantages and disadvantages in blog writing and web-content designing. If you can understand the difference between these tools and its unique functions, you will be able to work efficiently with all of them, making the most out of these blog creation tools. Recent modern java framework tools like Squarespace, Joomla, Magneto etc. give a tough competition to WordPress.  Let us tell you more about these web-based tools.

Modern frameworks:

Since the inception of blogging, various type of social media blogging platforms was introduced. Some of them reached a sky-high success with their better functionalities and technical advantages while others miserably failed to please their users. Here are some of the useful blog writing tools which can let you develop quality web content:

Squarespace: It is one of the most widely used blogging platforms which is giving a tough time to WordPress in terms of user base. Squarespace uses drag and drop feature to add plug-ins and monitoring your website behavior which comes quite helpful in building your website faster. Your Squarespace website will download any updates automatically and install them to make the website more compatible with all the plugins.

There are some demerits of this tool like too restricted customization options for the user. The non-availability of various important plug-ins can make your website designing experience bad.

Joomla: This platform was introduced over the internet in 2005. This website has wide customization properties to play with the layout of your web-page. Nicely structured design and menus which looks better than WordPress. It has a huge plug-in library to access various features on your website.

However, some disadvantages you might face with Joomla are too complicated; at times the user interface gets pretty difficult to understand. It is quite a time-taking task to get used to all the tools Joomla feature.

Why WordPress is better than anything else:

WordPress is one of the most popular web development sites because of its various functionalities and powerful plug-in range. One of the main reason that (create the difference between Modern Frameworks vs WordPress) for the popularity of WordPress is it is free of cost web development tools. This is why more people access and contribute to creating better features and plug-ins for the WordPress.

WordPress has made their way through the constant competition in blog writing tool development because of there wide mobility of supporting different plug-ins and secondary tools which allows the users to get much more features out of WordPress.


An easy User interface of the program which lets more people interact with it. You can access your WordPress website from any device as it a browser-based program. Furthermore,

It involves no complicated HTML coding and editing to design your website.

Your website will be much more visible on the internet because they are always Search Engine Optimized.

Moreover, you get full control over your website and how it will look, no server confirmation is necessary. Additionally, built-in blog writing and word processing program, create and publish any writing without any hassle


It is an Open Source platform thus anyone can create a plug-in which might not be verified by the platform. WordPress relies on plug-ins to add any kind of feature, but at times these plug-ins can be ridiculously expensive. Furthermore, the plugins require timely updates to let you work on your website.

Built for Search Engine Optimized and publishing so it can be difficult for them who have less knowledge about SEO friendly content. If you want to modify any feature on your WordPress plug-ins, you require great knowledge of PHP and HTML. There are only a few basic graphics modification properties to interact with any graphical material you want to put on your website. 


Fix your WordPress related issues:   

If you are facing any issues like the functionality of your WordPress account or new wordPress development so feel free to reach Tech Support Dubai by calling us on our helpline number [045864033 ]. We will be helping you out with all the necessary software, plug-ins and suitable applications you need to make your Web page designing experience better.

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